Thursday, May 01, 2008

Daily D: At Least We Are Not Charging You a Copyright Fee

Apparently the Daily D was doing all those outraged by the comic a favor. From a blog called Angry Asian Man:
Too bad the The Dartmouth charged them $437.40 to print the one-page ad. You think they'd give them a break, considering that it was The Dartmouth that made the idiotic mistake of printing the damn comic strip in the first place. Apparently, The Dartmouth even claimed they were doing them a favor by not charging a copyright fee for re-using the comic.
The ad, courtesy of Angry Asian Man, below the jump.


Anonymous said...

Dartmouth students are certainly clever.

The editors at the D run a cartoon they surely know is offensive. Predicatable outcry occurs. The D issues a token apology and focus is shifted to the cartoonists. Swept up in the controversy are students in support of pro-parity alumni, and the pro-parity movement itself.

Perfectly timed to influence the Association of Alumni election.

Mission accomplished.

The cartoonists were insensitive. If the scenario above is right, the editors were unethical.

Comment by "Media Matters"

Anonymous said...

The cartoonists were unknowing pawns in this game. Similarly the Association executives are mindless pawns instructed by a higher authority.

This entire battle is one of good-versus-evil, played between God and the Devil. No wonder both sides claim Daniel Webster to be in their corner.

Anonymous said...

The Dartmouth is ethical and never could have predicted that the lawsuit people would get stung by this more than the paper itself.

It is the Association leaders who are corrupt and will do anything to protect their positions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57

So you are saying that the D editors are not clever, but clueless?

"Media Matters"

Guy and Fellow said...

Did not the cartoonists, one of whom is a Smurf, both of whom are obviously viciously in favor of suing the College, draw the comic? Or, did the editors of the D hold a gun to their heads and force them to?

They drew the comic. They submitted it before the elections. The editorial decision to print it is an editorial mistake. The decision to draw it and to publish it is an ethical mistake. The ultimate responsibility lies with the cartoonists who are the ultimate cause of the comic: they drew it.

Unless you want to suggest that Felix and his buddy are too stupid to make responsible decisions on their own, and need their peers in the D editorial board to take care of them--which just might be possible--then you must admit that the responsibility lies predominantly with them.

Where's the conservative sense of responsibility? Does it only go one way?

Anonymous said...

Right. How dare the D charge money for a full page ad... especially one that points out the obvious.

abc123 said...

Professor of English Peter Saccio comments to his former students on the Association of Alumni elections here.

Anonymous said...

xyz789 replies:

And the factual errors in his letter are reported here.

Anonymous said...

How did Dartmouth Undying get him to sign the letter? They have come a long way since the robo-call days.

Anonymous said...

He wrote it himself, moron. He then sent it to his former students. One of them clearly leaked it to Dartmouth Undying, which is now using it (logically) as a source of support and information.

Sam 0 said...

Give the moron a break. Saccio hit all the talking points. Was that just a coincidence?

Now I see the Dartmouth Undying people have their kids signing the Bonnie Lam letter. Another coincidence, I suppose.

Don't get me wrong. Dartmouth Undying is justified in launching a professional PR campaign. I just find it amusing when they play victim.

Anonymous said...

When did DU play victim? Kinda like the Association's "correction" email?