Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bill Doesn't Survive Committee

The New Hampshire House of Representatives Commerce Committee has voted down the bill that would give them control of Dartmouth's Charter by a 14-1 margin. Rep. Mooney, who introduced the bill, said she would try again in another session.

The Daily D's article here.

Also, I interviewed Mooney in November; that interview is here.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance. We can expect the law suit to go away too when the new Association officers are elected on June 10.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness common sense prevailed; the legislature has no business trying to control Dartmouth. That being said, those supporting the petition trustee candidates would garner more sympathy if they limitied their activities and arguments to that one matter, and didn't go off on ridiiculous tangents such as this.

Anonymous said...

The legislature has no business controlling Dartmouth and the supporters of the petition trustees would be more sympathetic if they did not mess with this ridiculous legislation. The same goes for the AoA executives who support the ridiculous legislation. Reasonable alumni would never vote for an officer who supported this legislation.