Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dickey Director: 'No Doubt' About Warming

Human-caused global warming is an incontrovertible fact, Dickey Center director Kenneth Yalowitz said. "The scientific facts are no longer in doubt," he wrote in the institute's Crossroads newsletter. "Global warming is happening in the Arctic and northern regions and humans play a role."

Yalowitz himself doesn't seem too certain of the facts. He qualifies his firm opening statement with the note that, "I am not a scientist, but the evidence seems clear" (emphasis added).

Considerable doubt does, in fact, exist. Bjorn Lomborg, for example, challenges the alarmist view of global warming in his widely-regarded Skeptical Environmentalist.


Anonymous said...

The doubts of a few industry-funded scientists out of a community of thousands could hardly be characterized as "considerable."

Mike Lorrey said...

I should note Yalowitz' poor command of the english language and its comprehension, when he describes "global" warming happening "in the arctic and northern regions". By definition, if it is happening in the arctic and northern regions, it isn't global, it is merely local climate change. At least he is honest to admit, "I am not a scientist." Duh, we noticed.

Anonymous said...

OMFG I know!

I wrote about this same issue over at Fartlog (

Mike Lorrey said...

I should also note that most 'scientists' who 'agree' that global warming exists and "it's all our fault" are generally not climatologists, but social scientists, political scientists, culinary scientists as well as a smattering of other, harder scientific disciplines, few of which have even a tangential relationship with climatology.

I happen to know a for real climatologist who has clearly stated on several occasions that while something is going on, it is neither as severe as the chicken littles claim, nor is there any scientific consensus that there is any one cause. Most databases people make claims about are of such short time scales (i.e. 30 years) that all the really interesting cycles that impact climate are just to long to dig out of the data.

Of course, even saying this much in the past has brought down the wrath of the politically correct establishment upon people.

The special interests that need manmade global warming to be real to justify the agendas they want to promote and put in place are just too powerful at the present time for any truly objective discussion in the public forum any more.