Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ridiculous Compensation

$28 per hour. That's the going rate for trash pick-up at Dartmouth, at least according to a bill that Facilities Operations recently dumped in my inbox for a trash pick-up at Beta, where I'm treasurer.

Now, of course, every one is entitled to the fruits of his labor. But, $28 an hour for trash pickup seems pretty excessive. If you build that into a 40-hour week, you're looking at almost $60,000 per year. Is it thus really any wonder why Dartmouth spends approximately $100,000 per student per year? When trash pick-up costs $28 an hour, it becomes much harder to scrounge together the money for professors and libraries.

By the way, for comparison's sake, the market value of weekly trash pick-up in Arizona is apparently $15 per month, or about $3.25 per pick-up. Beta was assessed $39.50 altogether for a single pick-up ($24.50 for use of the truck for half an hour, and $14 for half an hour's labor). Ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

that doesn't look legit at all. did you fact check this?

Anonymous said...

noblesse oblige

Anonymous said...

Yes 28.00 an hour is ridiculous but I know the average worker for grounds receives around 16.99 an hour.

Anonymous said...

That bill looks like it's from a private contractor, not the college. No doubt the college makes better bargains when it's actually paying for the service.

dfadf said...

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