Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Christopher Dynamite

Student Assembly Vice Presidential candidate Chris Galiardo '06 takes a pagefrom Napoleon Dynamite.


Stethers said...

This is by far the most compelling reason not to vote for this chap.

Nathan Wersal said...

His status as an SA outsider seemed good, but that video is 10 minutes of unfunny, tedious, & nonsensical windup building to a terrible slogan/punchline. It seems a very bad omen.

It's certainly good that Dartlog contributors are offering their opinions on the Presidential race. However, there is still the issue of what to do with the Vice Presidential race--the slate of candidates is bland and uninspiring. Perhaps take a page from the Free Press and recommend write-in candidates for Veep?

I doubt Riner or Golden would want to serve as VP a second time, but BMar, Lemberger, and Heintz seem like good write-in choices for VP if you're not betting on them for the Presidential race.