Thursday, July 15, 2010

Regarding the River

So you may remember that the Connecticut River is closed. The Class Council has a solution.

"You're joking."

No, not really.

Every Saturday and Sunday, noon-5pm,
Meet in the back of Collis to be shuttled to Storrs Pond ---for the remained of the term (last day: Sunday, August 22).

Shout out to freshman year roomies, this song is dedicated to you toria.

Rebecca--can we please work on CS hw together? asdfhakdjhf

Sam Marshmallow. Give me your landrover.
They may not be joking about Storrs, but that doesn't prevent Storrs from being a joke in and of itself.

Unfortunately, it looks like the protest over the river has been postponed. Over at Dartblog, Joe Asch has the Blitz from Travis Blalock '12 posted. It appears the College has formed a committee on the matter and Blalock has decided to hold off--for now, at least. The instant the College "does not satisfy our demands we will resume our campaign of protest."

One hopes Mr. Blalock is correct in his assessment. If the College decides that a judgment on the matter is to be rendered in, say, December, Mr. Blalock can go right back to protesting. The College hasn't been all that stiff when people start showing up in Parkhurst.


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