Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SAD Machinations

Hands down one of the funniest stories I've seen appeared in the Daily D today:

Outgoing Student Body President Travis Green ‘08 and Vice President Ian Tapu ‘08 resigned their positions Tuesday so that newly elected President Molly Bode ‘09 and Vice President Nafeesa Remtilla ‘09 could take office over a month earlier than in previous years.

Tapu resigned first, which allowed the Assembly to elect Bode as the new vice president, which they did unanimously. Green then resigned, which caused Bode to become president, vacating the position of vice president. Remtilla was subsequently voted in, again unanimously, as vice president.

Had Green and Tapu not resigned, Bode and Remtilla would have taken charge of their own Assembly, which would not have any funds available. Green and Tapu would have continued to run the old Assembly, which would gradually lose membership, Bode said. This creation of dual assemblies has marked the transition between incoming and outgoing administrations in previous years.

[. . .]

Jaromy Siporen ‘08, a presidential candidate in last year’s election, was vocally opposed to the transition.

[. . .]

Siporen, who has been involved in the Assembly for four years and has served as parliamentarian for three years, insisted that Green “has done 82 percent of his job.”

He questioned what would happen if other ’08s at the College resigned when Green resigned.

“The College would fall apart,” Siporen said.

Oh the horror!


Anonymous said...

Green likened the Assembly in the past to a phoenix, dying at the end of each term to be reborn from its ashes in the fall. He said that this earlier transition would hopefully prevent this process.

It's more like an undead monster in a horror flick... no matter how many times you burn it, throw it off of buildings, etc., it just won't f***ing die. It keeps coming back to annoy everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- Your comment sounds like something an Alumni Council officer might think, if not say openly, about the Association of Alumni.

SAD- a vocational experience for future Undying members?