Friday, April 25, 2008

The Daily Dartmouth once again uses a misleading headline.

The article by William Schpero, titled "Conservative org. funds lawsuit," has to do with the Center for Excellence in Higher Education (CEHE). The article even states that the CEHE has nothing to do with conservative efforts but somehow makes the conclusion that it is a conservative organization because it is funded in part by the John William Pope Foundation, a foundation that supports conservative causes.

Of course, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. The headline even more egregiously glosses over the fact that the CEHE is collecting funds from Dartmouth Alumni who want to remain anonymous as they don't want to be punished for their support of the lawsuit.

The Dartmouth Staff, you should be ashamed of yourselves for such polarizing double speak.

If you want proof of the Daily D's transgressions, the article is here.


Yawn said...

Oh, quit your whining. A little research confirms the D article.

Frederic J. Fransen, director of the CEHE, is a former member of the Liberty Fund.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy writes: "Big-money donors responsible for the establishment of the nascent Center for Excellence in Higher Education, in Indianapolis... send a dangerous message to their peers about exerting power over colleges and universities."

The group states itself that its purpose is to encourage donors to use their money to wield power.

It's obviously a conservative group that wants to appear "neutral." The Dartmouth is doing its job by not buying CEHE's PR and coming to its own conclusions about the group's political orientation.

Perhaps if the Review did that, it wouldn't publish a hit-piece on Ed Haldeman whose only source is a raving man with a vested interest in his demise.

Captain Pedant said...

Ironically, your own headline sucks too.

I suppose "the Daily Dartmouth once again creates a misleading headline" just isn't doesn't have that oomph that an extra double negative adds, because if people know what you mean right away, they'll think you're simple.

As it goes with figure skating, though, a quintuple is more impressive than a triple. Perhaps your post should be titled. The Daily Dartmouth Once Again Writes About College Governance, Not Without Failing To Create a Headline that Isn't Entirely Misleading. Perhaps someone can suggest a good septuple negative instead. My abilities are exhausted for the moment.

oklacola said...

This is the same distinction that Exec. Comm. members are trying to draw when they say they do not know who pays for the law suit. They do know which groups are writing checks if they do not know the names of the people who donated to those groups at one time or another.

The rumor is that CEHE and the Hanover Institute are writing the checks. Both are conservative groups with representatives at Acta round tables. The headline is accurate.

Nisanth A. Reddy said...

Dear Captain Pedant and Mr. Yawn,

Misleading is the key word in the headline to this blog post. In no way do I claim to be an expert in the grammatical nuances of headline writing. Nonetheless, I guess you're right. Maybe the headline should be changed to remove the double negative, unfortunately it doesn't matter that much to me. Also, I don't see how weilding power over colleges and universities translates to supporting conservatism. The CEHE donates money to colleges and universities to help them become better educational institutions. Yes, they wield some measure of power to accomplish these goals. If a sound and competitive education is only a conservative tenet, the the liberal movement be damned.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Reddy, you seem to be misleading yourself. The CEHE is a known as a conservative group with connections to the Liberty Fund, ACTA, and the like. That it chooses to present itself as "neutral"--as do the Liberty Fund and ACTA--does not diminish this fact.

These groups understand that if they were to present themselves as the conservative front-groups that they are, then their legitimacy and effectiveness would be seriously undermined. The point for them is not about advancing higher education, it's about advancing their pet political ideologies into higher education.

Anonymous said...

What would be more accurate is another article that says:


Scream foul when outsiders win successive elections and decide to pursue board rigging and vow to burn down Dartmouth rather than allow outsiders to win any further elections

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a rational understanding of the complexity of the situation. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Who is this person who keeps talking about "burning" down Dartmouth? He does not seem to understand that *his* cronies are the ones who are pursuing a destructive law suit against Dartmouth.