Monday, May 19, 2008

Something Patently False in the Daily D.

most students do not use the BlitzMail client

Really? Article, here.


Roger said...

Why "patently false"? Do you have any evidence to the contrary other than your personal experience? I would think that they would easily have access to the data on how many people connect using IMAP or POP3 servers. Besides, it's presented in the article that they learned it from some sort of research: "The task force was surprised to learn that most students do not use the BlitzMail client..."

Anonymous said...

Even if most students in fact use Blitz, as long as the task force thinks otherwise, the report in the D is correct.

Did the D accurately report the findings of the task force?

d'09 said...

"Students interviewed by The Dartmouth said they used Thunderbird and Gmail clients more often then BlitzMail"

That's from just a little bit after the pulled quote. My personal experience also suggests this is false, and when I say personal experience it's broader than you might think: when someone sends you a blitz using gmail, for example, it puts their name in quotation marks, so it's fairly obvious who is using blitz and who isn't. Let's just say the research is wrong.

Anonymous said...

so when you say "patently false," you mean "dubious"?