Thursday, October 22, 2009


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Tim Dreisbach '71 said...

President Kim deserves credit for telling the students the answer does not lie in more administrative staff, but in more creative work coming from the students themselves. (One guesses they get such ideas by observing that other schools may have larger sustainability staffs and concluding we need them too.)

Here's an idea... why not turn off the heat to the dorms. It would save millions in oil use and costs. No investment of any kind required, other than students buying heavier sweaters and blankets. OK, the plumbing might freeze. So turn that off also, and wait until spring to shower.

Seriously, what are the dorm temperatures? There once was a big push to lower thermostats from 72 to 68. Why not 62? Or 65 in the commons rooms and 55 in sleeping rooms? What other opportunities are there to demonstrate energy efficiencies locally, and thus demonstrate leadership that can be followed more globally?

Kim notes the answer does not lie in attacking those who do not take climate change and sustainability seriously, but in figuring out how to gain their support. Agreed. Why not focus on the value of being greener to gain energy independence for the country and for all peoples who need energy.

Random thought: How about a break-through in cold fusion from the physics department, or installing a pebble-reactor ala retired Prof. Hargraves?