Thursday, April 07, 2005

Overheard on the Green

Two students bellyached to one another that Dartmouth is flying the American flag at half staff in memory of Pope John Paul II. They apparently believed it a violation of the separation of church and state to show respect for the dead.

They then complained that President Bush has traveled to Rome to pay his respects, arguing that his "theocratic" beliefs alone prompted him to join 114 world political and religious leaders of all faiths.


Ben said...

So apparently those nitwits don't want President Bush attending services when the head of state of a sovereign nation dies? Because that's what the Pope is. In addition to his duties as leader of the Roman Catholic Church, he's also the head of state of Vatican City, the world's smallest sovereign country.

Mike Lorrey said...

Well, the Vatican isn't the smallest sovereign country, Sealand is, I find it curious that students who are likely to be of the opinion that Dartmouth isn't responsible to the state to ensure its students don't commit vote fraud seem to now be confused and think Dartmouth is part of the state.