Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey, Check Out our Book!

Stefan Beck '04 and James Panero '98, were recently interviewed by Front Page Magazine, where they discussed The Dartmouth Review's book, The Dartmouth Review Pleads Innocent: Twenty-Five Years of Being Threatened, Impugned, Vandalized, Sued, Suspended, and Bitten at the Ivy League's Most Controversial Conservative Newspaper, which they edited together. The interview is both whimsical and insightful.

On a side note, the book has been tagged with the following descriptors on Amazon: Conservative wacko, right wing rant, right-wing conspriacty, porn, sex, and "liberal moonbats exposed."

From Urban Dictionary: Moonbat: What happens when the sensible people crumble away from the Republican party: gay ass words become their currency.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Out-Reviewing the Review?

I think not.

In a similar style to my joint editorial with Andrew Seal, editor of the Dartmouth Free Press, Rahul Sangwan and Adam Patinkin have published a joint statement in the Manchester Union-Leader nominally condeming the AGTF constitution. It is really more of an attack against the Alumni Association's ridiciulous and authoritarian actions of late than it is a criticism of the Constitution, but I'm sure makes some good points nonetheless.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Electioneering, Part 2

And it continues...

This one from an intercepted communique sent out to members of the Alumni Council. This time, Merle Adleman '80, she of the cancelled election fame, has sent a plea to her friends on the Alumni Council, asking for signatory and financial support to publicly endorse the document.

Please excuse the formatting; the letter is reproduced here in the form in which I received it.

From: Patricia Fisher/Alumni Leadership
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 2:28 PM
Subject: From President Martha Beattie

Dear councilors,

I am forwarding an important letter from Merle
Adelman '80, first vice
president of the association of alumni. She is asking our
help in
about the new constitution and creating a public list of
alumni endorsers. I
feel it is crucial for the Alumni Council to respond
immediately and
on this issue, given that we unanimously approved the
constitution at our

This is a purely volunteer effort. As you will see below,
Kaja Schuppert
'95, a
member of the association executive committee, is
collecting the list of
endorsers. Jim Adler '60 is buying an ad in the Dartmouth
Alumni Magazine
list all the names of the endorsers. Any support you could
give to each of
is much appreciated. You will note that Kaja is asking for
names by today,
12, so please respond quickly.

Best wishes,
Martha Beattie


I am writing on behalf of the Executive Committee of the
Association of
Alumni and the AGTF/AoA Communications Committee to ask
for your help in
creating a public "endorsers" list for the AGTF-proposed
constitution that
has been approved by the Alumni Council.

The Communications Committee, with the support of many
volunteers, will be
running an endorsement ad in the September/October issue
of the Dartmouth
Alumni Magazine.

The ad will include the following copy with a list of 400+
alumni in
chronological order endorsing this.

Vote YES on the Proposed New Alumni Constitution.

" Better Representation - for classes, clubs, and
affiliated groups

" Direct All-Media Voting- for officers, at-large reps,
and key

" Fair Trustee Elections - with majority victories and

" Stronger Trustee Communication - through the new Alumni
Board (ALB)

" Easier Access to Elected Office - if you choose to run

Vote YES for a more democratic, transparent, and fair
system of governance.

September 15-October 31, 2006

What we need from you - a list of endorsers of the
constitution who are
willing to put their names on this list (and on a longer
list that may be
posted electronically on a web site). Ideally, this list
should include a
wide range of alumni leaders from all classes - leaders
who may hold
differing viewpoints on this issue, but who have come
together to endorse
the document.

So, can you:

* Reach out to the Class Officers, Alumni Council and
Club Officers -
whoever you represent - today or tomorrow
* Ask them to reach out to their constituents and ask
if they will
both endorse the AGTF-proposed constitution and ask other
class/club leaders
to do so - and be listed in the ad.
* Ask them if they would be willing to contribute funds
towards the ad
since this is a volunteer-funded effort
* Respond with their names to Kaja Schuppert '95
( by Wednesday July

I believe a note may have already gone to the Alumni
Council and another one
wouldn't hurt - a two pronged approach from councilors and
class officers,
complemented by club officers can only help.

If you would like to be listed, send Kaja your name.

If you would like to contribute, please send a check (we
need $1700 at a
minimum and have commitments for $700 thus far - only 17
contributions of
$100 will do it!) to:

Jim Adler

PO Box 1653

Norwich, VT 05055

Jim is fronting the money and will need funds ASAP. (Make
checks out to

Thanks so much. Questions - give me a call or drop a note.

For Dartmouth,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

AGTF Electioneering

Well, you knew it was coming. And now it's here. The electioneering process has already begun to force the undemocratic AGTF constitution through its Fall vote. Local clubs, it seems, are throwing their support behind the constitution, and telling others to do the same (to the extent that voting against the Constitution seems to not be an option). Scott Johnson has a rundown of the situation over on PowerLine. I feel as if I don't have much to add to the disucssion at this point, and he covers it quite well, though I never ceased to be amazed by how low these will stoop to force the proposal through.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jim Merkel or Steve Urkel?

Dartmouth's sustainability director is in the news (or the D) once again. This time, Merkel has spearheaded a movement to buy more expensive produce from within the region to supply Dartmouth Dining Services.

This Whiz Kid might just be on to something when he notes that, "another advantage of the switch would be to increase the number of jobs in the Upper Valley," adding that "the program might make it easier for locals, including the spouses of professors, to find employment."

I'm almost positive that Tommy Lee Woon's wife would have preferred to stay in Hanover had she known that a well paying gig with a sweet corn stand would be headed her way in the near future.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is this guy for real?

More from the absurdity of sustainability guru Jim Merkel:

In an article in today's Daily D, Merkel sings the praises of more eco-friendly takeout containers at Food Court. The former clear, plastic containers have been replaced with cardboard, biodegradable ones.

Merkel is already declaring victory on this front, ignoring all the practical implications of the new containers; for instance, pasta sauce and salad dressing saturate and leak through the cardboard, creating messes and rendering it impossible to keep food for an extended period of time, and cashiers have to take extra time to open each opaque container.

Ultimately, Merkel would like to see Tupperware take-out containers (at $20 a pop), that, in his pipe dream, will be returned by each and every student. I can't wait to see him preach the reality of this option to a student body that regularly steals lunch trays to go sledding. Merkel also bemoans students who get food to go, but eat in anyway. As he explains, "It's a social issue, and they take the to-go container because they're not sure they're going to find a friend to sit with."

His solution? "Maybe make it cool to sit with someone you don't know." Yes, that's exactly it. Dartmouth pays this guy $105,000 per year to solve all the world's problems by shifting a paradigm that has been ingrained in society since time immemorial. You've got to be effing kidding me here...