Thursday, June 24, 2010

McNutt Murders Bear

I ran into this in McNutt, just outside the Registrar's office on the first floor. This is one of the College's animated polar bears. These things are spread throughout campus, primarily in dorms in the McLaughlin cluster and New Hampshire. Depending on the energy use in the building, the animation will change from the bear sitting serenely on a glacier to him fleeing, Wile E. Coyote style, from a crack in the ice. The worst possible result is displayed below, where the College's energy use is somehow enough to melt what I'm assuming to be the north pole. As you can see from the picture (I apologize for the low quality; I took it with my phone), that makes the bear sad, presumably because he can't shoot Coca-Cola commercials anymore. Awwww.

The humor, however, comes from the note on top of the display which reads, "Please don't worry about the Polar Bear! He and a bunch of new staff members have just moved in. We're getting used to life in McNutt together." I find it funny that the College assumes we care less about the energy use than about that bear. What's next, screens above paper recycling pins showing a squirrel escaping loggers?


Anonymous said...

No, it will be a goat who tells you how your parents are wasting their tuition dollar.

John said...

Good point. Why is it that official Dartmouth strokes the preoccupations of the guilt-ridden wealthy, as opposed to promoting the habits of skeptical inquiry that a liberal education is supposed to instil? Seems like the old-time Dartmouth Review would have sponsored something like a sit-in over this.

dfadf said...

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