Saturday, January 31, 2004

More hockey

Not only was it the worst loss of the season, but it's probably the worst loss in the last 4 years. Only thing that comes close was when Princeton beat us 6-0 in October 2000.

The refs were a complete joke. Don't have the box score yet, but I believe by the time it was 4-0 Union, Murphy had handed out 33 minutes in penalties (4 minors, 1 major, 1 10-min misconduct, 1 game misconduct) to Dartmouth without calling a single infraction against Union. Sad part is 29 of those 33 minutes came in the first 8 minutes of the second period.

Needless to say the ECAC offices I'm sure will be getting their second complaint in as many weeks about their officiating. Cornell coach Mike Schafer was suspended for a game last weekend after his public tirade on the officials. I'm sure Gaudet will be speaking to them after this weekend, though with more discretion than Schafer showed.

Dartmouth hockey falls 7-0

Before Flickinger offers a more thorough post, I must say that this game was an absolute joke. Union entered the game in 11th place out of 12 in the ECAC. The referees simply could not control the game; Murphy was particularly whistle-happy. At one point Lee Stempniak '05 was sent to the penalty box for 10 minutes. Dartmouth was leading in shots on goal 10 to 9 before Union just took over. Still, Dartmouth had numerous opportunities to score. It was rough, it was ugly, it was by far the worst loss of the season. Bah humbug.

Thompson magic finally shows up

Dartmouth maintained its unbeaten record at home, as the men's hockey team took down ECAC rival RPI 4-3 in a come from behind win in front of 4200+ fans.

Dartmouth broke out to a 2-0 lead, but allowed RPI to come back with 3 unanswered goals to fall behind 3-2 early in the final frame. Tanner Glass '07 got the tying goal with under five minutes to go. Then, instead of settling for the tie like they have been seemingly all season, Dartmouth finally got the late game winner at home to break the tie and earn the win. Dan Shribman '07 got his 2nd game winner of the season on his 2nd goal of the season.

Dartmouth faces Union College tonight at 7 PM. With a win tonight and a Brown loss this afternoon (they currently trail Harvard 1-0 in the 2nd), Dartmouth could move into 1st in the ECAC.

Rensselaer 3 at Dartmouth 4
Box Score
ECAC Standings

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

A Good Argument

It's important to read the whole article.

Dartmouth gets a less than stellar ranking.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Captain Kangaroo-Dartmouth connection update

>Date: 26 Jan 2004 14:20:37 EST
>From: D.Kenneth.Dahl.68@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG (D. Kenneth Dahl 68)
>Subject: Captain Kangaroo
>To: Benjamin.J.Flickinger@Dartmouth.EDU, Alexander.D.Talcott@Dartmouth.EDU
>Cc: Emmett.M.Hogan.01@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG (Emmett M. Hogan 01), Samuel.A.Dahl.02@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG (Samuel A. Dahl 02), Joel.T.Dahl@Dartmouth.EDU

Date: 26 Jan 2004 13:54:44 EST
From: Nelson.Armstrong@Dartmouth.EDU (Nelson Armstrong)
Subject: Captain Kangaroo
To: D.Kenneth.Dahl.68@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
.....and held an honorary degree from Dartmouth as well.
Nelson Armstrong
Director, Alumni Relations
6068 Blunt Alumni Center
Dartmouth College

From: D. Kenneth Dahl 68
Subject: Re: Captain Kangaroo
To: Nelson.Armstrong@Dartmouth.EDU (Nelson Armstrong)
Cc: Samuel A. Dahl 02,
--- You wrote:
Mr. Dahl,
Thank you for your messages regarding Mr. Keeshan. Please know that while he when to school and graduated from Fordham, he was an adopted member of Dartmouth's Class of 1942.
Nelson Armstrong
Director, Alumni Relations
6068 Blunt Alumni Center
Dartmouth College
--- end of quote ---
That would explain why and how I'd always heard back in the day that Captain Kangaroo was a Dartmouth alum, as well as that my son, Sam Dahl '02 had heard the very same story independently from me.
That also explains his being listed on the DND and the alumni directory as a '42, for which he was clearly rather too young.
Can you explain--does anyone still know?--why and how the Class of '42 came to adopt him?
Well, then, why NOT mourn his passing on the Dartmouth website?
Ken Dahl '68

Date: 23 Jan 2004 21:18:58 EST
From: D. Kenneth Dahl 68
Subject: Captain Kangaroo--SORRY
I'm a victim of an urban legend, Big Green variety. When I was an undergrad, it was common knowledge that Captain Kangaroo was a Dartmouth grad. I just found Bob Keeshan's bio through Google, and alas, alack, he was a Fordham alum. Sorry for the trouble.
Ken Dahl '68

Date: 23 Jan 2004 18:52:25 EST
From: D. Kenneth Dahl 68
Subject: Captain Kangaroo
a.k.a. Bob Keeshan, just died in nearby Quechee, VT.
If I recall correctly, he was a Dartmouth alum, just like Fred Rogers and Dr. Seuss.
Shouldn't Dartmouth put some sort of a memorial up on its website, and soon?
Ken Dahl '68

Friday, January 23, 2004
Re: Spooky
Are we sure Captain Kangaroo was a Dartmouth alum? Dartmouth's Robert Keeshan was a class of '42 according to the DND, which would mean the Robert Keeshan who was Captain Kangaroo, born in 1927, either attended as a teenager and was set to graduate by the time he was 15, or they are two different people entirely.
Update: A reader has informed me that he received an honorary degree from Dartmouth, but only attended Fordham after going into the armed forces near the tail-end of WWII.
Posted by Ben Flickinger at 2:24 PM

A day after I posted the story about the Mr. Rogers requiem, another Dartmouth alum and children's entertainer dies
RIP, Captain Kangaroo
Posted by alex talcott at 1:39 PM

Crossfire at the Hop

An episode of Crossfire is finishing up shooting at the Top of the Hop right now.

Co-hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson had lunch at the Courtyard Cafe right before.

I interviewed Begala. Look for it in the next issue.


T.J. Rodgers '70 is trying to get on the Board of Trustees as a petition candidate, and his views sound pretty good to me. Click here to read all about him, and to sign his petition -- he needs your signature to be on the ballot.

At Least They Have a Sense of Humor

FromThe University of Michigan Law School Bulletin:
Lee C. Bollinger Prize: An award presented to students who have achieved excellence in the study of the First Amendment. This award was established by graduates of the Law School in honor of Lee C. Bollinger, former dean of the Law School from 1987 to 1994 and current president of the [sic] Columbia University.
I nearly dropped my beer when I read that one.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Up for the risin'

Max Weinberg, drummer of the Max Weinberg 7 (Conan O'Brien's house band) and Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, was just campaigning for John Kerry at Collis.


The photos at this link seem to show that only Dean, Lieberman and Kucinich showed up for the "Every Woman Counts" debate.

A pretty poor showing for the College, which has done a fine job of hosting candidates overall. Safety & Security is especially to be commended for their crowd control at the Kerry stump speech at Tuck yesterday.

Poor Dr. Dean committed to a venue with the single-digit (percentage) supported Lieberman and the single-digit (# of votes) supported Kucinich.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Dartmouth mounts comeback vs. Cornell

Trailing 1-0 late in the game, Dartmouth got goals from Garret Overlock and Nathan Szymanski to pull out a 2-1 victory in Ithaca. Dan Yacey stopped 19 of 20 shots to earn the win.

Dartmouth takes control of the Ivy League race at 4-0-1 and stays in the ECAC title hunt at 6-2-4. With the victory they move into a tie for 2nd in the ECAC with Colgate, who beat Dartmouth 3-1 the previous night. Colgate scored the game winner with 1:39 left on the clock before getting an empty netter to seal the game.

Dartmouth begins its season long 4-game homestand next weekend, when they take on 4th place RPI and 11th place Union at Thompson Arena. Game time on both Friday and Saturday is 7 PM. In two weeks the team will get the reciprocal visit from Cornell and Colgate.

Box Scores:
Friday: Dartmouth 1 @ Colgate 3
Saturday: Dartmouth 2 @ Cornell 1
Ivy League

What a difference Iowa makes

Since this Dartmouth visit by Kerry in June, the Grim Reaper has gone from filling the first floor of Rocky to today packing them in at Cook Auditorium at the Tuck School and four overflow rooms there, all of which overflowing themselves.

Kerry repeated his status as the only four-term senator "not to accept a dime of soft money." Oh yeah, and his wife's last name is Heinz.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Re: Spooky

Are we sure Captain Kangaroo was a Dartmouth alum? Dartmouth's Robert Keeshan was a class of '42 according to the DND, which would mean the Robert Keeshan who was Captain Kangaroo, born in 1927, either attended as a teenager and was set to graduate by the time he was 15, or they are two different people entirely.

Update: A reader has informed me that he received an honorary degree from Dartmouth, but only attended Fordham after going into the armed forces near the tail-end of WWII.

Nice Dartmouth hockey coverage




A day after I posted the story about the Mr. Rogers requiem, another Dartmouth alum and children's entertainer dies

RIP, Captain Kangaroo


... Michigan!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

In honor of Mr. Rogers

Memoriam: A Requiem for Mr. Rogers, 11 movements/25-piece orchestra/65-member choir/English, Hebrew and Latin

Political Correctness in high schools

High school students in Omaha, NE were suspended for wanting the "Distinguished African American Student Award" at their high school to goto a student born in Africa who is now living in the States. But the student from South Africa happens to be white.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

LaRouche 2004

LaRouche goons have desended on our campus. I am under the persuasion that they planted someone in the crowd at tonight's mock Democratic debate who asked a question urging the "immediate removal of puppetmaster Cheney."
I managed to pick up the second extensive pamphlet in his series from a derelict soul disbursing them, entitled "Children of Satan II: The Beast-Men". The extensive 48 page publication outlines the perceived threat of Dick Cheney. Truly wily in their attempt to spread their message, the "goons" have been known to disturb classes today to hand out their subversive materials.

Here is a brief excerpt:
"For example, Vice President, or, shall we say, "President of Vice" Cheney and his chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, head the list of suspects in the ongoing Justice Department national security probe of the leaking of the identity of a Central Intelligence Agency undercover intelligence officer, who also happened to be the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson...While Vice President and political hit-man Cheney exhibits all the "Beast-man" characteristics of a Straussian fascist himself, it is his wife, Lynne, who has been the intellectual in the Cheney household. She has been a fellow-traveller of this neo-fascist apparatus for at least the past several decades."

and continues

"Dick Cheney is not a copy of Adolf Hitler, but he comes directly out of the same background as Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and their like from the 1922-45 pages of modern history. He belongs to the same psychopathological stereotype which history traces back to the ancient Phrygian Dionysus from whom the models of the Spanish Grand Inquisitor and the French Jacobin Terror are traced by the leading intellectual founder of all modern fascist movements...The Cheney-Strauss-Nazi connections to Maistre are clear, and crucial for understanding the Nazi-like global menace which Cheney, as a sitting US Vice President, typifies for the world today."

Also charges that Howard Dean is being backed by "Dope Czar Soros"... stating that "Howard Dean is one of the Democratic assets Soros seems to be acquiring."

Re: More from the reformer

Here's a safe bet: This kid's an 07, and on that premise, I posit that he's in Shelby Grantham's English 5 right now. He's been charged with changing the world, folks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

More from the reformer

>Date: 20 Jan 2004 23:50:12 EST
>From: Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego
>Subject: The Student Reform Movement (SRM)
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

All of you received the so-called "manifesto" which dealt with public education and reform. This follow up blitz will be brief. All of you represent distinct points of view, alongisde distinct cultural and political affiliations. But I believe, that those of you who want to help your fellow Americans and or people in general, will agree that all of us share in common this undertaking.
This is a reminder that the first meeting of the Student Reform Movement will be held on Wednesday, January 21, from 8:00 to 9:00 in the Collis Common Ground. We will be meeting to discuss viable solutions to the public education dilemma.
We need people who are committed, who are willing to take some time out of their busy lives, and help children and their families. We need people who are good organizers, who are good at establishing connections between local officials and the community at large. We need people who make the Dartmouth College Community at large aware of the problems facing our country, and aware of what they can do to help. We need people who will go into areas that are impoverished, languishing, or just in need of some form of help. We will in short, do anything to help better our nation's educational system, one step at a time.
I strongly advise all who are interested to attend this meeting. The time for talk and "what ifs" has long since passed. It seems that direct action, and I mean en masse, is necessitated. We can do this, we can make a difference, we can reform our society, and ultimately this nation, and change it for the better. We just need to try.

So...come voice your opinions and help us craft a coherent and cohesive plan of action at Collis Common Ground from 8:00 to 9:00.

Thank you.


Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego

Re: Jeering at Bush

Sorry Nilly, but I disagree entirely. Sitting around and bloviating for laughs among our kind is one thing. I'm sure it happens at the offices of The Free Press, and that doesn't bother me in the least. But this is the public face of Democrats on campus, and it should be held to a much higher standard than backroom banter. They hate Bush, and that's their right. But it's shameful to their party that their formal message would be so poisonous. The same would be true if, during the Clinton Presidency, the College Republicans announced a party to jeer the Commander-in-Chief during his SOTU. I don't think it's too much to ask.

I don't know what you mean when you say we should "allow others to speak their minds." My argument is entirely moral.

But I do have to thank you for putting the idea of a T&T in my head. Think I'll go have one...

Re: Jeering at Bush

Oh come on Emmett, get off the high horse. Let's recall all the times when we've sat around with our T+T's talking about how much Democrats, Liberals, The D, and pretty much everyone else sucked.

I think the egalitarian thing to do here is to allow others to speak their minds (for lack of a better term). If we don't allow the bad guys to have an opinion, we've become as bad as they are.

Jeer-free zone

The College Republicans are hosting a conservative-safe viewing of the President's State of the Union address. Pizza and drinks will be provided, and you won't have to leave your comfort zone. 9 PM, 28 Silsby.

interesting, i guess

>Date: 20 Jan 2004 16:28:01 EST
>From: Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego
>Subject: The Student Reform Movement
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

There are many problems facing the American nation. Some are visible and
others are not as visible. There is a large segment of the population that
is unable to have the opportunity of a higher education because of the
economic circumstances in which they are born. These people are no less
intelligent then you or I, they simply have been left behind. They grow up
in inner city neighborhoods or in areas in which the average income does
not allow for adequate funding of public education. Segregation is not
dead; it has merely changed its form. Where once schools and laws divided
our nation, now we find economics and the lack of funding to be of
primary concern. The vast amount of poor and impoverished Americans has
very few remedies. Some work their way out of it, but very few. The others
if given half the chance could indeed rise to new heights, but how can
they do so, when it is nearly impossible for them to find a way to survive?
As students, we are lauded as the bright promise of a new future.
Should it not follow that it is our responsibility and indeed our duty, to
show what we truly are by aiding those who need it most? The public
education system is filled with inequality. There will always be those who
are richer than others, but when this discrepancy comes at the cost of the
very opportunities which are guarded by our Constitution, then this is no
longer the natural order, but injusticefor us all.
If you are interested in helping to bring much needed reform to the
field of public education, and, or seek to reform and find constructive
solutions to the wide-array of problems facing the United States, then
join the Student Reform Movement. We will meet to discuss these as well as
other problems, and attempt, as best we can, to find remedies to these
troubling issues.

We are all brothers,
We are all sisters,
We are all Americans.

Let us work together as one,
Let us unite for the benefit of one and of all,
Let us help those who cannot be helped
And let us helps others come to be aware of these issues in America.

We will be meeting this Wednesday in Collis Commonground from 8:00 to 9:00 where will
begin to discuss and formulate solutions to the issues of public education.

Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego

Re: Jeering at Bush

That's utterly disgraceful. Whoever is responsible for that should resign immediately. Dartmouth Democrats, you should repudiate this.

Honoring Rev. King

The keynote speaker for Dartmouth's 21-day Rev. King celebration was Shanta Driver, the national coordinator of United for Equality and Affirmative Action (UEAA) and the national director of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and Integration and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary (BAMN). I'll save most of the details for my upcoming editorial, but here's a tease, as reported in the Valley News today (sorry, no link to the full article):

Dartmouth senior Alston Ramsay said that the Web site of the group [BAMN] that organized the March on Washington calls those who oppose affirmative action "racist" and "segregationist." "I oppose affirmative action, too. Would you consider me racist or segregationist?"

Driver said the end of affirmative action would lead to the re-segregation of higher education. "Am I a racist?" Ramsay persisted.

"If you're fighting for a policy that you know systematically excludes minority students and in fact furthers white privilege, I'll let you answer what that makes you," Driver said, to applause.

[I actually then said, "Well, I was hoping you could answer that for me, but that's alright," and at that point the applause kicked in, since the event was over. In my original question, I also quoted her from an answer before where she called people fighting affirmative action "Right-wing assholes." I think it should have been, "I oppose affirmative action, too. Would you consider me racist, segregationist, or, as you just said, a 'Right-wing asshole'?"]

Jeering at Bush

The Young Democrats are hosting an event tonight in Rocky 1 "to jeer at President Bush while he stumbles through his last State of the Union address." How respectful.


I think the headline "Star prof. Edsforth not rehired by dept." might be a bit of a stretch. While an adequate professor, I really hope Edsforth is not a "star." If that's the case, a lot of parents are wasting a lot of money.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Re: Uh Oh

Here's my favorite:
George W. Bush caused the Cubs to lose to the Marlins in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series so that big corporations, oil companies, and white men could upset minorities.
That cad!

Uh oh

Al Franken and the New York Times may be out of business. It's The George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator.


Over the break, I re-read Wolfe's A Man in Full. Within it, there is an amusing section (well, I thought the whole book was amusing) about African-American leaders and their horror with the gay rights movement being equated with the civil rights movement. This came to mind when I saw that the Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire would be in Hanover as part of the MLK Day Celebrations.

Community Lunch with the Right Reverend V. Gene Robinson
Connecting the ISMs: Finding a Way into Dr. King's Wisdom
Conversation with the Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire. Light lunch provided. Seating is limited.
12 noon, Collis Common Ground

I would be curious to know how often the previous inhabitant of this see came to campus and/or how often the Catholic bishop has visited Hanover. It strikes me that Bishop Robinson has already appeared a few times since his elevation.
This MLK Day is a good time to read King's 1962 speech delivered in 105 Dartmouth Hall.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Hockey takes 3 of four points from North Country pair

Dartmouth broke its three-game winless streak by defeating the Saints of St. Lawrence University 5-3 last night at Thompson Arena. Mike Ouellette '06 had a hat trick and added an assist to lead the way, and Dan Shribman '07 got the game winner by deflecting a Mike Turner '04 shot between the goaltender's pads for his first collegiate goal. Dan Yacey '05 was solid in net again, stopping 32 of 35 shots to earn the win.

The previous night saw Dartmouth waste two first period goals by Lee Stempniak '05 as a 2-0 lead turned into a 2-2 tie. Dartmouth put 25 shots on Clarkson in the 3rd period and OT combined, but couldn't get one past the goaltender.

With the near sellout crowds of 4360 and 4329 this weekend, average attendance at Thompson Arena is up to 4192 on the year, which is the highest it's been at least since Coach Gaudet played for Dartmouth. The arena has sold out twice so far this year against Harvard and Vermont, and there should be 2 more guaranteed sellouts coming up against Cornell (only ranked opponent to visit Dartmouth this year) and Princeton (the tennis ball game). Barring a disappointing turnout when Union and RPI come to town, Dartmouth should wind up leading the ECAC in attendance this year.

Clarkson 2 @ Dartmouth 2
Box Score
Game Recap
St. Lawrence 3 @ Dartmouth 5
Box Score
Game Recap

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Haines back in town

Robert Haines was on campus today, his first visit since last term.

Donning a new full beard, he was seen on the Green campaigning and recruiting for the Haines 11th Mountain Division, which will train winter biathletes for a mission to capture Osama bin Laden.

A full report will appear in the next print issue of TDR.

Revenge of the 'Flood

Poor Ryan. His column has landed him on the BuzzFlood website.

Yes, our cabal does control the media . . .

Special congratulations to Editor in Chief Ryan Gorsche '04, who published his first Newsweek column today--you can read it here. Watch as Dartmouth's campus campaigners suffer severe tire damage. Japes, jokes, and barbs abound. Plus many more surprises!

Friday, January 16, 2004

Saturday Morning Buffoons

Everyone's favorite activist and filmmaker, Michael Moore, will be visiting the Dartmouth College Campus on Saturday to endorse Clark's bid.

11:00am in Collis Commonground

Thursday, January 15, 2004

When things are slow around here... sure to check out Dartmouth's "one-man campus content provider" on Smarter Dartmouth.

And why are things slow around here anyway? Didn't we just add a bunch of new contributors? Where are they?

Don't Forget to Bring Your Tinfoil Helmets

Date: 15 Jan 2004 10:48:57 EST
From: Jill P. Savage (make list)
Subject: Dennis Kucinich TONIGHT!
To: (Recipient list suppressed) (Verbose)
Town Meeting
Representative Dennis Kucinich
Democratic Candidate for the Presidency

Thursday, January 15th
Hinman Forum
(Rockefeller Hall)

Light refreshments will be served.

Brought to you by the Rockefeller Center, Young Democrats, and College Greens

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Reason Prevails, for a Change

At Dartmouth, Hillel had objected to the presence of religious-themed stained glass imagery in Rollins Chapel, where Jews at Dartmouth frequently hold services. The Student Assembly is, fortunately, opposed to covering them up, and is paying to have them uncovered.

The reporting by The Daily Dartmouth here is, typically, atrocious, with many essential questions left unanswered. (Why were the windows boarded up in the first place? When did this happen? How does the Student Assembly have the authority to have them uncovered? Etc. etc.) So this post is made with the usual caveat that the D's reporting is frequently suspect. Tentatively, this looks like a positive development.

Dartmouth loses 2nd in a row

Dartmouth lost to #9 UNH tonight by a 5-0 final, though the score was not nearly indicative of the flow of the game. Dartmouth outplayed New Hampshire for 90% of the first period, but trailed 2-0 nonetheless. The second period was pretty even, though again UNH score twice to make it 4-0. The third period was a foregone conclusion, and both teams pretty much went through the motions, though UNH scored once to make it a 5-0 final.

Certainly not the best game from netminder Dan Yacey '05 or the offense, and Dartmouth missed the services of Brian Van Abel '04 who was out with a high ankle sprain, but it wasn't like they were completely manhandled like they were against Boston College. Dartmouth probably should've lost like 4-2 or 5-3, but there's a reason the UNH netminder was an All-American last year.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

#3 Dartmouth upends #2 Harvard 2-1

The women's hockey team shook off a 5-5 tie against Brown yesterday in which they blew a 4-1 lead by rallying to defeat #2 Harvard 2-1 in Cambridge, MA. Sarah Clark scored both goals for Dartmouth, which trailed 1-0 heading into the final period.

With #1 Minnesota losing to #4 Minnesota-Duluth this weekend, the #1 slot appears to be up for grabs between Dartmouth (11-1-2) and Minnesota (14-1-1). Harvard (13-1-1) should also remain near the top, though given the loss to Dartmouth it will be hard to keep them ahead of the Green.

The game was played before 1900+ fans at Harvard. I would expect that to be easily eclipsed when Harvard comes up here the last Friday in February, especially if both teams remain in the top 3 in the country.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Dartmouth loses to Vermont 4-2

Dartmouth lost in Burlington tonight by a 4-2 margin. Dartmouth had leads of 1-0 and 2-1, but failed to hold either one. Stempniak and Ouellete had the goals for Dartmouth. Netminder Dan Yacey let in 3 goals before Dartmouth gave up an empty netter to ice the game.

On another note, it was easy to see why the announcers on Vermont Public Television aren't working at ESPN or even NESN. Among some of the more memorable quotes on the night:

"And Dartmouth is still very much a part of this game."
"With that sound you feel like you're right on the ice with the players, or next to them in the stands."
"And he just knocks #7 for Dartmouth - I have no idea who that is - off the puck."

Dartmouth (6-3-5, 4-1-3) takes on UNH in Manchester on Tuesday night. They'll face Clarkson and St. Lawrence at Thompson Arena next weekend.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Televised Hockey

For anyone not making the trips to Burlington tomorrow or Manchester on Tuesday for the hockey games versus Vermont and New Hampshire respectively, both games will be on TV.

Tomorrow's game is on Vermont Public Television at 7 PM. The game on Tuesday will be broadcast by WMUR (ch. 47 on campus). Game time is again at 7 PM.

Update: Apparently Dartmouth's on-campus cable no longer carries Vermont Public Television, it was one of the channels lost in the random lineup change in the middle of last term. You can still pick it up off-campus though on channel 45.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Not sure...

...what to make of this, the College's latest effort at scholarly promotion.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Re: College-sponsored pornography

So will there be examples? Are they giving it out in these meetings or what? Sharing URLs?

Also, if this is "Just Plain Porn," when can we expect "Advanced Porn"?

Oh boy, your tuition dollars at work

the first two weeks of the Men's Project's Tuesday Dinner/Discussions
are devoted to conversations about porn.

6 Jan 7pm: Just Plain Porn I
meet in Silsby 113, and we'll split into gender groups.

13 Jan 7pm: Just Plain Porn II
also in Silsby 113, and this time we'll have a mixed gender follow-up.

the point is simply to get people talking about porn. it's about what
you have to say to each other--the facilitators don't have a pro- or
anti-porn agenda.

do you think smut's only for sickos or do you love porn? are you in
the closet about watching it or do you have pizza & porn parties with
your friends? do you want to know what women have to say? do you want
to know what men have to say? we want to hear about it. bring your
friends, bring your partners, bring your siblings, bring strangers,

the two sessions will be facilitated by Michelle Meyers and Wade Meyer.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Women's Hockey tops UNH

#3 Dartmouth came back from a 1-0 deficit after the first period to beat #8 UNH 4-1 last night.

Full story here
More info on the Dartmouth basketball game on the revamped and outstanding


We are THE source on the Haines candidacy

I can't believe we missed this, in the December 29 Washington Post on Republicans challenging Bush in 2004:

Some of the candidates are on quixotic crusades that seem to be driven mainly by inner voices. Haines, for example, lists his issues as "national security," "the economy," "health care, of course." But after a while he'll get around to the "Dark Side, okay . . . the deliberate attempt by the Dark Side to infiltrate the church," he told the Dartmouth Review. (Haines was not available for comment, as he was serving time for a parole violation.)

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Dartmouth men's bball wins

56-54 over Harvard, opening the Ivy season

The boys outscored the Crimson by one point each half. Freshman Leon Pattman led the way with 16 points--some of them coming on off-balanced shots-- and David Gardner came up big at the end, finishing with 12 points and 9 rebounds.

A strong crowd of 1303 saw the game, perhaps in part because of some blitz advertizing by junior captain Steve Callahan, who was one of the only steady ballhandlers on the court throughout the game.

Re: Vijay

Stinging comeback, Nilly.

Friday, January 02, 2004

#14 Dartmouth wins again

In their first home game since November 8th, #14 Dartmouth pulled out a 7-5 win over travel partner Vermont to improve to 6-2-5 (4-0-3) on the year, in front of a soldout crowd of 4,500. Lee Stempniak '05 had two goals, while Grant Lewis '07, Eric Przepiorka '06, Hugh Jessiman '06, Tanner Glass '07, and Mike Ouellette '06 each had one apiece.

Dan Yacey '05 picked up the win despite giving up 5 goals.

Dartmouth will travel to Burlington, VT next Friday for round two versus Vermont. Dartmouth will face in-state rival New Hampshire on the 13th at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. A sellout crowd of 10,000+ is expected. Tickets may still be available at the Dartmouth Ticket Office ($5 for students, $25 for everyone else), if not check with Ticketmaster.

Re: Vijay

No, you just didn't think.

Re: Vijay Govindarajan

I just thought it was an interesting coincidence, is all.

Re: Vijay Govindarajan

That's real cute Emmett. Cute as a button.

While I don't doubt the veracity of your assertion, I don't really understand the motivation for your post. Much like I never really understood the motivation for Carty's behavior at Changeover, or--for that matter--Stella's behavior at the anniversary fundraiser in New York.

Who knows....