Thursday, April 07, 2005


The Dartmouth Civil Liberties Union tonight will show "Unconstitutional," a film produced by liberal activist Robert Greenwald about (what else?) the PATRIOT Act. Greenwald has produced a series of partisan niche "films" in the past several years: "Uncovered," a liberal flick decrying the Iraq war; "Outfoxed," a rather predictable production about how Fox News is taking America back into the stone age; and "Unprecedented," about how Republicans are undermining democracy.

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Mike Lorrey said...

Well, we libertarians have as many problems with the Patriot Act as we do with the blatant apologies for baathist/stalinist/wahhabist propaganda from the left. We believe that the best Homeland Security is every citizen with a rifle in hand. The only gun control we need on airliners is a requirement that everyone use frangible ammo.