Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summertime TV

A discussion between author Tom Wolfe and former Dartmouth Professor (and neuroscience expert) Michael Gazzaniga.


laconia said...

Throughout that video they rarely enter into real conversation. They just seem to say whatever comes to mind regardless of what the other has asked.

Still interesting though. Gazzaniga is a powerhouse.

DartGuy said...

Gazzaniga would make a fine president of the College. He is everything that Wright is not: a renowned scholar who is certainly on any Nobel short list; quick-witted and thoughtful; personally secure enough to surround himself with top-notch people; a visionary in his field and in general.

Mike for Pres!

Anonymous said...

Gazzaniga for Dartmouth President (much less for Nobel) is a non-starter.

The faculty voted 'no confidence' in him as Dean of the Faculty, as I recall.

And, he was the principal investigator on the largest grant Dartmouth ever received for research; and, in leaving for UC Santa Barbara, proceeded to cause the collapse of much of the department of psychological and brain sciences: a department which had been built for and by him (the new building, with the two fMRI machines in the basement, and the promise of resources to build the department, were what lured him back to Dartmouth the last time).

Sorry, he's a research media star, but is very distant from UG education, and because of the history, will not be coming back...

Anonymous said...




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