Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dartmouth Coalition for Peace

Joe Malchow catalogues student groups that compete for the banner of justice:

The sender, an Allison Levy, summoned two exclamation points to state her case. She is plainly excited about her fledgling organization. Will the little bird grow wings? One shouldn’t think so: competing with the “Dartmouth Coalition for Peace” in the market segment called “an activist group” are: AfriCaSO, Afro-American Society, Animal Welfare Group (called DAWG), ASEANO, Black Praxis, College Democrats, Dartmouth Progressives, Darfur Action Group, Dartmouth Asian Organization, Dartmouth Black Business Association, Dartmouth Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Dartmouth Civil Liberties Union, Dartmouth Latino Business Society, Dartmouth Rainbow Alliance, Gay Straight Alliance, Green Key Society, Green Magazine, Hokupa’a, International Humanitarian Foundation, La Alianza Latina, M.E.Ch.A. (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan), Minority Association of Pre-Health Professionals, National Society of Black Engineers, Native Americans at Dartmouth, Native Women’s Dancing Society, Por Latinoamerica, Queer, Society of Women Engineers, South Asian Business Association, Student Campaign for Child Survival, Students for Africa, Untamed (the Womanist Publication), Vegan Society, Women In Business, Women of Color Collective, and of course the ruthless Medieval Enthusiasts at Dartmouth.

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Anonymous said...

Posts like this are one of the reasons why people dislike Dartblog. He's just being annoying.

1. I'm guessing that several of the groups on the list would dispute Malchow's characterization of them as "activist groups." Many of them are just networking/interest groups. The "Green Key" society, afaik, isn't an activist group in any honest sense of the word.

2. Also, the fact that many of the groups would support "peace" doesn't mean that "peace" is the purpose of the group. Does he seriously mean to say that no group in support of "peace" is necessary because Dartmouth already has "Women in Business"?

3. The word "justice" doesn't appear in the e-mail he quotes, so his tangent about people having different views of what "justice" is irrelevant.

I look at most of the Dartmouth activist community with a mixture of amusement and mild scorn (with the exception of the people and groups who manage to accomplish something other than cathartic rallies on the Green to "raise awareness" and "start a conversation" but I'm not sure if that's ever actually happened), but Malchow's particular way of expressing it just perpetuates the stereotype of campus conservatives as smug, pretentious, and personally distasteful. I'm not sure why Dartlog thought that the post was worth linking.

Anonymous said...

Progressive student activism is applauded, yet any alumni who rock the boat are labelled insurgents. What's with this?

Anonymous said...

What's with this?

1. Who's applauding progressive activism?

2. "Insurgent" isn't pejorative. It just refers to dissent. "Insurgent" gets used a lot with reference to stockholders.

3. To answer the "what's with this" question, isn't it obvious? Activism is great, just don't turn it against us. It's just like people who like government services but don't like taxes.

Anonymous said...

You think filing a plaintiff's lawsuit against your alma mater "rocking the boat"? I'd hate to see what you do to an institution you don't like.

Anonymous said...

"I'd hate to see what you would do to an institution you don't like."

Simple... ignore it completely. Exactly what the present administration seems to want from alumni, after their checks are cashed.