Saturday, January 19, 2008

Should the State Fix This?

William Schpero continued his peerless coverage of Trustee issues in Friday's Daily D. There is also considerable discussion about this on the post directly below.

Also, remind me again why these people want the state to intervene in what is, for all intents and purposes, a private matter between the College and its alumni. Conservatives (both of the Mooney's are Republicans and Malchow is decidedly right of center) have experimented with embracing big government before; exhibit A is the second Bush presidency. The results speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Instead of following the Association's anti-Board party line, A.S. has shown some independent thinking on this one.

It is hard to figure out why Republicans or libertarians would be in favor of creating a state check on corporate decisions, especially when it would only apply to one particular corporation. So it's not only got the taint of state interference with private property rights, but also of "special legislation" or pork -- the use of government power to unfairly benefit or harm one particular entity or group.

Anonymous said...

The Valley News is now claiming that Maureen Mooney "filed the new legislation at the request of alumni she met through GOP circles."

"Alex Mooney is a member of the Young America's Foundation, a Republican-leaning group that backs 'individual freedom' and free enterprise. Asked yesterday how he squared his call for more government regulation regarding Dartmouth with traditional GOP principles, he said he didn't regard it as 'intervening ... I'd say Republicans believe in oversight.'"


Of all the private corporations to try to bring under state oversight, the very one that fought to have declared unconstitutional the unilateral state amendment of its charter in 1819 seems a poor choice.