Tuesday, April 06, 2010

SSWS to "Teach" Dartmouth About Fiscal Policy

Dartmouth Students Stand with Staff have announced a set of "Teach-In" sessions throughout the week, set to occur in various locations across campus. According to a blitz from Mary Stepick '10, the teach-ins, which are led by students and professors alike, are meant to "broaden the way we talk and think about budget cuts and layoffs and how they affect our lives and our communities." For a complete teach-in schedule, consult the group's calendar.


Jack Funk said...

SSWS is getting even more mileage from their unconventional protest stratagems. First, SSWS staged a candlelight vigil to protest planned firings of union employees. This obviously results from a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of SSWS. Candlelight vigils have traditionally been used for mourning, not for preemptive protest. Not to mention all that climate changing carbon dioxide released by those candles. So much for environmental sustainability from DDS employees..

Now SSWS is trying to teach Dartmouth about fiscal policy. The kind of fiscal policy they are encouraging the College to take would bankrupt the school in a matter of years. But, hey, at least we'll have great food service. In fact, forget this whole "Dartmouth is an educational institution" thing. Let's just open a restaurant from DDS and forget the whole teaching thing. Our endowment could fund the tremendous losses that DDS is used to today and we would have social justice and peace in the (Upper) Valley.

Mission accomplished, SSWS. Hopefully these accomplishments will bolster your resumes and ease that massive sense of guilt that keeps you up at night.

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