Thursday, April 21, 2005

Libertarians and the Trustee Elections

Ed Naile of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers sends this email:
Since The Coalition of NH Taxpayers took matters into our own hands on April 1 we have assembled 150 ballots and sent them to the Alumni relations Office. They should arrive there tomorrow.

We used genuine NH Guest Receipts from a NH restaurant which we believe, after carefully reviewing our Bylaws, to be just as valid for voting in our Dartmouth Trustee Election as Dartmouth students Texas or Pennsylvania drivers licenses, Dartmouth ID cards, and letters from the Admissions Office are in NH elections for Governor and Congress.

Our favored candidates are Peter Robinson and Todd Wyniki. In fact, those two are the only Trustee Candidates to receive any Coalition votes. How about that!

In any case, we hope you will stop by the Alumni Relations Office about the time they get their mail and make sure our ballots are received. Obviously we plan on challenging any attempt at disqualifying our legitimate right to vote in NH elections even if we have to come back to Hanover next April 1 to claim our equitable rights.

Our good friend, Bud Fitch, at the NH Attorney General's Office seems to have a very broad, evolving, unique, amorphous, and vague interpretation of who can vote in NH which we are sure will include our ballots so it should not be a problem.
Naile was involved in the April 1 protest on the Green.

Those who are presently allowed to vote (Dartmouth alumni) can vote until May 6.


Emmett said...

This is ridiculous. Couldn't he even get Zywicki's name right?

This is a movement I definitely do not support.

Mike Lorrey said...

Ed Naile is dyslexic. Are you going to disparage him, a handicapped, learning disabled-American? Isn't that hate speech under the Dartmouth speech code?

Anonymous said...

Does Naile think that the Dartmouth trustees are some representative group of government officials, like a board of aldermen or something? Alumni have only elected trustees since the trustees agreed to let them do it, and then they only let them pick half of the selectable ones, for short terms. It's not a representative thing, let alone a public thing. Even corporations with shareholders don't let randoms vote in their elections.

I'm going to try to vote for the pastor at Naile's church (to which I don't belong) and the pot-luck at his family reunion (though I'm not a relative).

Anonymous said...

These are SUCH amusing comments, apparently coming from people who seem to think that it was Naile initiating this, as if non-resident students voting in NH elections isn't the EXACT SAME THING.

TO said...

Well, it's not the "exact same thing." There may be some strong parallels, but people who spend 9 months out of the year in New Hampshire are within the jurisdiction of its laws.

And perhaps more importantly, according to New Hampshire's rules, these students meet the requisite criteria for voting. You might not like the rules (I don't), or you might think that most Dartmouth students who vote in New Hampshire are "cheating" in some sense (I do), but that doesn't make it the exact same thing as the other stuff you describe.

Just like New Hampshire, Naile's church, the United States, etc., Dartmouth is an organization, whose actions happen to affect people who are not its members. There's never been a rule out there, though, that everyone who is affected by an organization's actions gets a vote.

We don't let foreigners vote in US elections, even though some of them are more affected by our government's decisions than we are. General Motors doesn't allow non-stockholders to vote for its board of directors, even though its corporate decisions affect people who are not stockholders. Dartmouth doesn't let non-alumni vote in its elections...

New Hampshire just happens to have somewhat lax rules about who its voting members can be. Why is it "SUCH" an amusing comment to suggest that Naile is missing the point?

Mike Lorrey said...

What is so amusing is the clear obtuseness of students who just don't get the point of Naile and Lorrey: the laws actually AREN'T that lax.

What is lax is Asst AG Bud Fitch's interpretation and enforcement of them. If he applied the same laxness of interpretation to, say, rape laws, then date rape would simply be a matter of the state of mind of the violator: i.e. if he thought he was just having a good time, then, for all legal intents and purposes, he was, no harm done. If "residency is a state of mind" to someone like Bud Fitch, whose job it is to strictly enforce the law, then date rape, statutory rape ("I thought she looked 18"), theft ("nobody else was using it" or "I meant to give it back"), and a host of other crimes are easy to rationalize away as mere misunderstandings and differences of opinion.

It isn't the job of the Attorney General or his assistants to be that lax, it is their job to put the evidence in front of a grand jury so that a panel of citizens can decide what is criminal versus what is merely unethical. It is the AAG's job to be an aggressive advocate for the state and the strict enforcement of its laws.


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