Monday, May 19, 2008

Dartmouth Undergraduate Veterans Association

Inspired by a similar Tuck group, ten undergraduates have come together to create the Dartmouth Undergraduate Veterans Association (DUVA).
The group gathers about once a week to discuss issues ranging from homelessness among U.S. military veterans to more basic things like class schedules and dorm life. Generally, the veterans are a bit older than traditional undergraduates, and because of their experiences, they often approach the everyday stress of student life in different ways.

"I think we provide an official vehicle for talking about the needs and experiences of student veterans to the larger campus community," says Abe Holland '08, from Irasburg, Vt., a member of the U.S. Air Force who served in support of operations in Afghanistan. "We also provide support for new veterans coming to campus or thinking about coming to Dartmouth, and we hope we can facilitate discussions where non-veteran students and veterans can share perspectives."
Press release, here.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a worthy group.

After graduation, do they get a seat on the Alumni Council?

Anonymous said...

Two seats now.

Anonymous said...

One for Navy/Marine vets, one for Air Force vets, and one for Army vets? Clearly the number of Council seats needs to be increased and the chamber expanded... as long as no more troublesome elections are required.

Anonymous said...

Two seats for each branch of the military - just like affiliated groups and grad schools.

Anonymous said...

Do any undergrad groups get seats on the Council? Why would they, if they are not alumni?

Any Dartmouth Alumni Veterans Association that jumps through the hoops will get a seat on the Alumni Council.

Anonymous said...

That's probably why he said "after graduation" dipshit.

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