Monday, September 29, 2008


Paul Hodes, our Democratic Representative here in Hanover, opposed the bill today. Perhaps the dartlog commentators would like to weigh in on the deal as well?


I am Scannell said...

Its just business baby... dirty, rotten, stink'in business. Oh...and
the regulating soul sellers that aided and abetted. Liv'in the fall.

CSPAN Video said...

Aiders and abettors.

i am scammer said...

By "our" you mean "Hanover residents'," right? I hope you are not telling Hodes how to vote unless you are actually a constituent. Maybe you are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right. We cannot possibly be justified in being critical of the 434 representatives that don't happen to represent our district of residence. Their decisions obviously have no effect on us!

And, nobody was even "telling Hodes how to vote".

W. Aubin said...

I, like most of the students I know, am registered to vote here in Hanover. The College has extensive drives to encourage the practice among students. The pros and cons of allowing college students to register in that fashion aside, I am in fact a constituent. But you'll notice I didn't tell him how to vote.

Just Curious said...

W.A. Some questions from a curious local alum. There is a great hue and cry every election cycle about registering students to vote, and whether attempts are made to disenfranchise them. I am not aware of anyone who wants to take away the right of students to vote. But the questions:

Are you also registered to vote in your "home" state? If so, do you vote twice for a national election? How is this monitored?

Being registered locally gives you the right to vote for local as well as national candidates. Have you fulfilled your obligations of local citizenship that go along with local residents and their voting privileges... e.g. registering your drivers license with NH, paying the NH income tax on residents with any stock dividends, etc.

Participation is great, but so are related responsibilities, which many students (and others) seem to forget. Just curious.

W. Aubin said...

@Just Curious
I never unregistered in my hometown, and have no idea whether they would let me vote there. I had to put my license number on the voter registration card, and don't pay taxes in either state, as I don't have much in the way of income. Neither state seems to have asked anyone to be particularly responsible, so I just vote here and don't worry about.

In all honesty.

jc said...

WA. Thx for the personal note. Will you vote for local state, county and town candidates? Do you think other students do?

fyi said...

"I do not have much in income."

Even if a student only owns 5 shares of a utility purchased by grandmom as a 16th birthday present, paying out $5 in annual dividends, if he or she is a NH resident, the law requires filing a tax return.

The point... local elections matter. Why be concerned with registering locally to vote for national candidates only when one can do so in their true resident state by absentee ballot?

If the answer is to have more impact in a state with a smaller population, in order to gain incremental electoral votes, remember the purpose of the electoral system is to represent the interests of state-collections of people, not individuals. An argument to replace this with a nation-wide popular vote is not an argument for gaming the present system.

In this age of easy transportation, it is a corruptive abuse of the system to say, "we have enough votes to win Mass, so let's bus our excess voters to NH for same day registration and voting." Voting should be a "right" only when accompanied by the obligations of "citizenship", on both the national and local levels.

i am scammer said...

anon 3:44, I wasn't saying Aubin can't contact reps who aren't his.

I was saying Hodes is not his rep. Unless he's actually registered to vote in Hanover, which he is.

If I were a Hanover resident, I would tell all students not registered in Hanover to talk to their own reps and avoid clogging the pipeline to mine.

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