Sunday, April 17, 2005

'They Can't Be Stingy With the money'

A recent series of articles in The New York Times Westchester section offers some insight into high school senior Franklin Ordonez's college search. He ranks 30th in his class of 285, and has been admitted to Syracuse, Bentley, George Washington, N.Y.U., and Dartmouth. While Syracuse offered the young businessman $32,000, G.W.U. and Dartmouth undercut that by nearly $7,000. The Times article explains:
Peggy Butkier, Mr. Ordo�ez's guidance counselor, persuaded him to ask Dartmouth for more money.

"I sent a yellow appeal paper," said Mr. Ordo�ez, but he added that he was not willing to accept the school's offer of a federal loan. "I don't want to pay interest. They got to give me more money, they can't be stingy with the money."
Franklin was turned down by Georgetown, UPenn, Harvard, and Cornell, and has decided, "I'm going to Dartmouth, whatever."


Anonymous said...

According to another piece in the same series Mr. Ordonez scored 1170 on the SAT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'm sure this will upset many of my friends who look back on our college experience fondly, not as a greedy business transaction.

Nathan Wersal said...

1170? Isn't the new SAT for the '09s out of a possible 2400? What a champ.

TO said...

No. The 2400 SAT is for the '10s. The Dartmouth financial aid website says that the SATs or ACTs must be taken by January of the senior year of high school

And the new SAT wasn't rolled out until March

And the College allows the '10s to submit old SAT scores.

1170 is rather shitty under either system, though. Perhaps his "business acumen" will add "diversity" to the mix of '09s. I can't fault the guy for trying to get what money he thinks he can toward his tuition. The "can't be stingy" quote makes it sound like the little twerp thinks he's entitled to it, but maybe in context it wouldn't come across that way.