Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally, a Rally for the Rest of Us

Because the account two weeks ago of Glenn Beck's populist revival received so many comments, I couldn't help but take note of an upcoming event that is sure to gain traction. Even as it seems that our nation's public discourse could not get lower into the mud, a bright light appears on the horizon.

The inimitable duo of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be keeping it classy on the National Mall on Saturday, October 30 with twin gatherings: Stewart will preside over the Rally to Restore Sanity, while Colbert's stage persona will lead the satirical March to Keep Fear Alive.

From the Wall Street Journal's "Speakeasy" blog:
On his show, Stewart spouted a number of slogans to promote his event, including "Take it down a notch for America." He also promised pre-made signs for attendees to wave around, with signs ranging from "9/11 was an outside job," to "Got Competence?" and "I disagree with you, but I'm pretty sure you're not Hitler."
Watch the videos below, too. Thank goodness for these guys. How did it come to be that two of the most level-headed and mature current-events commentators on TV today are on Comedy Central?

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March to Keep Fear Alive
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Anonymous said...

No doubt Charlie Dameron has lost his freeeeeeaking mind touting up a couple of scripted comics who will be lucky to get 20% of the numbers that Beck and Palin got for a rally that will mean nothing. The "no doubt gain traction" comment is a direct "lifting" of this statement written by Newsweek's Daniel Stone who says that Stewart and Colbert's rally or march or whatever it is "will be a success." "Will it gain traction? Odds are, absolutely." Taking your thoughts directly from the most leftist nationally known news magazine, which is saying something, appears to be the new Dartmouth Review Way. Let's call it the third way. That's the way where you are repulsed by conservatives, embrace the left and even plagiarize them and pass off the writing as your own. Have another drink and yuk it up. About 80% of Republicans say that the party has lost touch with them. 100% of my thinking indicates that the Dartmouth Review...or at least some of the staff has lost contact with reality and ethics.

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for "our nation's public discourse" getting "lower into the mud?" And just what mud would that be? Conservatives rallying and voting nationwide for smaller government, less spending, lower taxes and less regulation ? Or is it the left who has spent the past 2 years cramming tens of thousands of pages of legislative nightmares down an unwilling public's throat, who are now trying to survive the plaque that they have brought upon themselves and the people by using character assassination, smearing, outright lies and running away from their party and what they stand for? That's a tough one Arianna, what's your take?

Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness for these guys," says The Editor in Chief, for attmepting to make fun of and attacking the people who are standing up squarely for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and getting publicly mugged for their trouble. They get called racists, fascists, un American, Nazi's, Klansmen, angry, stupid, trouble makers, and they are being called these names by people who have no debate points to make and no lives to live so they don't want you to be able to live yours the way that you would like either. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

At least everyone agrees on one thing: their side is the victim.

Both sides make us laugh too.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Nation being taken over and ruined. That's a hot one.

Anonymous said...

The conservative rally mocking "traction gaining, level headed moderates," Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have Bill Clinton White House operatives organizing their rallies for them. How moderate, level-headed and non-partisan can ya get? The rally permits were applied for by Craig Minassian a former Clinton Administration press aide and Chris Wayne a former Clinton Administration event organizer. Chris Wayne is still working for Clinton organizing the Clinton Global Initiative since 2005. The rally permit applications make a crowd estimate of 25,000. Bill Clinton is a noted non-partisan politician as is his wife Hillary, neither of whom ever mentioned a party affiliation before, during or after any of their successful or unsuccessful runs for office. This is very funny. It's like George Stephanopoulos, Bill Clinton's old Press Secretary and his non partisan newscasting. He always plays it straight on his news shows, equally tough on left or right. Now that is one hilarious, knee-slapper right there. Who needs more funny when this is what passes for level headed and moderate at the Conservative Dartmouth that's hysterical.

Charlie Dameron said...

I don't think there's any contradiction between being conservative (supporting small government, family values, and a robust strategy for national defense) and enjoying a few laughs along with Stewart and Colbert. I'm sure that I don't agree with most of their policy views.

But that's the whole point. We're at a moment of crisis, and this country is ripping itself to shreds. We're unable to resolve problems because fringe elements of both sides convince themselves that the other side must be totally destroyed in order for justice to be done. Such an approach is counter-productive. It sickened me to see it on the left during the Bush years, and it sickens me now to see that hate and raw anger spewing forth today from the right.

I'm convinced that the only way we can enact conservative policies is to drop the anger, and figure out how to reach out to our political opponents in a friendly, honest, and principled way.

So I say...join Stewart and Colbert and have a good time. Get out of the fever swamps and into a place where you're interacting with other real human beings of different persuasions.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the Left-Right x-axis, there is an Enlightened-Intolerant y-axis.

Anonymous said...

What "sickens me now to see that hate and raw anger spewing forth from the right."
There is just as much "hate and raw anger spewing forth from the right" as Charlie identifies in his comment and in his column on the 8/28 Beck Rally at the Lincoln Memorial. That is, none. Charlie mentions no quotes, no examples, no names, nothing.
I would expect that the Beck crowd would be "hate and raw anger spewing from the right" central and Charlie and an emeritus editor of the Review both spent hours at the Beck Rally and Charlie wrote about the encounter with the nasty mob, only according to Charlie they weren't nasty or a mob and there is nary a word remotely suggesting a discouraging word from anyone to be found in the column. Charlie went so far as to call these lesser beings, "tame white people." So, either put up or shut up because you are engaged in slander of what supposedly is your side of the argument.
You will find real hate and raw anger spewing at any leftist mob you care to name. Every time the G-20 or whatever shows up anywhere in the world, property is destroyed, cops have rocks and feces thrown at them and the protesters completely shut down whatever part of town they decide to riot in and for the most part they don't even get arrested.

Anonymous said...

It is a real problem when the people writing for the Dartmouth Review baselessly attack the people with the guts to stand up and make the case for liberty. It is ridiculous to propose reaching out to our political opponents in a friendlier, honest and principled way when that is eactly how the right always operates while our opponents are nasty, dishonest and unprincipled. How does that work? We are dealing with what amounts to the criminal element which is what the left represents worldwide. Their stated agenda is to take our money and take our liberty. You want to reach out to that in a more friendly way while they mug you and the nation at large? Where did you get your understanding of conservative from, the left?

Anonymous said...

I have a question.
Is there anyone left at the Dartmouth Review who is a conservative? Has the operation been taken over by moderate weenies?

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie, so how was the Rally for Sanity and to Keep Fear Alive? Where is your promised column? Did you even go? Was it by far mostly white people? Was iot really finally a rally for the rest of us? Democrats that is? Come on this is very disappointing.

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