Sunday, March 07, 2010

How to Insult Alums' Intelligence, Dartmouth Undying Style

We had this forwarded to us yesterday. It saved me the trouble of reading the Sunday funnies because I didn't even have to find a newspaper. Apparently, John Replogle '88 would be a better fit for the Board of Trustees because his opponent, Joseph Asch '79--gasp!--writes occasional articles for us (cue a lightning strike and the ominous music).

I get that it's a campaign, but it's like Dartmouth Undying isn't even putting any effort into this. If the best they can come up with is that Asch has written the occasional article for our fine publication--I'm not sure of the exact number as our archives are glitchy at best, but a search revealed five contributions. I find it humorous that the mailing never mentions the number of times Asch has written for the D. In fact, a quick search of their website indicates that his writing's appeared there twenty-five times, a record that contrasts quite nicely with Replogle's current total of zero.

They also charge that Joe is a "longtime critic of the College." Well, yeah, how dare he criticize such things as course over-subscription, unsustainable spending practices, an oft derided alcohol policy or the housing lottery system? The only thing that Mr. Replogle appears to have criticized is Joe's criticism. Way to go out on a limb there, sir.

Not only that, the mailing seeks to paint Joe Asch as someone who is unreasonably critical of President Jim Yong Kim. Was he critical of JYK at first? Yes, he was, mainly because he was worried that business would carry on as usual. Over the past few months, however, it appears that President Kim has managed to win him over. Joe said in one of his Dartblog posts that their positions on the personnel cuts are "identical." On top of that, he states on the front page of his website,

After a wide-ranging, two-hour discussion with President Kim this past December, I decided to run as a Petition Trustee candidate because I want to support his vision.

What an obstructionist that Joe is, eh? Imagine him supporting the President! A critic such as he could never do such a thing.

On top of that, he operates a health club in Lebanon, NH. No, really, look at their last criticism of Joe Asch. Apparently, being local's a bad thing. Who knew? They also managed to completely overlook Mr. Asch's other professional accomplishments such as founding a medical products company in England in 1987 that sells products he designs in over 30 countries. The Undying slate would have you believe all he does is run the River Valley Club.

Moving on, their statements about the Association of Alumni Executive Committee petition candidates, the Dartmouth United slate, are flat out wrong. In the mailing, they say that the United slate will, "seek to revive the twice-failed lawsuit against the College." This is misleading for a number of reasons

  1. The current AoA Executive Committee got the previous AoA lawsuit dismissed with prejudice, meaning that no future AoA Executive Committee can bring suit on the same grounds. It would be impossible for them to revive it if they're elected, even if they wanted to.
  2. I interviewed a number of the petition slate candidates. All of them said that they intend to work with the Board of Trustees (including President Kim, who they're excited about) on restoring parity. No lawsuits are in the cards.

To sum up, dear reader, Dartmouth Undying, the current Association of Alumni Executive Committee, thinks you're too stupid to get informed about their opponents and are counting on any negative connotations you might have with our publication to influence your decision. Just remember that when voting begins on March 10.


Tim Dreisbach '71 said...

Further, the principals behind Dartmouth UnDying are more hidden than those behind the Hanover Institute. And while they claim all their money comes from Dartmouth alums, they reveal nothing about those alumni sources nor how much they are spending to influence what.

Anonymous said...

Do we protest too much? Must every campaign flyer be taken as an affront to the intelligence? Why can't it just be an attempt to persuade, either effective or not? Maybe the Review is secretly thrilled to be mentioned (yay we're relevant!).

John said...

Thanks for this, Sterling. I got that mailing this week and was really annoyed, for all the reasons you mention. Good thing Dartmouth Undying is so committed to "civility."

Anonymous said...

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