Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TDR Article: OurGreen Is Your Green

New TDR Article: OurGreen Is Your Green

The Dartmouth community is about to get a major upgrade in the realm of Internet connectivity. OurGreen, a website designed by a group of College students, promises an easy interface for student groups to build professional looking websites and for students to keep track of groups and events which are of interest to them.

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Anonymous said...

Your article about this website is disturbingly uncritical. While I undoubtedly agree that the site succeeding would be good for Dartmouth's students, the chances of that happening are practically nil. Why does TDR unquestioningly adopt the view that OurGreen is going to be a "major update" when similarly attempts have failed (see stuff2do.dartmouth.edu). Is it because Edgar is web editor of TDR? Is this not hypocrisy? Imagine, for a moment that Student Assembly or COSO launched this site. TDR would certainly be the first to mock it and suggest it's imminent failure.

If Dartmouth is plagued by "lazy Social Chairmen" - truth. - is it also certainly plagued by tons of lazy students. So what makes it likely that they are going to turn to this site and post enough events to make it as ubiquitous a source of information as blitz?

Perhaps more disturbing is that you published Laster's ridiculous statement that "one of the great things about the project is that it began as Travis Green’s idea," without even a suggestion of sarcasm. That has to be one of the most laughable mockable statements published in the paper's recent history.