Friday, June 25, 2010

On the Role of Trustees

Over at the John William Pope Center, William Leonard has a piece on Trustees and financial management that our Board would be wise to read.


Anonymous said...

You ought to mail (snail) this to the trustees.

alum said...

Don't bother wasting the Dartmouth board's time with this column. The only useful parts of it are the bits of garden variety management advice, which are needed by no one on Dartmouth's board, even the academics with zero management experience. Dartmouth's trustees have already shown the will to control costs.

That part of the column that might be useful is held back by the odd thinking in the rest of it. For example, Leonard is anything but "heretical" in claiming that most boards can't control costs. Doesn't that put him in agreement with 90% of Americans?

And Leonard looks really credible characterizing the crisis as nothing more than a routine "downturn." If it "should not have been a surprise" to university boards, then he must have known about it, right? I wish he'd told us it was coming.

More quality product from the Pope Center!

Anonymous said...

I agree with alum. "Private not-for-profit higher education boards of trustees have neither the will nor the incentive to control their institutions’ costs." Dartmouth's is not going to lead the way to change. Let it be.

John said...

But in this context, wouldn't the petition Trustees we've elected to the Board best be characterized as "feckless"? That is, except for the one who got himself thrown off for running his mouth, who is at least something other than feckless. It's plain that the overwhelming number of alumni who voted against another petition dude is an indicator of the general opinion here. Nothing we can change.

Anonymous said...

'But in this context, wouldn't the petition Trustees we've elected to the Board best be characterized as "feckless"?'

@John: what are you trying to contradict with your word "but"? Did Leonard or Beard talk about alumni trustees? Are you commenting on the right post?

Max Power '98 said...

John, you didn't tell us that you'd become the Grinch!

dfadf said...

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