Saturday, April 26, 2008

Professor to Sue Students for Discrimination

Tuesday 3:45: Dartlog welcomes readers from IvyGate, Gawker, Above the Law, and other blogs. Dartlog is the weblog of The Dartmouth Review, Dartmouth's only independent newspaper. For more on the controversy surrounding Prof. Venkatesan, see our follow up posts here, here, here, and here (in chronological order). —A.S.

Wednesday 4:11: We now have an interview with Venkatesan online, here. —A.S.

We have just obtained the text of an email that Priya Venkatesan, who has taught Writing 5 classes this year, sent out to members of her 08W Writing 5 Class informing them of an impending lawsuit. Venkatesan is listed as a "Lecturer on Writing" for the Writing department, and is also a Dartmouth alum. The text is reproduced below, and we will update you as this story develops.

UPDATE: Two new emails have surfaced. The first clarifies that the legal action Venkatesan is referring to is a class action suit against the College, meaning there may be other professors involved. The second blitz then re-clarifies, saying that the student is being accused with violating Title VII, and that their charges include but "are not limited to, harassment." Bizarre.

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 20:56:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: Priya.Venkatesan@Dartmouth.EDU
To: "WRIT.005.17.18-WI08":;, Priya.Venkatesan@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: WRIT.005.17.18-WI08: Possible lawsuit

Dear former class members of Science, Technology and Society:

I tried to send an email through my server but got undelivered messages. I regret to inform you that I am pursuing a lawsuit in which I am accusing some of you (whom shall go unmentioned in this email) of violating Title VII of anti-federal [SIC] discrimination laws.
The feeling that I am getting from the outside world is that Dartmouth is considered a bigoted place, so this may not be news and I may be successful in this lawsuit.
I am also writing a book detailing my experiences as your instructor, which will "name names" so to speak. I have all of your evaluations and these will be reproduced in the book.

Have a nice day.


Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We are also interested in finding out what exactly "anti-federal discrimination laws" are.

Students named in the lawsuit (as well as "," which we assume she believes is have apparently received the following two blitzes as well:

--- Forwarded message from "Priya Venkatesan" ---

From: "Priya Venkatesan"
To: <[REDACTED]Dartmouth.EDU>,
Subject: Re: Class Action Suit
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 [time redacted]

Dear Student:

Please disregard the previous email sent by Priya Venkatesan. This is to officially inform you that you are being accused of violating Title VII pertaining to federal anti-discrimination laws, by the plaintiff, Priya Venkatesan. You are being specifically accused of, but not limited to, harassment. Please do not respond to this email as it will be used against you in a court of law.

Priya Venkatesan, PhD
----- Original Message -----
From: Priya Venkatesan
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 [time redacted]
Subject: Class Action Suit

Dear Student:

As a courtesy, you are being notified that you are being named in a potential class action suit that is being brought against Dartmouth College, which is being accused of violating federal anti-discrimination laws. Please do not respond to this email because it will be potentially used against you in a court of law.

Priya Venkatesan, PhD
UPDATE: A particularly insightful student review of her 08W class from the SA guide:
Aside from the fact that I learnt nothing of value in this class besides the repeated use of the word "postmodernism" in all contexts (whether appropriate or not) and the fact that Professor Venkatesan is the most confusing/nonsensical lecturer ever, the main problem with this class is the personal attacks launched in class. Almost every member of the class was personally attacked in some form in the class by either intimidation or ignoring your questions/comments/concerns. If you decide to take this class, prepare to NOT be allowed to express your own opinions in class because you have "yet to obtain your Ph.D/masters/bachelors degree". We were forced to write an in-class essay on "respect" (and how we lacked it) because we expressed our views on controversial topics and some did not agree with the views of "established scholars" who have their degrees.

Additionally, your essays will (at most) receive 2 lines worth of feedback, along with a miserable letter grade.

All in all, there are much better ways to understand science, technology, and society than to suffer through ten weeks of emotional battering.

P.S. After the jump, find out why Venkatesan thinks French Narrative Theory is the best way to study biology. —A.S.

P.P.S. The Chair of the Writing Program has asked us to take down Venkatesan's photo. —A.S.

After finishing up my studies in literature, I entered a molecular biology lab at DMS with the intention of seeking parallels between scientific practice and literature. My interests in graduate school were mainly theoretical, as I textually analyzed certain aspects of scientific communication. However, for me, a question remained: Is there room for literary theory within the framework of the laboratory?

The full piece can be found here.


Katherine J. Murray said...

Professor Bloom is rolling over in his grave.

Matthew said...

This is why I came to this school.

Stray Beaver said...

"Please do not respond to this email as it will be used against you in a court of law."

Always putting the students first.

Anonymous said...

This is the weirdest/creepiest thing I have ever heard of...

Truth Be Told said...

Who hired, and then re-hired, this nut job?

She is one of the 40+% adjunct profs teaching the College's students.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for her course in the fall, went to one class, and bailed. She was a terrible lecturer and it was obvious she had no idea how to run a class.

Her lawsuit seems entirely absurd. I'm no expert so maybe I'm missing something, but Title VII seems address giving employment/compensation, not personal attacks. Last time I checked, students don't employ teachers - schools do. And since she's already got the job, there seems little for her to base a lawsuit on.

If the college doesn't give her something to complain about (by firing her, promptly) I will lose all respect for the administration.

Astounded said...

The College, as this lady’s employer, has an obligation under Title VII to provide her with a harassment-free workplace.

If, for example, a student repeatedly pinched her ample bottom AND if she complained about it to the College AND if the College did nothing to protect her, then she would have a strong suit against Dartmouth (not the student) for sexual harassment.

However, in this instance it seems that her students did not show her the "respect" that she felt was her due. IMHO she won't get past a motion to dismiss.

Anonymous said...

If this is Stephen Colbert style satire in the Dartmouth Review:

Hooray and congratulations!

If this is serious, then this is Exhibit A in the Alumni Election:

The preposterous Leftist Regime who hired this nutty twit must be overthrown, along with all their retinue, board supporters, and hacks who have wormed their way onto various committees and boards.


Leo Strauss said...

The preposterous Leftist Regime who hired this nutty twit must be overthrown, along with all their retinue, board supporters, and hacks who have wormed their way onto various committees and boards.

At least one pro-lawsuit partisan has the temerity to admit that the lawsuit is merely means to political ends. Exhibit A, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Professor Bloom and Ernest Martin Hopkins are both spinning in their graves...

Anonymous said...

One wonders how Alumna Vankatesan will cast her vote? She cannot be on the side of the administration, and she cannot support the petitioners. Is there room for a Bizzaro third party, at the extreme end of an entirely separate axis?

Anonymous said...

Dartlog Observer says:

"This is to officially inform you that you are being accused of violating Title VII pertaining to federal anti-discrimination laws..."

Ignoring the split infinitive coming from a professor of writing, what does "officially" mean? Is she also an attorney or officer of the court making a formal accusation?

Anonymous said...

What gobble-de-gook from an instructor in writing! I think she may have a point in here somewhere, but is it that “postmodernism” and “social constructivism” are the same, or different things? Are they a necessary complement to science, or an impediment? Can anyone restate the premise of this article in a simple paragraph, please? Is there an important point, or is this merely an example of publishing for the sake of publishing to appear intelligent?

Can some blog historian please provide the links to the prior threads on the various writing programs at Dartmouth?

Anonymous said...

She may have a PhD, but why is a self-described "post-doctoral researcher" teaching undergraduates, instead of a "professor" of literature, language, writing, or whatever?

After reading the student course review, it does not seem a "professional" educator is involved in the process of education here. Maybe there is a reason that tuition is now "free"... you get what you pay for.

Roger said...

I would call her a twit, not to mention an ironically poor writer, but I fear she may track my IP address and include me in the lawsuit.

A.S. Erickson said...

Try these three links:

Daniel F. Linsalata said...

This is incredible. For a woman who seems to consider herself rather intelligent, she clearly has absolutely no idea what she is doing here and lacks any basic understanding of the American legal system, from a civil standpoint anyway.

A few observations:

1) In my experience, "pursuing litigation" usually comes AFTER one has determined one has established that a legal claim exists. Unless the system changed over the past week or so, she obviously knows some I don't.

2) Class action suits typically apply to a class of plaintiffs, not a class of defendants.

3) As others have pointed out, students (fortunately) do not employ professors. But all the best to her in trying to prove that they do.

4) "You disagreed with me and/or hurt my feelings" seems like a mighty flimsy standard for proving discrimination under any statute.

Although the English rule (loser pays) for lawsuits has plenty of shortcomings, this professor is making a great case for why we may want to consider adopting it on this side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Linsalata, you're mostly right, but 2 quibbles:

(1) people file frivolous claims all of the time. It's unfortunate, and lawyers can be sanctioned for it, but it often happens and people often get away with it. I note that she refers to a potential suit, and not an actual one.

(2) You're right that class actions typically involve plaintiff classes, but there is precedent for defendant classes (which wouldn't seem to work here). Also, it could be that she's planning to band together with every non-WASP professor who's ever had their feelings hurt. God help us if every mediocre professor who's ever taught Dartmouth gets to extract a pound of flesh from the College.

Stray Beaver said...

"Can anyone restate the premise of this article in a simple paragraph, please?"

I think she is saying that some mentally ill people can't understand science.

Anonymous78 said...


Her photo and bio have been removed from the Dartmouth Writing Program web page.

Maybe it was initiated by her because she considered the use of her photo to be unauthorized.

Less likely but possible: The college has temporarily removed her for threatening students who gave her bad reviews. Her first email does appear to do that.

Dave said...

I especially like on the writing program website we find:

Sara Biggs Chaney, M.A., ABD

Hmmm, last I checked ABD is not a degree.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess someone had to say it eventually...

This professor makes the rest of us Indian people look bad.

Anonymous said...

You people just don't get it. This is all a plot by The Hanover Institute, TJ, Todd, Frank and the Suing Six to take your eyes off the ball. They are very tricky. Watch for their next move as voting for the Alumni Association leadership starts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This professor does not make other Indians look bad. She looks bad because she is trying to take advantage of a system designed to prevent discrimination and harassment. Anyone could try to take a short cut when the going gets rough. I wish her the best of luck obtaining a teaching position elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

...the 100+ fraternity brothers i've e-mailed this to (resulting in 100's of additional forwarded e-mails) can't wait to vote in the AoA elections...

Definer said...

"Sara Biggs Chaney, M.A., ABD

Hmmm, last I checked ABD is not a degree."

ABD stands for "all but dissertation." She has finished her doctoral work but has not completed and had accepted her doctoral dissertation.

Technically, all this person holds today is a Masters degree.

The college hires ABD's all the time, for two reasons:

- to grab a stellar young researcher before that person is snatched up by a competing school;

- as cheap labor.

Anonymous said...

Just Curious asks:

MH/ASE: Was any reason provided in the request to remove the photo?

Anonymous said...

Follow this link and read how she "loves to teach the Dartmouth students".

Anonymous said...

I hope they nail her (and whatever lawyer she dug up to bring this frivolous lawsuit) with hefty Rule 11 sanctions, so that she'll bear the cost of her decision to sue her students---who, by the way, have no control over her employment situation. What a shame that this occurred at such a wonderful school.

A.S. Erickson said...

@ Just Curious: He said that we had not attributed the photo to the Writing Program. I pointed out that, when clicked on, the photo took one to the Writing Program's website. I'm not clear on the rules for photo attribution on blogs, so I took it down.

Anonymous said...

ABD is certainly not a degree. Being taught by a postdoc -- and being a postdoc after graduating with a PhD -- is not unusual. In some fields (like English), you are lucky to even get a postdoc somewhere less-than-horrible.

However, colleges do not generally grab ABDs to beat other schools to the punch on an up-and-coming young star. The young stars finish their dissertations before they start work. Being ABD in your postdoc for more than a few months means you are a loser. Period.

Anonymous said...

Dartblog also took down her photo per the Writing Program's request. Why was that request honored? Why did they make it and on what authority?

BoredAtBerry said...

Although this entire case may seem frivolous, she would not openly subjected herself to such comments without an important overarching idea that she wants to present. This idea has to do with the overall perception of academics in the classroom, something that definitely is a concern at Dartmouth. Unfortunately, she chose a poor medium for expressing her dislike of the current state of academics at Dartmouth College (and I have no doubts that any other college she works at in the future will be similar). Clearly, continuing to post critiques about her or any other faculty member is only adding this alarming point. I hope that Dartmouth can live up to its true reputation and act in a mature fashion in light of this incident.

A.S. Erickson said...

Why was that request honored?

As far as I know, they own the photo and we don't. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

BoredatBerry wrote:

Although this entire case may seem frivolous, she would not openly subjected herself to such comments without an important overarching idea that she wants to present.

End of Quote...

The fact that the professor of writing is a poor writer does not help the professor with the "important idea that she wants to present". But hey, the professor's hiring was not ALL bad: the College did get to check off the "Woman" and "Asian" boxes on their reporting to the Feds.

Anonymous said...


re: Chaney and this lady, it is important to point out that Chaney is not here on a post-doc and Venkatesan has her Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully her lawsuit settlement will include a lifetime supply of Lithobid.

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit is obviously some kind of post-modern performance art, she's probably seeking funding from the NEA for it.

Anonymous said...

What a nut.

I'm going to do a Google, "Priya Venkatesan" daily news alert on this train-wreck... should be fun.

Sadly, there are a surprising number of crazy people functioning in the real world.

You'll probably have to work with someone like this someday in your lifetime.

This one's screws came so loose she's now flying over the radar... that's pretty rare with these people.

Although they have massive egos, they also get the victim card by default because of their miserable self-esteem... you're always going to the bad guy.

In the real world, these people are usually a just given a slap on the wrist when caught making others miserable... it's just assumed that they are sane (and are often they are good workers).

If you can, AVOID AVOID AVOID these people like the plague... they are absolutely toxic and will simply leave a bad chapter in your life.

And like the man says, wear sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

too bad her extensive research credentials did not help her uncover the fact that email is not an "official" means of for notifying a defendant of a lawsuit

Anonymous said...

"You are being specifically accused of, but not limited to, harassment."

That's what passes for the work of a professor of writing at an Ivy League school? My land grant state university degrees are looking like better bargains all the time. She couldn't put together a coherent sentence if I spotted her the "See", "Spot" and "Run".


Anonymous said...

In case any one was wondering, the point where she lost her job was "...the feeling that I am getting from the outside world is that Dartmouth is considered a bigoted place".

Name and picture removed. It's not often you get to see a career train wreck unfold before your eyes. But here you have it.

sfcmac said...

Let’s see….an incompetent, narcissistic, belligerent ‘professor’ suing students for criticism.

I don’t think she has a legal leg to stand on.

Alex Bensky said...

Part of the problem is that if she can find someone to take the case, and she likely can, the students involved are going to have to undergo the irritation, waste of time, and expense of defending themselves. They are less likely to be forthright on their next set of evaluations.

Clever of her to frame this as a discrimination case because if she were alleging libel, truth is an absolute defense and I'd actually pay to see the testimony against her.

By the way, she misuses "whom," and writes "officially" when she means "formally." (She does split an infinitive but there are some respectable authorities who consider that acceptable.) But at the branch campus of a land grant school where I got my B.A. her e-mail and the other paragraph quoted would have been politely returned to me by my freshman composition professor with copious notes as to why it was poor.

Anonymous said...

There are like 50 different reasons why she has no chance of winning a Title VII claim against her students for criticism.

She will definitely be liable for Rule 11 sanctions if she is stupid enough to sue any of them personally, although I imagine the school may indemnify them b/c they hired this nutjob. The best part is it would seem like she open herself to a suit for harassment if she sued the students, trying to stifle criticism with wildly frivolous lawsuits, her use of a criminal warning like "will be used against you in a court of law" suggests mental illness or borderline retardation.

Anonymous said...

This "lecturer" is a perfect example of the findings of the American Educational Research Association's study in the April 4 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The findings show first-year college students are more likely to drop out and perhaps leave college altogether if their instructors are part-timers.

Let's hope Dartmouth sends an apology and a refund of tuition to each student who suffered through her classes.

Anonymous said...

Well, the sad fact is, most people, even in universities, are stupid. Most people in any environment or situation are stupid. Obviously the vast majority are, at best, merely average. And I have found, even in my old university, that nearly all people are prone to mob mentality. You get a class full of self-important 19-year-olds, and they develop an "us versus them" mind-set, with the "them" being their teacher. This is extremely common. Sorry folks, but people are mere animals, and even university students are dumb mobs. They're just dumb mobs with pens and keyboards rather than torches and pitchforks. Many times I witnessed idiots proposing things in classes which they thought were clever or relevant, and which gained mob approval from their similarly dimwitted peers. The approval generally stemmed not from any vague attempts thought and understanding the subject, but merely from that "us versus them" mentality. Sadly, that's just the way people are. You can see further examples of it in the many replies to blog posts about this incident. Kids getting all riled up about things. It's pathetic. I have absolutely no doubt that most would be unable to carry on a substantial conversation about anything more complex than J-Lo or Justin Timberlake. So, in my opinion, don't be too impressed by the myriad posts calling for a lynching of a teacher you've never met, never heard speak, and probably won't ever equal in your own academic achievments. Don't be mere mod flunkies. On the other hand, the teacher in question should have calmed down some, realised that groups of kids are stupid mobs who don't really understand much, and spoken about her discomfort with the course coordinator, rather than making a big fuss about legal actions and such.

Burke said...

this sorry excuse for an educator is obviously in the wrong profession. If she can't handle negative reviews or harsh criticism she needs to do something else.

I should sue her for raising my blood pressure!!

Anonymous said...

Lesson of the day: If you're not a lawyer, don't try to write like one.

SarahW said...

She must be mentally ill. That's the only reasonable explanation for this embarrassment of a kerfuffle.

May she recieve the proper diagnosis and medication.

Anonymous said...

I've heard more coherent rants from teenage fans on a Hannah Montana message board. This woman was employed to tell other people how to write? No wonder she was given bad reviews.

Anonymous said...

If you were one of her students you need to find out what Dartmouth is going to do about getting you a lawyer before she files suit. You have a potential conflict of interest with Dartmouth so you shouldn't rely on them to represent you, and you shouldn't necessarily rely on what the school's lawyer tells you about whether the suit has any merit. What you should be doing though is trying to get them to pay for your lawyer.

Legal Eagle

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The professor is an idiot.

Title VII doesn't permit individuals -- as opposed to institutions -- to be sued. (See, e.g., Miller v. Maxwell and Tomka v. Seiler (2d Cir. 1995)).

So she can't sue the students under Title VII. Rule 11 sanctions should be imposed on her if she does.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that this school both educated this woman and hired her. May Dartmouth have more sense in the future.

averros said...

> She must be mentally ill. That's the
> only reasonable explanation for this
> embarrassment of a kerfuffle.

Anyone who is an acolyte of the postmodernist theory is mentally ill, by definition: either terminally stupid, or sociopathic. Or both.

weston said...

Diversity is strength.

Anonymous said...

I was directed to this site from another and I'm still having difficulty believing this isn't a joke.
Truly pathetic

NUwildcat said...

The real shame is that the 'defendants' of this 'case' are about to have their wallets emptied and dignity sullied if she actually goes through with this farce, a la Reid Seligman & his lacrosse cronies down at Duke. Except there are no strippers involved (or are there?). Good luck defendants; this may turn out to be quite a circus and I'll be anxiously waiting for news of the termination of her time at Dartmouth.

NUwildcat said...

FUU*$%&@*$*(@!#!!!! I just saw that the enlightened administration at Northwestern hired this goon... the petition for her removal starts now. Wish us luck.

Anonymous said...

Major question: If the professor was so bad, why didn't the students drop her class immediately? Why didn't they complain to administrators immediately?

They only seem to have acted out in foolish mob mentality after her for the sake to disgrace her or for some other reason. If they were sensible students, they should not have resorted to such supposed acts. Doesn't Dartmouth uphold a high standard for its students or do they let in hooligans with the ability to harass they way in life? This situation is seriously disturbing.

Moreover, the person who is petitioning against the professor at Northwestern is a perfect example of such mob hysteria. Why petition against a professor who may have had a bad time at another college? Maybe Dartmouth wasn't the place for her to teach and maybe Northwestern is. Who knows but a least give the lady a reason of the doubt in what she is saying. This could be an isolated incident. Give her a semester, document all her actions good or bad. Figure out what may have triggered her to act the way that she did. Her threat to sue certain students may be a sign of her trying to have some control over her victimization (if it did occur). I don't particularly agree in the way that she did do it but it appears that there was no outlet for her at Dartmouth to deal with the situation. I hope though if such things did occur, that Dartmouth takes a deeper look at itself and those students who particularly terrorized the professor. If they did it once, they may do it again to another professor.

Anonymous said...

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人間の生活のなかで伝わってきた風俗習慣には様々なものがある五反田 風俗そのなかでも国や社会によって抑圧されているものがあるのも事実である。これらは本来、時代によって形が変わることがあっても、池袋 風俗その根本が消えるということはないはずである錦糸町 風俗が、長い社会的抑圧によって表面的には消滅してしまったように思えるものもある。ときには、千葉 風俗それらの存在を認め尊重することも、上野 風俗文化先進国として、地域民族習俗の綿密な検証、風俗伝統的な思考様式を理解することにつながるのではないだろうか。

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株式投資 初心者
韓国ウォン(KRW) fx
初めて 海外旅行
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社交ダンス・競技ダンス in Japan

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東京の風俗で遊ぶならリップグループに決まり!渋谷ホテヘル風俗の渋谷Lipや、渋谷エステ風俗の渋谷リラックスクラブ S.R.Cはクラビアアイドルも顔負けの可愛い美少女系から、レースクイーンやモデルのような美女まで選りすぐりの女の子が在籍するお店です。お姉さま系・人妻ホテヘル風俗・渋谷セレブリップは、セックスレスな人妻やお姉さまといった、ちょっとエッチな大人の女性をテーマに営業しております。上野エリアに目を向けると、上野ホテヘル風俗の「上野Lip」や上野エステ風俗の「上野ボディクリニック U.B.C」があります。上野エリアには、他県からの高収入アルバイト希望者が多く、素人女性の割合が多い傾向にあるように思います。近日には人妻ホテヘル風俗の上野セレブリップもオープン予定です。上野の隣、御徒町エリアにも御徒町ホテヘル風俗の「御徒町Lip」と、御徒町エステ風俗の「御徒町ボディクリニック O.B.C」というお店があります。リップグループでは、風俗求人活動に力を入れておりまして、膨大な数の高収入バイト情報サイトに広告を掲載しています。結果、各エリアにて毎日たくさんの面接が行われております。ビジュアルはもちろん、性格や振る舞いなども重視なポイントとして審査しております。ホテヘル風俗エステ風俗で遊ぶなら、是非リップグループをご利用下さい♪渋谷エリアの他のお店は渋谷風俗匠(たくみ)で、上野エリアの他のお店は上野風俗匠(たくみ)で、横浜エリアの他のお店は横浜風俗匠(たくみ)で、

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東京の風俗で遊ぶならリップグループに決まり!渋谷ホテヘル風俗の渋谷Lipや、渋谷エステ風俗の渋谷リラックスクラブ S.R.Cはクラビアアイドルも顔負けの可愛い美少女系から、レースクイーンやモデルのような美女まで選りすぐりの女の子が在籍するお店です。お姉さま系・人妻ホテヘル風俗・渋谷セレブリップは、セックスレスな人妻やお姉さまといった、ちょっとエッチな大人の女性をテーマに営業しております。上野エリアに目を向けると、上野ホテヘル風俗の「上野Lip」や上野エステ風俗の「上野ボディクリニック U.B.C」があります。上野エリアには、他県からの高収入アルバイト希望者が多く、素人女性の割合が多い傾向にあるように思います。近日には人妻ホテヘル風俗の上野セレブリップもオープン予定です。上野の隣、御徒町エリアにも御徒町ホテヘル風俗の「御徒町Lip」と、御徒町エステ風俗の「御徒町ボディクリニック O.B.C」というお店があります。リップグループでは、風俗求人活動に力を入れておりまして、膨大な数の高収入バイト情報サイトに広告を掲載しています。結果、各エリアにて毎日たくさんの面接が行われております。ビジュアルはもちろん、性格や振る舞いなども重視なポイントとして審査しております。ホテヘル風俗エステ風俗で遊ぶなら、是非リップグループをご利用下さい♪渋谷エリアの他のお店は渋谷風俗匠(たくみ)で、上野エリアの他のお店は上野風俗匠(たくみ)で、横浜エリアの他のお店は横浜風俗匠(たくみ)で、

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