Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kos Blooger Sees Conspiracy

In response to a comment on the previous post: Yes, Laura Clawson is indeed the Daily Kos blooger that posted "The VRWC [Vast Right Wing Conspiracy] at Dartmouth and Beyond." Here's her take on the fight to keep Dartmouth a college at heart:
This is a radical program to bring the worst intersection of neo-con and fundamentalist thought to higher education -- to engage in a multigenerational battle to take over your children's education, and the airwaves, and the courts.
Who knew? More on Clawson's Dartmouth connection, after the jump.

Meanwhile, Miss Clawson (she prefers not to be called Dr. Laura) is a Melon Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology at Dartmouth, where she explores things like Gender in Romance Novels while teaching classes about the sociology of the family. She has also guest-lectured a women bloggers course at Keene State; the professor was, like, totally surprised that bloggers don't make that much money.

Clawson's faculty page, here.


Katherine J. Murray said...

Politics were always an important part of Laura's life - her early memories include a strike picket line, a gay pride march, and untold Democratic Socialists of America potluck dinners.

Well, that explains it.

John said...

how much do "bloogers" make?

Anonymous said...

Is "Kos Blo[g]er Sees Conspiracy" really newsworthy? Perhaps "Kos Blogger Doubts Existence of Conspiracy," if that's ever happened...

blooger said...

what is "the fight to keep Dartmouth a college at heart"? Is that the same as the law suit to tell the board to change its vote?