Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boston Globe Correction

Correction: Because of reporting errors, a Feb. 10 Page One story on efforts to boost the payout of the GI Bill inaccurately described James Wright, Dartmouth College president, as a Korean War veteran. Wright served in the US Marine Corps from 1957 to 1960, after the war had ended. The story also erroneously described Senator James Webb of Virginia as the only member of the Senate with a son doing combat service in Iraq. James McCain, a son of Senator John McCain of Arizona, was also deployed with his Marine unit to Iraq.

The correction is for the article linked to in this post.

P.S. Also, I've posted an interesting article by Slate's Jack Shafer about "corrections" in the Nota Bene section. —A.S.


Truth Be Told said...

I pointed this out on February 11.

Follow up comments by the likes of Meachem were not edifying.

And, again, where did the Globe get the original info?

Nathan Empsall said...

Though he hasn't left yet, Beau Biden, Joe's eldest, will be leaving for Iraq this year as a member of the DE National Guard.