Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nonie Darwish

I had the great pleasure of attending a speech by Nonie Darwish in Collis Commonground last night that lasted almost two hours with questions.  She is the daughter of the slain head of Egyptian intelligence during the 60s, Christian convert, author of a bestselling book about jihad, and now speaks about the need for drastic change in the Muslim world.  

Those in attendance were largely respectful during the speech, and it was only during questions that things got a little out of hand.  One young woman decided to voice her opinion with a loud "Bullshit" to some point about the condition of Palestinians, and many students saw this as an opportunity to deliver long diatribes proving what they had learned in Newsweek, or denying the truth of Darwish's warning because not every square inch of the Muslim world is an Al Qaeda training camp.  Therefore, the reasoning went, Darwish was exaggerating and the problem was really Israel's fault.  Or something like that.

You can read the D's report here


what a joke said...

I am far from an apologist for Islamic extremism but this woman is a hilarious example of someone who capitalized on the Western Right's fetish with authentic-seeming "defectors" who can reassure them of the evil of their enemy. She's far from intelligent, and doesn't really say anything interesting. People like Horowitz only parade her around because she's someone who can repeat what they already know back to them, but with a foreign accent.

why are you laughing said...

Were her stories factually incorrect, or merely uninteresting to you? Maybe you did not like her because she was not simply repeating back what you want to hear... that the world and everyone in it are always good.

dan said...

it was an excellent event, and the girl who yelled "bullshit" (shamis mohamud, or sarah, i believe), did a nice job proving to everyone that she doesn't care much for the first amendment.