Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buh-Bye Blitz

Got this in my inbox last night:


The Email Task Force needs student input in order to choose a new email provider. PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY BELOW TO HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

-Student Assembly

Clients listed in the survey include Yahoo!, GMail, Hotmail, AOL, and Verizon among others. It appears this is the end of an era.


Anonymous said...

To the author: You're a '12. Stop acting like this is a monumental change in your life after you've only been at this College for a few months.

Sterling C. Beard said...

Thanks, I'm aware I've only been at this college a few months. Notice that I did not whine or complain in the post or express disbelief. I merely remarked that it was "the end of an era," (because Blitz has been in use for decades) without any further comment.

May I suggest you quit reading stuff into posts that simply isn't there?

Truth Be Told said...


Well put, Sterling!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: it is a monumental change in the life of the College, if not the life of Sterling. He reported the facts and put his name to it, unlike the rest of us. If the shift takes 18 months to implement, as it probably will, then it will be the end of an era for him too.

Anonymous said...

Going to blitz was a monumental change. Leaving it behind is not so monumental in comparison.

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Anonymous said...