Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sun God Now Available on YouTube

Yes, really.

In case you haven't been around campus lately (or are subscribed to the D and keep wondering who the guy is who appears in "The Still North" every so often), the so-called "Sun God" is Jonathan Recor MALS '10. If you've missed his antics, you can now find nineteen videos of them under his account. For example:

Why is he dancing around campus at all times of the night with a lightsaber? Well, as he puts it on his video descriptions:

Mission: These impromptu performances are intended for people who recognize that life isn't as serious as we sometimes make it out to be. As such, our mission as a collective student body is to have fun and let loose the emotional energies and stresses of our lives to form a meaningful and creative performance that builds from the foundation of our humanity.

There's also a much more detailed explanation on his Facebook group. To each his own, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Uh, this is really old news

Anonymous said...

When will the Dartmouth Review issues be back online?

- GreenAlum

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Anonymous said...

rock on sun god

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Anonymous said...

sun god you da man

انفجن said...

good but very old news :(