Friday, October 09, 2009

Nick Lowery '78 to be Inducted to Chiefs HoF

One of Dartmouth's most overlooked alumni, former Patriots, Chiefs and Jets kicker--and preliminary Football Hall of Fame nominee--Nick Lowery '78, will be inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame. Lowery was a two time All-Ivy selection for the Indians during his time at Dartmouth and went on to become the most accurate kicker in NFL history (or so his website claims) and receive the Dartmouth College Presidential Medal for Outstanding Leadership and Achievement.

Maybe it's a good omen; we play Yale tomorrow and a little karma might help.

You'll probably be reading about this in the D tomorrow in the space where an advertisement could have been placed. Seems like someone isn't happy with good old Joe Asch '79. This seems to continue the trend of Ivy papers making weird decisions with the advertisements they choose to run.


Acting Sylvia said...

I'm guessing that Santos was insulted by the use of "refreshingly".

Either that or Mathias considers the $45 for the ad to be campaign financing which is on hold until he completes his study.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Nick, I can hardly imagine he would, in the context of Dartmouth Football, be glad to be associated with the team name 'Indians', which was already long-gone when he joined the team in 1974. Not sure, either, he'd be thrilled to be used by Dartlog as a foil to take another stab at the 'Indian' issue.

'Chiefs', in the context of KC, is another matter. Yes, I appreciate the irony.

Anonymous said...

What on earth does Nick Lowery have to do with Joe Asch?! They are polar opposites, in every way imaginable. This is such a non sequitur. Don't you guys have anything better to report on, than slipping each other's hot button topics into your posts? Isn't it a sort of tautology, to keep pushing the same topical buttons, and drive 'traffic' to each other's sites? (It only makes sense if you somehow get paid, or measured, by the number of click-throughs...)

Another non sequitur: coupling Barry Scherr's resignation, and the length in office of an Acting Provost, to the length of time of Crady's successor.

I mean, really. Stir the pot, sure. But at least put in an honest effort. Sheesh.