Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Glenn Randall '09 Wins NCAA Championship

From left to right: True, Sinnott.

Glenn Randall '09 won the men's 10k freestyle today at the NCAA cross country skiing championships in Bozeman Montana. This win is a big deal not only for Dartmouth but also for American cross country skiers because all too often the title goes to nordic imports on scholarship at the western universities. The men's cross country team has been extremely strong of late. Both Mike Sinnott '07 and Ben True '08 (who has taken the winter off to train with Sinnott in Idaho) were standouts, are current members of the U.S. under 23 team, and possible members of a future Olympic team. Congratulations.

UPDATE: I received a blitz from the team's director of communications, who notes that the other two Dartmouth skiers competing in Bozeman are Nils Koons '11 and Patrick O'Brien '10. The youth of the team bodes well for the future. Here is his article on today. He also sent along a picture of Randall from this year's Winter Carnival:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations are also in order for The Review, for not once in this entire sports post referring to Dartmouth athletes as 'Indians'.

d '09 said...

Skiers don't have mascots smarty pants. Since when have you heard it called the "Big Green Ski Team"? Never.

I've been here for three years, and I've not heard one good reason why are mascot shouldn't still be the indian. Should Erickson call on the Minnesota Vikings to change their mascot?

Anonymous said...

Well, how about on their own website? Does that count?

"The Big Green had solid performances across the board..."

As for your other point: I don't have strong feelings either way about Indian mascots in general (or Viking, or Fighting Irish, et cetera). But what's wrong with calling a team what they want to be called, what they call themselves? There are many other terms which were once The Review has been the last holdout on this for so long. What's the point?

My comment above was not so much motivated by a desire for political correctness as a genuine surprise that Dartlog didn't use this sports story as an opportunity to unsubtly harp on the mascot, the way it sometimes seems to publicize others' typos just for the sake of appending a '[sic]'.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, strike "There are many other terms which were once" above.

Anonymous said...

All Dartmouth sports teams go by the nickname "Big Green." All would have a mascot if Dartmouth sports teams had a mascot. Congratulations to the Review for not calling the ski team the "Indians," which will never be popular enough among students to become the official mascot.

Anonymous said...

It may not ever be popular enough among the student body, but anecdotally the Indian is still very popular among athletes.