Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Do You Want in Dartmouth's Next President?

Board Chair Ed Haldeman recently made another statement about the search process for Dartmouth's next President. As mentioned, the administration has emphasized the importance of community input in guiding the hunt. The Trustees are developing a "Statement of Leadership Criteria" they will use to identify possible candidates, and anyone who wants to comment on what this list should include may do so electronically by clicking here.

Obviously, it's in all of our best interest to make as many comments as we can. Alumni, this is your chance to be heard. Anyone who wants to offer their thoughts should do so by April 30th, when the board will meet to finalize their statement.

Comments can also be sent via mail to the following address:

Presidential Search
Post Office Box 242
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755


Anonymous said...

"Alumni, this is your chance to be heard."

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

You think the mail's going to get intercepted?

Anonymous said...

You've got to admit that at least the PR campaign associated with the search is impressive.

Anonymous said...

So was the PR last summer soliciting "input" for the governance committee.

Anonymous said...

And, once again, it will backfire.

chumbawumba said...

I am unimpressed by the PR campaign. I saw one letter from Haldeman, that's all. But I have been inundated with crap from the Hanover Institute, most of it sent using the name of the Association of Alumni. The Board should join in hiring MacGovern to get the word out.

Anon. 10:01, how will the Board's PR campaign "backfire"? The Board picks the president whether or not alumni give their opinions. Would you rather they had not asked?