Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Get Xtreme with MoveOn!

--- Forwarded Message from Sharon D. Racusin ---

>Date: 22 Apr 2005 06:44:17 EDT
>From: Sharon D. Racusin
>Subject: Rally for fair judges

It is time to pull out all the stops! Please come to a MoveOn.org sponsored rally at the Ledyard Bridge - 5 PM on Wed. April 27th to prevent the Senate from breaking the rules, seizing absolute power over judicial appointments, and stacking the courts with extreme judges. Contact Sharon Racusin (sharon.racusin@dartmouth.edu) for more information and if you are willing to help organize.


Mike Lorrey said...

a) "absolute power"? I was under the impression that Bush appointed them. If anybody is 'seizing absolute power' over nominations, it is agenda-driven senators who think it is constitutional for one senator to derail a judicial nomination when the Constitution specifies that the President is entitled to the advise and consent of the entire senate, not just one special-interest-purchased self-righteous uber-liberal blow hard.

Mike Lorrey said...

b) 'stacking the court'? You mean like Roosevelt did?
c) 'breaking the rules'? Since when is changing senate rules by parliamentary procedure 'breaking the rules'?
d) 'fair judges'? Do they mean more judges who will cite Zimbabwe court precedents and tell attorneys "You will not bring the Constitution into my courtroom!"???