Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Replogle Denies Collaboration

Replogle has disavowed any involvement in the Asch story on the article's comment board:
Concerning the above story: it is the journalistic endeavor of the D, and neither Mort nor I, nor our campaign was even aware [sic] The Dartmouth's underlying investigation or the story that resulted from it until we read it online today. Susan Mathews, Editor of The Dartmouth, has confirmed to me that the paper did not receive any documents or materials or any kind of contact relating to the subject of this article from us...We are running a positive campaign and will continue to do so...I believe we all call for civility in the election discourse.
Fair enough. Still, we at The Review are all too aware of the sort of underhanded invective that has traditionally been thrown at petition candidates, including in this year's Dartmouth Undying mailing, which darkly linked Asch to The Review no fewer than three times. We're flattered by the attention, but disappointed that kind of scaremongering and name-calling would feature prominently in such an intimate community as the body of Dartmouth alumni.

Good to see that Replogle and Kondracke weren't a part of this. Still, we have yet to hear from the coordinators of the Dartmouth Undying alumni slate, and yet to hear from The Dartmouth about the process by which the newspaper obtained those French court documents. Until that's happened, there's plenty of circumstantial reason to believe that this article is nothing more than a strictly orchestrated political attack.


Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie,
I spoke to you a week or two ago about the Social Justice question at Dartmouth, it didn't look like my e mail got through from the failure notice I got and then I have left numerous messages on the official Dartmouth Review phone and gotten no return call. IS social justice a topic that you are interested in pursuing given the College attitude of clamming up when asked for a definition of the term that has become the essence of the Dartmouth experience?

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