Monday, March 02, 2009

Harvard Professor Jim Yong Kim is 17th Dartmouth President

From a message sent from The Daily D to its email subscriber list:
Harvard University professor Jim Yong Kim, a former director of the World Health Organization's HIV/AIDS division renowned for his research on drug-resistant tuberculosis, will become Dartmouth's 17th president, College officials announced Monday. Kim's selection comes against the backdrop of the presidential search committee's calls for a leader with a commitment to graduate education and knowledge of medical schools.

UPDATE 03/02: Staffer Sterling C. Beard managed to shake hands with President-elect Kim and welcome him on behalf of The Review to campus. In that interaction, Pres. Kim told Sterling that:

1. He has read the book The Dartmouth Review Pleads Innocent, cover to cover;

2. That he read The Review's Dickey issue, from which he derived the inspiration for the Dickey reference in his speech. In that issue, we had Charlie Dameron '11's article on J-S Dickey himself, as well as two articles on the Dickey Center by Blair Bandeen '12 and Mike Edgar '11;

3. Finally, that he would be willing to--I think Sterling said "love to"--do an interview with The Review.


Anonymous said...

fun fact: most of the edits to his wikipedia page come from an IP address linked to brigham & womens hospital...where his wife works. pretty hilarious. good thing Dartmouth picked someone so famous his wife wrote his wikipedia entry.

oh, grow up said...

leave it to the most irrelevant media outlet at Dartmouth to be the first to find a (dubious) way to mock not only the new prsident-elect, but his family, too. Way to go, children, you did not disappoint! I do hope the moderator lets this post through. No wow gold here.

Emily E-Smith said...

I just listened to President Kim's speech in Spaulding auditorium -- a few things that struck me:

1. He seems humble, which is an important quality hopelessly lacking in our current power-hungry president. I think humility is a quality that too many leaders lack, yet need.

2. I think it is very exciting that President Kim highlighted former Dartmouth Pres. Dickey in his speech. This shows that Pres. Kim is taking Dickey to be a model and example for his own presidency; the D also points out that Pres. Kim hopes to revive Dickey's Great Issues course. Some of you may remember TDR's Dickey issue, which editorialized in favor of a Dickey-type president.
Here's a link to our Dickey Issue:

3. Finally, the new president seems charismatic, thoughtful--a man who has devoted himself to causes that transcend merely advancing in the administrative bureaucracy.

These are all good things. Maybe my expectations were low, but I think the Presidential Search Committee might have gotten it right.

oh grow up said...

Not to mention that his wife works at Children's Hospital, not Brigham and Women's. At least get your snipe facts correct.

Emily E-Smith said...

I just got off the phone with Sterling Beard '11, who was at Spaulding covering the event for TDR. Sterling managed to shake hands with President-elect Kim and welcome him on behalf of The Review to campus.

In that interaction, Pres. Kim told Sterling that:

1. He has read the book The Dartmouth Review Pleads Innocent, cover to cover;

2. That he read The Review's Dickey issue, from which he derived the inspiration for the Dickey reference in his speech. In that issue, we had Charlie Dameron '11's article on J-S Dickey himself, as well as two articles on the Dickey Center by Blair Bandeen '12 and Mike Edgar '11;

3. Finally, that he would be willing to--I think Sterling said "love to"--do an interview with The Review.

MOOSE123 said...

I hope the Review (and its bloggers) accept Dr. Kim's appointment with an open mind. It appears to better-solidify Dartmouth's proven position as a leader in 21st Century college education. Let's hope for what might be, not pine for what was.

Sterling C. Beard said...

I was one of the first to shake hands with him. He's very charismatic and exudes a youthful energy. I like him already!

And Emily, I know it's been an exciting day, but I'm a '12!

Emily Esfahani-Smith said...

Woops! Sorry about that--you're just wise beyond your years ; )

Anonymous said...

"eerily resume-like, appears self-authored"

So? Would you have preferred he faked it better so it didn't appear self-authored? Does he have a facebook page?

Steve said...

This is a great pickup for Dartmouth.

This guy is a rock star in his profession, has relevant academic and administrative experience, and has dedicated his life to causes that matter.

I only wish he had a prior connection to Dartmouth.

Anonymous said...

Funfact: Please take the time to look at Jimmy Wright's wikipedia page. Pathetic. If we are judging President's based on wiki's then JYK should be 9,969/7,831 times better, based on page size alone!

Sterling C. Beard said...

Anon 3:38

I just checked. President-elect Kim does, in fact, have a Facebook page. No, I'm not kidding.

Will Aubin said...

While exiting Spaulding Auditorium, I overheard one person remark that Kim has spent 40 fewer years at Dartmouth than Wright, and already understands the idea of the school better. I then heard another person say that we have been given the ultimate 'second-mate', and that the era of total control by Chairman Haldeman is about to begin.

I think Kim represents a relatively blank slate as President of Dartmouth College, with impressive credentials in other areas that indicate he is more than worthy of the benefit of the doubt. I would have preferred someone with more solid undergraduate credentials, but I have no doubt that Kim will make a serious effort to reconcile the research and undergrad camps within the Dartmouth community.

Best wishes.

Bit Peabody-McPhierson said...

Dr. Kim's emphasis on Dartmouth tradition and world-changing service (as well as his actual accomplishments here)speak well for him. The only potential concern I have is that a researcher from Harvard might further divorce Dartmouth from his liberal arts roots.

Anonymous said...

Kim will make a fine president of a major US academic institution. He is an intellectual leader, youthful (he'll need that attribute, with a 3-day old child!), proven major fundraiser. He will be cheerleader in chief. He will, I predict, be embraced by undergraduates.

That said: I don't think he'll dip much into the complexities of Dartmouth academic politics. Why? Because there's no need. To be successful, he must increase the institutional prestige, and raise a bunch of money. He will do both. He has a ton of energy, and it will serve him well.

His elevation to the position is the result of Al Mulley's stern hand on the search committee tiller. The committee had NO membership from any science department, save from the Dean of Engg, Joe Helble. The science departments are the focal point of the teaching-vs-research tension at Dartmouth, and IMO either Mulley and the search committee didn't understand that tension, or decided they didn't need to deal with it. Either reason is sufficient, and IMO true: the new President can succeed in the ways he needs to, while allowing the tension to remain at the status quo. As long as he as seen as inspirational to UGs to take leadership roles in the country and the world (along the lines of both Dickey and Kemeny) -- as long as he raises a lot of money, for compelling and noteworthy enhancements and extensions of the institution -- all will be well.

But make no mistake: this appointment is Dr. Mulley's personal stamp on the College, and represents a pointed acknowledgment of the rise of the DHMC and DMS stars in the political life of Dartmouth.

Tim Dreisbach '71 said...

I agree with the comments above (Emily, Will,, even Anon 5:26 immediately above) and noted president-elect Kim's referenced appreciation for JSD and even Dartmouth's special geography... with a specific inclusion of Mt. Moosilauke in his address. His experience with smaller liberal arts colleges is limited, but his personal accomplishment and global involvement inspires.

Let's hope all give him the benefit of any doubts.

Even if some of us older alums might inadvertently call him Young Jim Kim, he appears to have a decent sense of humor. He will need that, and a backbone of self-confidence, when he begins to face the vocal special interest groups, be they students who believe themselves margininalized, dissenting alumni, politically-correct administrators, or less-industrious faculty members.

Anonymous said...

It can't be Dr. Mulley's personal stamp if Ed Haldeman is all-powerful, can it? And what happened to the Wright Administration controlling the board and pushing reform? We should settle on who the string-puller is.

Kenan said...

This is definitely exciting news for Dartmouth. As someone in medicine and a recent Dartmouth alum (who heavily criticized the Wright administration), I think Dartmouth certainly got it right on this one. Those of us in medicine know what a leader Dr. Kim is. He is an extraordinary researcher but also a talented & gifted teacher. He understands the importance of athletics & academics. His appreciation of balance seems unparalleled for someone who will work in the Dartmouth administration. Additionally, from people whom I know & trust who work with him in Boston, he sounds like a total rockstar. I couldn't be happier. Dartmouth's best days are ahead--and at the very least will certainly be better than the last ten.

Also to Anon 1:23 - That is a pretty cowardly attack. Posted anonymously, no less--you should really consider growing a pair and exposing your name. My guess is that Dr. Kim's colleagues at The Brigham probably contributed to his article; moreover, if there were an article about me, I would take every effort to ensure its accuracy. In reality, any of us posting on this page could only hope to reach the distinction he has achieved in our respective fields. Furthermore, medicine is a pretty large field, my friend, with some of the most brilliant minds around. As an MD/MBA student, I have kept up with his policy work. He is not some "pie in the sky" policy maker; he has been on the ground in Haiti, training MD/MBA's and MD/MPH's, working to improve the delivery of healthcare. Perhaps you should consider listening to his Podcasts & interviews before sounding off like an ignorant buffoon. Honestly, people.

In summary, this is truly awesome for Dartmouth. I, for one, am excited.

Anonymous said...

For a further read on Dr. Kim, there is a very interesting article in the December 2006 issue of the Brown Univ. Alumni Magazine (yes, they do have a website, unlike some other Ivy League colleges). This article will further enhance the fact that Dartmouth made an excellent choice.

Anonymous said...

Dear gawd, don't let the Dartmouth Review get ahold of him.


David Leimbach '10 said...

My position as of now is one of cautious optimism. I'm hoping Kim's anthropology background helps him come to appreciate the importance of tradition, the centrality of the greek system, and the value of a liberal arts undergraduate education to Dartmouth. God willing, this will be a trade-up in 'Jim's.

Anonymous said...

I can just see how he'll deal with campus politics:

Undergrads: "You'll take my greek system out of my cold dead hands"

Professors: "We need a Bisexual Honduran Women's Study Department now!"

New President: "Are you people serious?! 10 people died of AIDS and TB while you were complaining about your little bubble here in Hanover!"

I truly hope that President Kim can get Dartmouth to look outward to figure out how to educate its students to make a difference in a variety of professions. He'll bring some perspective to a student body, faculty, and town that often lacks it.

Anonymous said...

I like how the editors, in the process of updating the post, also excised their links to the D and Wikipedia, as well as a snarky jibe at the "resume-like" nature of the Wikipedia article. TDR, rewriting history one step at a time!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, what did you expect, intellectual honesty from TDR? Gotta treat this place like the small-time National Enquirer that it is.

In the next issue, please look for:

- "The Secret Behind Jim Wright's Resignation: He's Having Jane Fonda's Alien Baby!"

- "Dr. Kim: Medicine Woman (Or the Sex Change You Won't Hear About in the Liberal MSM!)"

- "Dartmouth: Does It Suck a Lot, or Just a Little? We Decide!"

- "Please Have Sex With Us"

Anonymous said...

orship? You surely should have screened out Anonymous 7:44!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget:

-"Self-Censorship: Why We Deleted Christie Thomas and Marlene Heck From Our Own 'Worst Professors' List Ten Years Later."

Anonymous said...

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