Monday, September 15, 2008

ROTC Bans to Encounter Opposition

From the Washington Post:

IVY LEAGUE administrators, take heed: The next president will oppose the de facto bans on the Reserve Officers' Training Corps that prevail at several of these prestigious institutions.


John said...

This is a man might bite dog story if there ever was one. Are you trying to say that nothing else of interest has happened in Hanover (or might, even)? After all, you're sitting on quite a remarkable story -- at the risk of repeating myself, Hart the Obamacon.

Why not an interview with penetrating questions? Hart the speechwriter for Nixon and then the Gipper, two remarkable Presidents who have quite a bit in common with Sarah Palin -- yet Hart finds her "radically unacceptable".

Oh, wait, you're all hoping Hart will make some phone calls so you can all have comfy careers as movement types.

Anonymous said...

John - Have a movement.

Nope said...

But Nixon or Reagan isn't running. Palin is, and she's even more like the noncoservative Bush than McCain was when Hart first came out against him.

yep said...

non-conservative or neo-conservative? What is "nope"'s point?

nope said...

Neither Palin nor Bush is a true conservative. Hart dissed Bush on this count a while ago. It makes sense that Hart would diss Palin too, so not much of a story.

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