Friday, October 31, 2008

War and Peace Issue Online

The latest issue of The Dartmouth Review, featuring history, interviews, and commentary on the topic of War and Peace, is now online. Coverage includes:

* The Laurelled Men of Dartmouth who have served throughout history, and four Dartmouth students/alumni answering the call right now
* The Case for Bob Barr; The Case for the Causal Theory of Perception
* Pulitzer prize winner John Burns talks Iraq at the College; gives an exclusive TDR Interview to boot
* Emily Esfahani-Smith on the foreign policy career path; TDR interviews former CENTCOM commander General Abizaid
* Naturally, the Week in Review, and The Last Word.


Am. War of Indep. said...

The Civil War was decidedly not "the first war to have a major impact on the College."

Classes were disrupted but not halted by the Revolution. There were threats of attack against Hanover, and one raiding party in Vermont is said to have been thwarted only by high water. Some students and faculty went off to fight. President John Wheelock served as an officer. Numerous students after the war were Revolutionary veterans.

When given a chance to legitimately push Dartmouth's hallowed traditions further into antiquity, why does the Review not take it?

John said...

A google of "'Mexican War' Dartmouth" brings over 11,000 hits. am. war may be victim of a common misconception, that Ivy students are especially resourceful, intelligent, or hardworking; or indeed that an Ivy education provides rigor.

Else why the IvyGate blog?

Am. War. of Indep. said...

Not to mention Sylvanus Thayer's fortification of southern ports in the War of 1812, or other alums' battling against the Barbary Pirates.

The idea that writers for the Review or the Dartmouth devote the same intelligence to their articles that they do to their education might be the misconception.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd lighten up the comments section with a light-hearted quote from the Office last week....

Dwight Schrute:
Interviewer has turned off applicant's interest in Cornell and they are going to go to the vastly superior Dartmouth.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the Andy Bernard character ("I went to Cornell? You ever heard of it? I graduated in four years, never studied once; I was drunk the whole time.") is partly based on Tuck professor Andy Bernard?

fair enough said...

am. war. good catch. I also agree that it seems likely that review writers are less precise with their words and less rigorous with their historical research when writing for the student newspaper than for their academic studies. John, you sir are a tool.

John said...

IvyGate compares Ivy admissions to the lottery.

On the question of how The Dartmouth Review may have concluded the Civil War was the first significant one in Dartmouth's history -- don't overlook the possibility that nobody on the staff knew about any wars prior to 1861.

eve said...

What about the War of Angels? Would there have been a Dartmouth without it?

Anonymous said...

John, has it occurred to you that you're a giant d-bag?

Anonymous said...

John, seriously, what the hell do you do with your time? Do you have nothing better to do than try to antagonize college sophmores on the internet?

Anonymous said...


Oh, sorry Review. What no election thread?

Guess it burned too much huh?

Anonymous said...

No, they are too busy watching Sununu surge.

At least the Ivy Leaguer won the election. So now we don't have to feel bad about John's negative judgments about the effectiveness of the education provided by all eight institutions, which he bases on a single email conversation with Emily.

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