Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Election Rules Violation — IX

Susan Ackerman '80 is not the only faculty member advocating against the petition candidates in violation of election regulations. The Review has learned that Geography Professor Richard Wright has also been circulating emails disparaging Peter Robsinson '79 and Todd Zywicki '88 while encouraging alumni to vote on the behalf of the Alumni Council nominees. Wright specializes in "immigration, race, racism, urban geography, and transnationalism," and served as Associate Dean of the Faculty for Social Sciences from 2001 to 2003.

Wright is also the head of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program, whose stated goal is to "increase the number of minority students, and others with a demonstrated commitment to eradicating racial disparities, who will pursue PhDs and subsequent careers in higher education in core fields in the arts and sciences."

[Ackerman's email, which was attached to Wright's orginial message, has been removed]
--- Forwarded Message from Richard Wright ---

Dear friends
We live in parlous times and two extremist Review-types are serious contenders for the 2 slots on the Board of Trustees this year. The Board is powerful and I suspect that Need Blind Admissions, the MMUF program, and other aspects of this place near and dear to our hearts will come under fire if these two get on. What I can guarantee is that with TJ Rodgers already on the board, the addition of two other right wing ideologues WILL affect the choice of the next President. Someone way more scary than Larry Summers could get the nod with vocal Review-types in seats of power. [emphasis added]
Susan Ackerman is an alum and a Professor of Religion at Dartmouth. Vote and please pass on Susan's email to any and all friends of ours who have a vote.
ps please note -- your most effective vote is for ALL FOUR Alumni Council nominees


Bryan Knutson '96 said...

first of all, how lazy is this man to use the bastardized word "parlous" instead of adding that heft extra letter to say "perilous".

and second, has he read any of the notes/emails from the "non-idealogue" candidates which give the present administration no great kudos? His fear of more TJ Rodgers (which I welcome with open arms) will not be entirely sated by the election of Mr Lewis, or possibly some of the other candidates. A huge number of alums demand change, no matter what this guy wants.

and how is an already entrenched program like the MMUF, which derives its funding from sources other than our misinformed administration's awful budgeting, going to be affected in the least by Mr Zywkicki and/or Mr Robinson? to say this program will "come under fire" is the worst kind of scare tactic. what kind of fire? how would they do this? obviously he won't say, because facts will get in the way of his whining.

Ryan said...

Gotta love the use of "Review-types" in the email. By the way, who is attacking need blind admissions? Did i miss something?