Monday, March 10, 2008

God and Man at Dartmouth

Bob Englehart on why God is an alumnus of Dartmouth, here.


Anonymous said...

"In thinking about the title of Buckley's first published book, it occurred to me that God wouldn't be found anywhere on the Yale campus, except in the divinity school classes and he'd only be auditing."

Wasn't that kind of Buckley's point?

Are Englehart's cartoons usually funny?

Anonymous said...

Buckley ran for Trustee at Yale and railed against the liberal takeover of the school. That was the Fifties, this is now.

The serious point in contemplating this cartoon and Buckley's book that in the great right-left cultural struggles, Yale is a lost cause;

Dartmouth is merely a losing cause.


Supreme Being, Dartmouth Class of '000000000.


Here's one for the masthead:

It's a small college, but there is One who loves it.

-"Hugh Lorty"

Anonymous said...

Dartmouth must be at least as much of a lost cause than Yale, mustn't it? It has no divinity school. Its charter is probably more liberal regarding religious tests. It is just as secular as Yale today, even if it gave up its Christian bias later.

W. Aubin said...

As a native of the Hartford area and one who is unfortunate enough to glance at Englehart's work from time to time, I can assure you that he is never funny.
However, he is unintentionally funny in his description of his conversion from conservatism to liberalism.

"As I reached goals I had set for myself in this world, I became more generous, open-minded and tolerant."

God, I hope I reach one of my goals one of these days, or I'm going to be stuck as a close-minded racist, sexist, homophobic bigot forever.