Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Gentlemen, I reccomend you cast your lots for Paul Heintz.

Granted, this sort of jazz--student 'government' and web-logging--is out of character for me, but, for purely pragmatic reasons, I hope Mr. Heintz wins. He's the only candidate who seems to realize both the limitations and the possibilities of a student assembly. It's a simple distinction, really, but one of which our late SA members seem ignorant.

The Student Assembly is, of course, a joke; it has all the legitimacy of the Cuban parliment, with only a fraction of the results. Still, with $80,000 to throw around, it could concievably impact student quality of life. Though, not by recycling failed transporation programs (Big Green Bikes, anyone?); not by whining about federal student-loan policies; not by wasting time (and probably money) on The Ivy Council--an organization whose only achievment is to have discovered a level of irrelevance surpassing even our own SA; and certainly not with that oh-so-dreadful of afflictions, 'big vision.' What's needed is small vision: more greenprint terminals and longer library hours are a splendid place to start.

As for Mr. Heintz's alleged checkered past, the last grown-up presidential election was a contest between a former alcoholic and a self-admitted war criminal. And as for his lack of experience, its a credit to the man that he hasn't a string of meaningless collegiate acronyms listed on his resume. Assuming that SA isn't structuraly flawed to the point of complete superfluity--however dubious that proposition might be--Joe is correct, over-motivated careerists plauge SA and lack of experience is, in this case, a virtue.

And Mr. Heintz, if you notice this, could you please do something to get actual butter in Food Court and Homeplate. The margarine is atrocious.


Nathan Wersal said...

And Mr. Heintz, if you notice this, could you please do something to get actual butter in Food Court and Homeplate. The margarine is atrocious.

Dairy farmers for Heintz!

It seems to me Heintz is the only candidate whose message has focused on cutting back money-wasters like the supposed SA "leadership retreats." Seeing as how I'm primarily concerned with getting the most out of our 80 grand, that is a big one-up for Heintz in my estimation. If he targeted Big Green Bikes as well, he would be an incredible fiscal juggernaut.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Brian Martin is campaigning heavily on planning to cut wasteful spending, like the bike program.

Furthermore, Heintz is being endorsed by the Free Press and is President of Young Democrats. Need I say more.

Vote for Brian.

Anonymous said...

Heintz is some counter-counter culture brat (reminds me of someone else I know) and is tremendously annoying and disrespectful. Just look at his cartoons, op-eds, etc. He thinks he's better than everyone else and this match-up is another attempt to prove that. We can't let him win and validate his pathetic existence. Paul Heintz wouldn't appreciate your votes, if he got them, either. He'd probably distance himself from DartLog and the internet, citing it's not all that "hip." Write-in Jack Durrance.

Mike Lorrey said...

That is what the SA needs to inject a new sense of purpose: "small ideas for little people". There are far too many people these days with big ideas for government, but big ideas are what got us where we are today: $2 trillon federal budgets, $8 trillion national debts, $28 trillion combined federal, state, and local government debt.