Thursday, September 03, 2009

Washington Monthly Ranks Dartmouth #40

We all let out a collective snort when US News & World Report released their college rankings with methodology that placed Dartmouth at a disadvantage (ex., using the site as a measuring stick for student satisfaction with their professors, etc.).
Correction: Those were the Forbes rankings, which also included a metric involving "enrollment-adjusted entries in Who's Who in America." Dartmouth placed 98th.

Not to be outdone, however, Washington Monthly has released their rankings with a far goofier methodology, including measuring a college's "community service score" by:

measuring each school’s performance in three different areas: the size of its Army and Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps programs relative to the size of the school; the number of alumni currently serving in the Peace Corps relative to the size of the school; and the percentage of its federal work-study grant money spent on community service projects.
Notice this says nothing about the quality of education the students are receiving for their money, but rather that the point is to rank them according to their "contribution to the public good."

This landed Dartmouth in the #40 slot out of 258, bested by Harvard (11), Cornell (17), Yale (23), Princeton (28) and Brown (35). However, we did beat out Columbia (42) and Penn (59).

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Anonymous said...

Look at the details. Dartmouth sends a lot of grads into the Peace Corps. Also a big factor... the College ranks high in the number of undergrads who go on to receive PhDs (regardless of where they go to grad school?) So we are not educating more researchers, but encouraging undergrad students to follow the university career path. Just what the country needs... more academics.