Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hurricane Season

S&S has recently outfitted their vehicles with amber lights, in order that they might be more visible after sunset. There have been some other changes as well:

In addition, Safety and Security vehicles will be equipped with an even brighter set of warning lights, which will be used to warn students about dangerous situations, such as hurricanes.[italics added]

Is there a history of hurricanes in Hanover that I'm not aware of?


Anonymous said...

There's a big history of hurricanes in Hanover. The hurricane of 1938 (wiki) downed dozens of elms around town. Several to crash into college buildings and classes were canceled. The DOC was called out on an emergency basis to clear the roads. Hurricane Gloria in 1985 killed one person in NH and Bob in 1991 killed 3. Floyd in 1999 did damage to forests around the state that will take a century to recover from.

Anonymous said...

The reason that all other Ivy police forces have long had lights is that they are real, state-sworn law enforcement units - like municipal police forces. Whereas Dartmouth's S&S is just a security guard service working for the College.

Anonymous said...

That's why S&S is still not allowed to have blue lights, only yellow.

The Yale Police, for a contrasting example, are a subdivision of the New Haven Police and are officers of the state. The Dartmouth equivalent would be a campus unit of the Hanover Police, which does not exist.

Does S&S have any more law-enforcement ability than an average person, who can make a citizen's arrest? Are officers excluded from even state PI licensing by not being employees of a security guard agency or carrying guns? Do they carry guns?