Sunday, May 25, 2008

O'Donnell Coordinates with DALA? Surely Not.

DALA sent out a blitz to its affiliated alumni Friday morning, trotting out the right-wing conspiracy angle once more. They touch on most of the same things as Katy O'Donnell's recent article in the Daily D, but their appearance on the same day is surely just coincidental.

The e-mail from the Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni, under the fold.

From: DALA
Date: Fri, May 23, 2008 at 10:59 AM
Subject: DALA urges you to VOTE - your vote mattes

Dear DALA Members:

By now you have all received your ballot for the election of the Executive
Committee of the Dartmouth Association of Alumni (AoA) and for an amendment
to the AoA Constitution.

This is a pivotal time in Dartmouth's history. It is important that we make
our voices heard. Whether your time at Dartmouth was outstanding or best
forgtotten, you are a part of the history of our college and this is your
opportunity to help define Dartmouth's future. Dartmouth does not belong to
one sole group - but to all of us. We have left our laughter, sweat and
tears on the grounds of this College on the Hill. Please take a few minutes
from your day and vote. Vote for yourselves, but also for the hijas and
hijos of Dartmouth that have come after us and will continue to come. Help
make Dartmouth a place where Latino students will thrive, not just survive.
This election matters - your vote is vital. Take the time now - VOTE.

The DALA Executive Board

The board of DALA strongly urges you to vote for all of the candidates
forming the UNITY SLATE, and for no other candidates, and to vote YES on the
nominating committee amendment, and to contact your friends urging them to
do so. The Unity Slate includes:

President - John H. Mathias Jr. '69
First Vice President - Cheryl A. Bascomb '82
Second Vice President - Douglas H. Keare '56, TU/TH '57
Secretary/Treasurer - David P. Spalding '76

Executive Committee Members:

Marian Zischke Baldauf '84
Veree Hawkins Brown '93
John S. Engelman '68
Ronald G. Harris '71
Kaitlin Jaxheimer '05
Otho E. Kerr, III '79
Ronald B. Schram '64

For more information about the candidates, or for a sample ballot, see

The members of the Unity Slate are committed to maintaining and developing
the relationship between the alumni and the College by cooperation and
collaboration, and OPPOSE THE LAWSUIT that has been initiated by an activist
bloc that has shown itself to be secretive, divisive, deceitful, and

The lawsuit and the attack on the College's self-governance in the New
Hampshire Legislature have already cost the College millions of dollars that
could have better been used to continue to enhance the educational, social
and moral life of the Dartmouth community. The lawsuit has been fostered in
secret, and supported and partly funded by the right-wing "Center for
Excellence in Higher Education" (see and -- though the
identity of other donors has been hidden.

The costs of the lawsuit extend beyond the short-term financial cost to the
chilling effect it is likely to have on alumni giving, on the recruitment of
the best students for upcoming classes, and on the candidate pool for
Dartmouth's next President.

The comic strip, "BlarFlex," that ran in The Dartmouth on April 24th gives a
window to the view of the College the lawsuit backers love and wish to
preserve: written and drawn by two members of the Phrygian Society (see, student supporters of the
lawsuit, it is a concentrated dose of racism, sexism, and homophobia. (A
copy is attached, including commentary and opposition by an alliance of
campus organizations.)

In contrast, the Unity Slate supports a vision of an inclusive and excellent
College that can be loved by, and extend its embrace to, its diverse

This election can put a halt to the about-face in progress that has gripped
the College for the last few years. The DALA board urges you to vote, using
your paper ballot or electronically, for ONLY the Unity Slate, and to vote
YES on the amendment, and to contact your alumni friends urging them to do

DALA would like to thank David Eichman and DGALA, Andrew Chu and
DAPAAA, and Natalie Herring and BADA for their leadership and their guidance
on this important issue.


Morgan Tsvangirai '74 said...

In the final days of the vote, both sides are scrambling to get an additional small chunk of the 70% of alumni who haven't and probably won't vote. The Undying group is the more desperate, so it is acting more strangely. DALA should get in touch with its membership.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Every communication favorable to DU is ghost-written by the all-powerful Katy O'Donnell, who has the power to control people's minds and once got someone Parkhursted by staring at him for 15 seconds. Either that or it's written by undergrads who are either held at gunpoint or bribed with vitamin water. It's really just the sitting Trustees and 5 of their friends pretending to have broader support.

And every communication against DU just comes spontaneously from the mouth/pen/keyboard of concerned alumni who just like fairness, democracy, freedom, America, peace, puppies and kittens. The Phrygians are just a nice group of people agree on the above things and found either through chance. Malchow and Moore are just neutral, logical, democracy-loving observers who take in the facts and call'em like they see 'em.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to vote on the side of goodness, truth and righteousness before time runs out. Once we win this thing, we'll break into Parkhurst, raid the breakroom and throw all of their Lipton packets into the Connecticut River. Bring your tri-corner hats, but leave the muskets at home, lest we provoke a modern-day Boston Massacre (may Crispus Attucks rest in peace).

Democracy Forever said...

I love how Katy, DALA, and DU are trying to connect the Blarflex comic with parity movement as if it was all part of a secret centralized plan to use racism to further its agenda.

I know for a fact that the infamous comic was edited by the opinion editors and by the executive editor Zeke Turner but was still included in the final publication. I bet that Katy specifically published it knowing that it would rain shit just so that DU with its ethically indefensible contempt for democracy could point to it as an example of how the parity leaders are racist.

I can't wait until DU continues to push for its agenda in the name of popular support even after the parity slate blows the double-speak-esq "unity" slate out of the water.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the most confident sources never give their names.

D. Gomez '11 said...


I'd prefer to just survive.

Morgan Tsvangirai '74 said...

@anon 1:55:

If we gave our real names, DU would hunt us down. We know too much already.

Anonymous said...

The Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni presumably used a College-maintained mailing list and a College-owned email server to send their message.

Would they have been allowed to do this if they had recommended the opposing slate? The one where the candidate for Association Secretary is not also the Administration's VP for alumni control.

Anonymous said...

You mean the slate where one member is working for the corporation that is paying for the lawsuit and trying to keep it a secret?

Anonymous said...

Is that person as highly compensated as the students who get $35 per hour working for DUndying? How much exactly is he or she paid, or are you keeping this secret?

Anonymous said...

Why does s/he have to be paid when that person is in the corporation's inner circle, duty-bound to carry out its agenda? That places a much higher claim on someone's loyalty than an hourly wage, and it gives the person at the center an opportunity to personally funnel association contracts back to her/his corporation without even the pretense of bidding out the job. Nice work, if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Stop with the allusive nonsense. If you think there is a scheme for the Hanover Institute to make an illicit profit by planting its agents in the Association of Alumni, who then award a contract using Association funds back to the Institute, on terms unfair to competing service providers and Association members, say so. What claptrap, SM.

10:45 said...


Fairness to competing service providers has nothing to do with it. When you were watching this happen in your Executive meetings, did you think it was acceptable for a charity like the Institute to secretly distribute its tax-exempt funds (in the form of an unsecured loan) in order to allow the Association to then purchase commercial services from the Institute, all while publicly denying that it retained any discretion over how the funds are used? The IRS does not.


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