Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Dartmouth Online: Worthless

It's 8:30 on Thursday, why do they still have Wednesday's paper up? Most daily papers switch over at midnight, I can see them needing a little more time but 8 and a half hours more? Also, the most vexing thing about their newish website is how it's impossible to access archives more than a year old. As "America's oldest college newspaper" you would think that extensive online archives would be a good selling point. Does anyone know if they're going to try fixing the archive problem?


Anonymous said...

I don't know, but do you think "worthless" might be a bit harsh? Some papers (such as the Valley News, paragon of timeliness) switch over at 9am or later.

The archives problem, even if the D is not really the oldest college paper, should be fixed. It should not be hard to set it back the way it was, with searching back to the late nineties.

Anonymous78 said...

What's that old saying ... "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

In case no one has noticed the Review’s archive search function doesn’t work either. All of this worked perfectly in both papers until a year or so ago when “improvements” were made to both online editions.

The archive search function at least in my opinion played an important role in the election of Steve Smith. There was a legitimate issue that he had never made financial contributions to the college. The fact is that if you went to the D’s archive page and typed in Smith’s name that nothing came back. So those who didn’t access the D on a regular basis, such as alumni, didn’t have the quality access to information that they might have.

Anonymous said...

Smith's giving record was made well known, and voters accounted for it in their decisions. Let's not start saying he won simply because alumni were uninformed.

A. S. Erickson said...


Are search function was down for about two weeks, but we've had it back up and running for a week now.

Also, "worthless" was a little over the top.

ASE said...