Sunday, November 30, 2003

Re: privaledge

More angry feedback, this from comments by a parenthesis-happy Daily Kos reader:

"The focus [of the Nightline story] was principally on the movement of campus conservatives to put liberal professors on 'watch lists' (they talked to the president of the College Republicans at the Univ. of Texas., and a snide little prick from the Dartmouth Review)...this kid (wearing a jacket and tie, of course) had some waspy name (last name for a first name). Allton something..."

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Caption contest

1: "Dude, that is totally Olivia Newton-John! Just turn your head sideways a bit. Eh?"

2: "MIT sunk our battleship!"

3: "I dunno, guys, I liked pong better with beers and paddles and stuff."

4: The argument for coeducation.

(from "Bringing Up Basic" by John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz)

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Reflections on Dartmouth privaledge

A certain "Jo" sent this along to the Dartmouth College Republicans, who passed it along to TDR. It seems to be a response to Alston Ramsay's appearance on "Nightline" last night--but I can't say for sure, as I am not proficient in the crude proto-language in which it's written.

Dear Club:
I am not sure if the person that appearred on CNN last night regarding conversative paper and views on campus professors but would like some to share thoughts on that interview.

Amazing that person felt like they had to appear like a little Blond Hair Blue Eyed Patriotic whiner. He talked about how he and other conservatives felt that they had to bring up proffessors that were unfair due to their political views. How sad. One, why do all those that are conservative have to throw the flag up in the face of others. Even in the colors of a tie. Two, that person felt the professors were so unfair about how they graded conservative and republican views and they felt they were being picked on.

I'm tired of this approach of republicans and especially young republicans. You whine about affirmative action and then the professors. How sad. You who are white and go to Dartmouth have a privaledge that most americans don't have. One you're born mostly white. You have never been in proverty or had to fight for anything besides your cell phone bill. You are among the people that will be hired by companies and be told to believe in the corporate way. You will believe in corporate way and most of you will go on to be rich due to Dartmouth and your parents. Your views and political connections will never be in question other than what college tries to teach you, if the professors are really being bias but I doubt that. You never even heard what that kid from Madison said about the campus having many views and he never whined. He knew that republicans and democrats have been at that school for years and co existed and gone on to do great things.

I deal with republicans every day at work and can't say a word about what I believe. You learn in life that it isn't fair and I can have my own views and beliefs but at a cost. Republicans whine every day but have power right now in congress. You go to a school where you have the ability to get one of the best educations from a famous school but still whine. Boy babies.


At first I was offended, but then I realized that "Jo" had promised us untold wealth and success. Perhaps he/she is not such a bad sort after all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

#11 Dartmouth loses first game of season

And then there were none. #11 Dartmouth, the last unbeaten team in college hockey, lost to #2 Boston College in Boston 4-1 tonight. The game was not nearly as close as the score would indicate. The game could've easily been 10-1 except BC hit the post 3-4 times and Dartmouth netminder Dan Yacey '05 made some absolutely ridiculous saves, including one where he dove across an open net to save what appeared to be an easy goal.

Dartmouth's offense was non-existent, getting off only 15 shots to BC's 40.

Dartmouth falls to 4-1-3, 3-0-3 on the year. They'll take the ice again in Boston on Friday against #12 Boston U.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


I'm supposed to be on Nightline discussing some issues of campus politics later this evening. Tune in...

Monday, November 24, 2003

Weekly Hockey Polls

Both the Men and the Women's hockey teams will enter play this week being ranked in the national polls.

The Women are #2 in both the U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) and USA Today/American Hockey Magazine Polls. Dartmouth (7-0-0, 4-0-0) picked up two first place votes from #1 Minnesota in the USCHO poll after sweeping #9 Princeton and Yale. The team will host #4 Minnesota-Duluth for a pair of games this Friday and Saturday night at Thompson Arena. Game time both nights is 7 PM.

The Men enter the polls officially for the first time after being among those receiving votes since the season started. Dartmouth (4-0-3, 3-0-3) enters at #11 in both the USCHO poll, and the USA Today poll. The men play games five and six of their nine-game road trip in Boston this week, taking on #2 Boston College tomorrow night and #12 Boston University on Friday night. Last year Dartmouth defeated then-#1 BC 5-4 in OT at Thompson Arena despite being outshot 40-16.

Banjeree in the D

He's no Nilly, but Jay '04 offers up an excellent letter questioning the goal of inflammatory, anonymous anti-rape posters that have been ubiquitous on campus as of late.

One thing he fails to note is that the statistics on these posters (if they contain them) are suspect at best. Many originate from the late '80s and early '90s.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Weekend Sports Update

It was a winning weekend on the field and the rink as the main spectator sports went a combined 5-0 this weekend.

Men's Hockey:
Dartmouth (4-0-3, 3-0-3 ECAC) remains the sole unbeaten team in the country after sweeping Yale and Princeton on the road this weekend. The beat the Bulldogs 9-4 on Friday night, with Hugh Jessiman breaking out of his funk for 4 goals and an assist. Tonight it was the second line of Lee Stempniak, Mike Ouellette, and Nate Syzmanski combining for four of Dartmouth's 6 goals in a 6-3 win over the Tigers. Dartmouth is off to a 2-0-2 start on the 9 game, 2 month road trip.

Women's Hockey:
The women also swept Yale and Princeton this weekend, with the action taking place at Thompson Arena. #2 Dartmouth is now 7-0-0 on the year. They beat #10 Princeton 4-2 on Friday night, and took down Yale 6-2 this afternoon.

Dartmouth (5-5, 4-3) beat Princeton 21-15 this afternoon at Memorial Stadium to finish at .500 for the first time in 6 years. The 4-3 finish in the Ivies puts Dartmouth in a 4-way tie for 2nd with Yale, Brown, and Harvard. Penn ran away with the Ancient-8 title this year, going unbeaten at 10-0 and 7-0 in conference play.

Princeton loses

a) to Dartmouth at football

b) to felons at chess

Friday, November 21, 2003

The Smarter Dartmouth

Be sure to read this week's The Smarter Dartmouth.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

A contest

"To give way to rhetorical temptation, the metaphorical avaiary of security studies, which already includes hawks, doves, chicken hawks, owls, and putative ostriches, should be expanded to include eagles. They are powerful, keen sighted, high-flying, remotely perched, and thus eminently well-protected birds. Symbolizing strength and freedom, the bald-headed eagle also happens to be America's national bird. Although the eagle became an endangered species, it is we ourselves who killed and allowed them to be destroyed, having only lately come to appreciate their distinctive value. They are now on their way to insured survival, possibly a good deal more."

-Eric Nordlinger, Isolationism Reconfigured, assigned reading for Govt 54.

Which brings up an interesting idea: Blitz me with the most ridiculous sentence or paragraph from an assigned reading, along with the class it's from. I'll think up prizes later.

In the Valley News

Keg-of-Beer Mascot Rallies Dartmouth

Ever since the Indian symbol was retired in 1970, Dartmouth College sports boosters have been trying to fill the mascot void. And with little success.


The student who dons the Keggy garb was interviewed by Playboy magazine.

Sports Editor of the D Elliott Olshansky was interviewed today by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

More Keggy

Commentary from Friday's University of Kansas Daily Kansan deserves quoting in full:


Students who consume alcohol hurt students, damage property, violate essential 'rule of law'

By Matthew Dunavan
Guest Commentator

Alcohol consumption at college is not a laughing matter, even if people at Dartmouth College think it is. Recently, the college ditched its mascot in search of one that people would find less offensive. Many different mascots have been paraded in front of fans at Dartmouth sporting events, most with lukewarm reception.

One unofficial mascot entry won the acceptance of a large number of people in the stands. His name? �Keggy the Keg.�

�Keggy� looks like an enormous beer keg with arms, legs, and a face painted on the side. According to their college paper, The Dartmouth, his creators intended him to be entirely unacceptable, but fans, including two 8-year-olds who asked for his autograph at a ball game, can�t get enough of him.

Dartmouth�s lighthearted search for a campus mascot shows a dark side of college life. At college campuses all across the nation, alcohol is a normal part of the college experience.

Alcohol has disastrous effects on people�s health, especially in the large quantities most college students are used to. You would be a rare college student if you could say that you never had to clean up after a drunk person or put another person in the place of cleaning up after you.

People under booze�s influence are frequently dangers to themselves and others and cause untold amounts of property damage each year.

The part of the issue that troubles me most is one simple, often-overlooked fact: College alcohol consumption is mostly illegal. Most students on this campus are between the ages of 18-21. It�s not a shock that underage drinking goes on here. Fake ID�s are confiscated every night of the week at local bars, and many more pass undetected by bouncers who don�t know or don�t care that they are fake.

Rule of law is the backbone of any democracy. When a majority of citizens expresses its will through a legitimate legislative process, we create a system of laws by which we are all expected to abide. Democracy involves the recognition that proper government comes from the expressed will of the majority with respect for the rights of the minority. Any law validly created with this process should be binding on all persons in the society.

It is hard to defend the idea that the minority is able to break a law whenever it feels like it, especially when no great value like justice is on the table. Yet that is exactly what is practiced when an underage person takes a drink. In an age where the word �patriot� is starting to become a compliment again, legions of young people unthinkingly attack the very fabric of their country.

Cheryl Mills, a presidential lawyer, argued before Congress that rule of law applies to the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, and the powerful and the powerless.

�You cannot only love it when it provides the verdict you seek; you must love it when the verdict goes against you as well,� Mills said.

It is impossible to claim to love democracy while spitting on the process that causes it to work. No one who loves America and its democracy can violate the laws of our country without good reason.

And as far as Keggy goes, it�s time to kick him and the college life he represents to the curb.

Dunavan is a Topeka senior in political science and philosophy.


Comments here, although KU students seem to have done a good job responding to Mr. Dunavan in the comments section of the main article page.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Dinner and a Show

In case any of you missed it (I know Larry did), this evening Food Court patrons were treated to an improptu poetry slam. Though I couldn't make anything out except frequent iterations of the word "fuck," I am told the woman standing on the table was attempting to raise rape awareness on campus.

I wonder if Food Court manager Larry James will stand idly by, as he did tonight, for my fiery recitation of "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" tomorrow.

Keggy the Keg goes national

Wilbon and Kornheiser of the Washington Post talked about Keggy on Pardon the Interruption a few minutes ago. I believe either NESN (ch. 36) or ESPN2 (ch. 34) reairs PTI at 6:30 PM for those interested in hearing about it. Not a whole lot of substance, and I don't think they realize it's a joke and not the official mascot...

Mike Wilbon thinks it's inappropriate (and also mentioned we're the only Ivy League campus he hasn't visited), while Tony Kornheiser thought it was perfect for Dartmouth.

Vandalism Update

It turns out that at least thirteen bundles (1300 issues) were removed from our office and thrown in a nearby dumpster. Many of the bundles were our latest issue.

This crime has been reclassified as a burglary, and we would much appreciate any information. The crime occurred sometime between midnight and 8 AM.

TDR Vandalism

On Friday night, a couple people lit some of our issues on fire on our office stoop. Luckily, Zeta Psi reacted quickly and put them out. Last night, someone entered our office through a window and took a couple hundred issues, which they threw on Zeta Psi's lawn. They then rummaged through some of our archives and threw a number of these issues around the office.

Our office is not a fraternity; it is rented commercial property. We do not take these things lightly, and, in accordance, we have filed a report with the police, and will prosecute the persons responsible to the fullest extent of the law. If anyone at Dartmouth has information about either of these incidents (particularly the one last night), we are offering a reward.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Another Issue

Is now online at Enjoy.

F$@! tha police?

>Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 20:11:24 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Excessive Force?
>From: Review of Excessive Force
>Reply-To: ""
>Precedence: bulk
>To: Alexander D Talcott

Have you felt mistreated, manhandled, or abused by the either S&S or the Hanover police? Have you felt threatened or been threatened by these authorities? Have you felt that your rights have been violated by these authorities?

Student have complained of falling victim to excessive force during Homecoming events and college investigations. As a result of these and other complaints, Student Assembly and The Dartmouth Civil Liberties Union are joining together to ensure students are treated with respect.

If you feel that your rights have been violated, or you have been mistreated by the administration, S&S, or the Hanover Police, please tell your story. Either reply to this blitz, or if you wish to remain anonymous, you may submit your story to the DCLU's website:

With your permission, your personal accounts will be used to present a case to the Adminstration that calls for action to address these greivances.

Thank you for your help.

Re: Dartmouth Studies on race matters (first link)

So they found out that racial tension leads to reduced productivity.

Wasn't this why the Army resisted integrating? They thought it would be a distraction?

I'm happy that these people are spending time and money finding out what people have known for quite some time.

Isn't science supposed to advance knowledge?

Dartmouth studies on race matters




and here

An e-Dartmouth Special Report

Board of Trustees to increase size, reduce terms

Alluded to here on DartLog on August 18

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Ugly weekend in Dartmouth athletics

The winning ways of the previous 2 weekends wore off, as the major team sports lost or underachieved all weekend long.

The football team held a 21-20 lead with 2 mintues to go, but gave up a 95-yard drive to allow Brown to score their 3rd touchdown of the fourth quarter to pull out a 26-21 victory over Dartmouth. The lack of a running game really hurt Dartmouth, as they had a first and 5 in Brown territory needing only to get one first down to ice the game, and they ended up being forced to punt. This came after two other 3-and-outs by the offense when they needed to be running the clock.

Women's soccer lost 5-0 to Florida State in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. They had gone 6-0-1 in the Ivy League to clinch the title and get the automatic berth.

The Men's hockey team remained unbeaten at 2-0-3, but had to settle for two 1-1 ties on the weekend @Union and @RPI. Dartmouth's defense and netminder Dan Yacey '05 have been outstanding, but the offense has yet to get on track.

Women's hockey won yesterday 1-0 against UConn to improve to 4-0, but by all indications it could've easily gone the other way. They play UConn again this afternoon.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Confederate Copycats

Apparently students in Iowa have followed the example of the flag-wavers here at Dartmouth. From yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle :

"As he spoke on college campuses, a group followed him holding signs displaying the Confederate flag, a reminder of Dean's remark that he wanted to be the candidate for Southern men with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks. He apologized for the comment after intense criticism.

"At Iowa State University, he sarcastically chided the sign-holders.

"'We don't think you should use the Confederate flag," Dean said, laughing. "It's a divisive symbol.'"

"Dixie Comes to Dartmouth": One More Link

Yesterday's Opinion Journal Best of the Web . Fifth item down.

Also note the thanks to our own G. Rollo Begley at the bottom.

Confederate Flag images

The Review's article on the Battle Flag incident now has images for those who haven't seen any yet.

Jim Baehr on CNN

Discusses politics and the Confederate Battle Flag. It's the Nov. 14th Washington Journal link, right around the 2 hour 25 minute mark.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Dean's Confederate Brethren

The Review's more expansive coverage of the fiasco yesterday is now online.

Hot off the presses

Look for the new "Bureau-craZy!" issue outside of your door or around campus.

Be careful tonight, Dartmouth party-goers/hosts

Dartmouth Safety & Security Officer Gregory L. Timmins reports/e-mails/warns:

"Dozens of Castleton State College students were cited for underage drinking. The Vermont Department of Liquor Control sent an undercover State Police officer into a keg party last night at a fraternity. After paying a two dollar cover - he ticketed 41 young people for consuming alcohol beverages. Three of the fraternity brothers also face 42 counts of enabling minors to consume alcohol. Under Vermont law, they could get up to two years in jail and a two thousand dollar fine."

For you beltway aficionados

You'll be pleased to know that the Dean visit made the Hotline:

DEAN: Those Crazy College Campuses

AP's Sneyd reports, A group of students who attended ex-Gov. Howard Dean's (D-VT) 11/13 Dartmouth College appearance "unveiled Confederate flags as he was introduced." The group of "about nine students" sat "with the flags draped across their shoulders throughout" the event, and "did not otherwise disrupt" Dean's speech on higher education. "Fellow students and Dean campaign staffers" identified them as "conservative activists."
Dean "did not acknowledge them or refer to controversy surrounding his recent remark that he wanted to attract voters with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks" (11/14). Still, "the action sent a murmur through the crowd" (Gold, Los Angeles Times, 11/14). Dean's only comment: "Things happen on college campuses" (Wilgoren, New York Times, 11/14). Dean spokesperson Matthew Gardner "dismissed the incident as 'a political trick'": "It's sad that whoever is behind this felt forced to resort to misrepresentation."
Dean's appearance "also was marked by posters around the Dartmouth campus bearing the Confederate flag image." The posters "were identical" to posters printed by the Dean campaign, "except that they were against a backdrop of the Confederate flag and they said 'sponsored by young Democrats'" (AP, 11/14). Young Dems Pres. Paul Heintz said they were a "hoax," and neither Generation Dean nor the Young Dems were involved. Heintz: "Whoever is doing this is engaging in the most negative form of campaigning imaginable or participating in the most awful sort of prank" (Ourbuch, The Dartmouth, 11/13).

Dixie at Dartmouth

Peter Robinson comments about the rebel flag wavin' Dartmouth boys on the Corner.

"Howard Dean, Meet Johnny Reb"

Good job, lads.

Media Blitz

Expanding media coverage on the Dean visit...

Articles from:
Valley News
The Dartmouth
The New York Times
The Guardian
The New York Post
The Boston Globe
The USA Today
The Union Leader (with AP photo)
San Jose Mercury-News


Taken by photographer/publisher Michael Ellis. Two of these aired on Fox News.


Whoever those saucy postersmiths are, they sure as hell made it to Drudge. Congrats, mystery men.

UPDATE: Drudge has been updated. Peep that.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Faux Statistics Proffered

In Dean's speech today on higher education he offered the fact that one in three students will not make it to graduation before dropping out. It must have been believed that the crowd would overlook this with the slew of numbers shot at them. Dean also attempted to attribute this "increase" in dropouts to the Bush Administration. Could have fooled me... The November report from the National Center for Education Statistics reports that the rate is at an historic low for non-Hispanic whites, with only 7 percent of students not attending school. The high rates for Hispanics is in part the result of the high proportion of immigrants in this age group that never attended school in the U.S. Asian/Pacific Islanders, with a dropout rate of 4 percent, had the lowest dropout rate among all racial and ethnic groups. The gap between non-Hispanic Blacks and Whites is also being bridged, with the current rate down to 10.9%.

The Child Trends Data Bank offers the insight that : "The dropout rates of Hispanics vary greatly by how long they have been in the United States. In fact, much of the gap between Hispanics and other racial and ethnic groups appears to be due to the high dropout rate among Hispanics born outside of the United States (43 percent in 2001). This rate is almost three times the rate of first-generation Hispanics born in the United States (at 15 percent). "

Sounds to me like to solve this problem he'd have to end immigration and border hopping...(that is IF the dropout rate were something so grievous as 33.3%)

Another highlight was when Dean stated that if anyone worked hard enough they would be able to attend college. This comment may have marginalized human ability and capacity. Inherent capabilities don't play a role in this perfect world of Dean's. Every child is entitled to $10,000 per year as well...This in the same breath as "we're balancing this budget", "we're taking away this $400 billion in credit-card debt".
*by "credit-card debt" he meant the budget deficit, clever colloquialism.

What can I do to help?

Help Howard Dean get elected by writing letters to the editor of The Dartmouth Review. Or the editor of the Daily Dartmouth. But don't bother writing one to the editor of the Dartmouth Free Press. That would be a waste of time, because nobody reads it.

Fox News Picks Up Dean Story

The election report on Brit Hume's 6 pm show featured coverage of Dean's appearance at Dartmouth. The item featured three photographs of the attendees unfurling Confederate flags taken by our own publisher, Michael Ellis, with credit given to the Dartmouth Review.

At a media conference later in the day, Dean refused to answer a question about the appearance of the flags, saying something to the effect of: "Things happen on college campuses. They wouldn't say who they were or who they represented, so I have no comment."

UPDATE: The story showed again in the 7 pm hour and again just now. Either they added text or I gleaned more this time around. Apparently "the college is investigating the incident" and "rival campaigns have denied involvement."


I hope any conservative student involved in the grandstanding at the Dean event who explained his actions as being in protest of Dean's insensitive, stereotypical comment was just saying that to cover themselves and not look too mean. Maybe they feared being beat up by a room full of pacifists.

As conservatives, our message should be that "I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks," isn't worth all the intraparty Democratic fuss. They should cut their own guy some slack and understand his message.

This is not much different than President Bush welcoming support for his reelection from pro-choice Republicans.

Great photo from the Dean event


Wednesday, November 12, 2003

And in THIS Corner

Did anyone else notice that some literature for perennial candidate Lyndon LaRouche popped up at Thayer this evening?

Though the suggested donation was $5, I picked up a copy of Children of Satan: The 'Ignoble Liars Behind Bush's No-Exit War' for no charge. Highlights of this third edition include the article "'Insanity as Geometry': Rumsfeld as 'Strangelove II'" and the anti-Straussian appendix "Synarchism: The Fascist Roots of the Wolfowitz Cabal."

If anyone catches these folks around campus, interview them.

Dartmouth v. UNH tix on sale

Just a heads up, since the college has done a pretty piss poor job of getting the word out themselves.

Tickets to the hockey game between Dartmouth and UNH in Manchester, NH on January 13th (that's a Tuesday, but it's only a week and a half into the term) have gone on sale. Game time is 7 PM at Verizon Wireless Arena. The past two years it has ended up being a sellout with 10,000+ people in attendance, and with the crowd probably split 80% for UNH and 20% rooting for Dartmouth.

Tickets are $5 for Dartmouth students w/ID and $27/$23 for everyone else, and can be bought at the Dartmouth ticket office during normal business hours M-F.

The catch for students is that it's reserved seating and you can only buy one $5 ticket with your ID, so if you and your friends want to sit together you all need to buy your tickets together. I also believe they are planning on arranging buses down there if you don't have access to a car, but that I am not 100% sure about.

College-Lebanon showdown

In the Nashua Telegraph, courtesy of the Associated Press:

Dartmouth College and some city officials have different ideas about the best use of some 150 acres that the college owns.

Short article here

The College wants to build research facilities and some housing. Meanwhile, several city council members are advocating "smart growth" in the form of multi-family housing and coin laundromats.

The Wright salaries?

In response to this article on college president compensation, Alice Givan, a member of the research faculty of DMS in a letter to the NY Times: here

Clark and Dean on campus

>Date: 12 Nov 2003 03:09:49 EST
>From: Young Democrats
>Subject: Wesley Clark on campus today
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Two presidential candidates coming to campus in two days: General Wesley Clark today at 12:30 in Brace Commons and Governor Howard Dean tomorrow at 9:45am in Alumni Hall. Details below.



General Wesley Clark, a Democratic candidate for President, is coming to Dartmouth. He will be having a Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in Brace Commons in the East Wheelock Cluster. Gen. Clark will give brief remarks and then take questions from the audience. Come meet General Clark and ask him questions about the issues that are important to you.




Thursday, November 13th, at 9:45am
in ALUMNI HALL at the Hop.

Governor Howard Dean, MD is coming to Dartmouth to roll out his Higher Education and National Service Initiative. Hear his plan live as he unveils it to the nation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

New Research Facilities

This article in the Vally News raises a menacing specter: Dartmouth plans to build more research facilities in the DHMC area. One hopes it's related to DHMC itself, but you never know. Fortunately, it looks like Lebanon will be making it impossible with zoning ordinances. Guess these things cut both ways.

Pump It Up

>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 13:39:44 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Any Thoughts on the Gym?
>From: Kresge Expansion Group
>Reply-To: KEGs (Kresge Expansion Group)
>Precedence: bulk
>To: Alexander D Talcott

Any Thoughts on Kresge Gym?

Do you love Kresge Gym? Do you hate it? Is there not enough space to stretch? Do you want more machines? Is it just too small? Are you interested in Kresge and how it can be made better?
Here is your chance to ask questions about the gym and contribute suggestions for how it can be improved.

Be there:
Wednesday, November 12
At 3:00pm
In Tindle Lounge (located inside of Thayer by the Smoothie Bar)

The community forum will feature Roger Demment, the Associate Athletic Director for Physical Education and Recreation, and Sarah Berger, whose major responsibilities are Kresge Fitness Center and late night programming. They will be there to answer your questions and hear your suggestions on how the gym can be enhanced.

All of this is part of the Student Assembly's 2003-2004 campaign to expand the Kresge gym and support athletics at Dartmouth. Please join us for refreshments and to contribute your ideas for how Kresge can be improved.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Think back...

...two weekends, and two Dartmouth football wins ago, to our homecoming context versus Columbia.

During the half-time show, I remember hearing some partial-birth abortion references by the Columbia Marching Band. Unable to ever decipher the halftime marching band shows over the PA system at Memorial Field, I turn to you to help figure out exactly what was said.

Andrew Grossman brought this Mass News account of the event to my attention.

An archive here of Columbia Marching Band halftime show transcripts doesn't include fall shows unfortunately.

Re: The results, peeps!

I experienced, firsthand, Mr. Buckholz's pong abilities last week. If he is the best and the brightest of his generation, then perhaps TDR should call it quits now. He and J. Lawrence were unable, as a team, to beat someone who hasn't played pong in more months than a (normal) person has fingers.

In their defence, that "someone" was probably the best pong player on staff when he was here, and also one hell of a guy.

On a related note

As the media swarmed around Mr. Haines earlier, he asked for business cards from all. I whipped mine out, someone else did the same, but the D reporter, not surprisingly, didn't have one. Mr. Haines berated him for his lack of professionalism. The reporter's whining response: "But I'm just a college kid." How telling.

A Brush with Greatness

It's not every day that one gets to dine with a presidential candidate, but this evening Harry Camp and I lucked out and treated Republican candidate and New Hampshire resident Robert Haines to dinner at Murphy's.

You may not have heard of him, but Mr. Haines is a perennial candidate; he ran for president in both 1992 and 1996 (I believe he missed 2000 due to a conviction for felonious reckless conduct and felonious use of body armor). In 1994, during his '96 bid, he tackled an individual outside the White House who had just opened fire and was later convicted of attempting to assasinate the President. He has the newspapers and letter from Secret Service to prove it. Mr. Haines is no lightweight; he has campaigned in 36 states, and he even beat out every other candidate and was the FIRST person to submit his papers for the NH primary (photo on that link as well). Other campaigns are clearly onto him though: He suspects an operative for another candidate stole his American flag outside the Hanover Inn today. (Yes, he has filed a complaint with the police, and yes, you should report it if you know who is responsible.) In all fairness, he is sharp and fiery, and he has solid conservative stances. For example, his position on gun control: "Use both hands." He is also deeply religious.

You'll probably read about him in tomorrow's D since he was kicked off campus by S&S and the Hanover Police. WDCR also did a brief interview that they'll be airing at some point. But until then, a few gems from dinner:

He plans to raise more money than Bush and Dean.
His daughter is named Liberty Ann Justice.
He serenaded Harry and me with an original country song about his campaign.
He likes ketchup. I mean, he really, really piles it on.
"Wesley Clark has a handshake like a woman."

UPDATE: Here's the D's rather unfair article on Mr. Haines. No worries though, Mr. Haines is on the corner of Main Street as I write this.

The results, peeps!

It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the First Annual Rigoberta Menchu Memorial TDR Pong Tournament is one John Buckholz '04, a formidable opponent for any hopeful champion, to be sure. His opponent, the fleet-footed and nimble-paddled Stefan Beck '04, lost by a hair's breadth...having won a single game out of four. Indeed, the Vestal Virgins wept bitterly for Stefan's losses, but the rules are the rules.

Personally, I was rooting for this Stefan Beck fellow. But there's no accounting for the demands of the Fates. Be sure to make it to next term's First Annual Snorri Sturluson Memorial TDR Pong Tournament. My money's on Beck in the upset.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Diversity Dialogues

>Date: 09 Nov 2003 19:09:07 EST
>From: Delta Sigma Theta
>Subject: Mark Your Calendars!!
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)









The Role & Effect of the Brown Decision on
the Life of Women at Dartmouth


A Discussion Will Follow...


"Bring Your Own BROWN Bag Dinner"


~~Light Refreshments Will Be Served~~


Winning weekend in Dartmouth athletics

Football: 26-17 W over Cornell...Dartmouth is now 4-4 on the year and 3-2 in Ivy Play. They are now in a 3-way tie for 2nd with Yale and Harvard.

Men's Hockey: 3-1 W over Brown behind Stempniak's hat trick and Yacey's solid play in net.
2-2 Tie vs. Harvard, Jessiman and Wheelihan with the goals, and Yacey played another great game in net. The crowd of 4500 meant that hockey outdrew football at the turnstiles on Saturday, and doesn't include the people seen standing outside the arena in the 3rd period and OT because they couldn't get into soldout Thompson Arena. They stopped admitting students after the 1st period because it was packed to the rafters. Dartmouth remains unbeaten at 2-0-1 as they embark on a 2-month long road trip. Their next home game won't take place until January 2nd against UVM.
Box Scores
Brown 1 @ Dartmouth 3
Harvard 2 @ Dartmouth 2 (OT)

Women's hockey: 8-2 W Saturday @ Vermont, 9-2 W this afternoon against Vermont in Thompson Arena. This without 3 of their best players who are off participating in the Four Nations tournament.

Elsewhere both soccer teams won, field hockey won, and men's basketball won their season opening exhibition.

Crazy event

Learn how to diagnose your professors.

>Date: 09 Nov 2003 13:28:50 EST
>From: Student Health Advisory Committee
>Subject: Who's crazy?
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Sunday Nov. 9th
7 pm
Dartmouth 105

always wanted to be able to diagnose your family/friends as crazy? Tried to get into abnormal psych and found it full...
here's your chance to hear an overview of topics covered in the course from one of dartmouth's best psych profs.

Janine Scheiner is giving an hour talk on abnormal psychology.

This event kicks off Mental Health Awareness Week
brought to you by S.H.A.C (student health advisory committee)

Friday, November 07, 2003

Al-Jazeera in Hanover

>Date: 07 Nov 2003 12:50:09 EST
>From: Middle East Forum
>Subject: Al-Jazeera event
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

MEF presents......

"Al-Jazeera in a Changing World"

Come and hear producer Imad Musa talk about his experiences at the largest Arab news network.

4:30 pm
Monday, Nov. 17th

28 Silsby


Imad Musa is a producer in the Washington bureau of Al-Jazeera TV. He
has studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and has
worked as a producer for ABC TV in New York, and Reuters TV in both
Washington, DC, and Jerusalem. Born in Virginia to Palestinian parents,
Imad has spent equal parts of his life in the United States and the
Middle East.

Middle East Forum is supported by the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. This event is co-sponsored by The Dickey Center's War and Peace Studies program.

The Smarter Dartmouth

Today's posts, along with those from the rest of the week, are up at The Smarter Dartmouth.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

An Ulster table?


>Date: 06 Nov 2003 16:40:09 EST
>From: Meghan E. Hill
>Reply-To: Accidents Happen
>Subject: European Culture Night - Friday!
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

International Students Association presents:

-~= European Culture Night =~-
Friday, November 7, 2003

7pm to 9pm
Collis Commonground
Traditional European Performances & Cuisine
-> Folklore Dances from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece
-> Traditional Spanish Songs
-> Bulgarian Rap
-> Belly-dancing from Turkey
-> Sevillana Dance from Spain
-> Sample Cuisine from 5 countries

---))) $2 with undergrad ID, $5 for everyone else (((---
++ Tickets on sale in Collis and Thayer on Wednesday and Thursday, and at the door from 6:30 on Friday.++

Come and join the after-party
11pm - 1am
Brewster International House
Featuring DJ Todor
Snacks and Drinks provided
!! Free for everyone !!

Many Thanks to the Co-sponsors: COSO, PB, Dickey Center, BBL and Collis GB

Drew Hall '05's catch vs. Harvard

Picture here.
Video clip here.

If you haven't seen it, it should've been on the Plays of the Week on Sportscenter. It was doubly big because it came on a 3rd and forever to go after a bizarre play in which the Dartmouth quarterback was tackled by the referee for an 18-yard loss as he was scrambling to avoid a sack.

We found it!

The unified theory of political correctness:
"Diversity May Curb Binge Drinking"

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

>Date: 05 Nov 2003 21:59:36 EST
>From: Religious and Spiritual Life
>Subject: College Chapel
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Come to the student-led chapel service.

By far the chillest half hour at Dartmouth.
Come and see.

Rollins Chapel, 12:30 Thursday.

Student participants include: Student Body VP Noah Riner '06, John Stern '05, John Wilson '07, and others.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003


International Students Association presents:

-~= European Culture Night =~-
Friday, November 7, 2003

7pm to 9pm
Collis Commonground
Traditional European Performances & Cuisine Featuring:
-> Folklore Dances from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece
-> Traditional Spanish Songs
-> Bulgarian Rap
-> Belly-dancing from Turkey
-> Sevillana Dance from Spain
-> Sample Cuisine from 5 countries

---))) $2 with undergrad ID, $5 for everyone else (((---
++ Tickets on sale in Collis and Thayer on Wednesday and Thursday,++
++ and at the door from 6:30 on Friday.++

Come and join the after-party
11pm - 1am
Brewster International House Featuring DJ Todor
Snacks and Drinks provided
!! Free for everyone !!

Many Thanks to the Co-Sponsors:
COSO, Dickey Center for International Understanding, Programming Board, CollisGoverning Board, and Bigger, Better and Later

Re: A New Link

The Smarter Dartmouth is now up for today.

The archives are coming soon.

A New Link

Larry's moved.

We will add it (and a bunch of other stuff) to the links list soon.

Email me if there's a site that you think I should add.

Monday, November 03, 2003

A New Book on the Zantops

The latest issue of The New Yorker has a short blurb on a new book about the Half and Susanne Zantop murders in January 2002. The book -- Judgment Ridge -- is written by Mitchell Zuckoff and Dick Lehr, two Boston Globe reporters who covered the story (perhaps even relying on The Dartmouth Review for breaking details). The blurb reads as follows:
Half and Susanne Zantop, popular professors at Dartmouth College, were murdered in their home in New Hampshire. Clever detective work linked knife sheaths found at the scene to a pair of teenagers, Robert Tulloch and Jim Parker, who lived in an isolated Vermont town thirty miles away. Confronted by police, the boys fled; eventually, they were tracked down in Indiana. Parker, the sidekick, struck a plea bargain that may free him in sixteen years, but Tulloch pleaded guilty and received a sentence of life without parole. Zuckoff and Lehr, who covered the case for the Boston Globe, examine in fascinating detail the ordinariness of the boys' grudges -- typical high-school controversies about the student council and the debate team -- and how, in Tulloch's twisted mind, the idea of random killing became an obsession.
Interesting stuff. I have to register my chagrin at the horrible title, however. It's a real-life tragic story of murder -- not an after-school special. What were they thinking?

Re: Amazing Moments in Academia

Closer to home....

WGST 48 (students may take more than one WGST 48 class...see note at bottom)
"Here and Queer: Placing Sexuality"
Professor Kate Thomas
Class Hour--2A
Open to All Students

NOTE: This course will be listed as "Placing Sexuality" on student transcripts.

Here and Queer: Placing Sexuality. This course asks what it means to imagine a queer nation, and works towards theorizing relations between modern constructions of sexuality, nationality and ethnicity. Using an international range of theoretical texts, our "place study" will be Britain and topics will include: postcolonialism and cultural hybridity; aristocracy and effeminacy; drag and music hall traditions; public school culture; Thatcherism, transgendering and the "nanny state." Authors may include Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson. We will study films by Pratibha Parmar, Isaac Julian and Derek Jarman. Open to all students.
Dist: LIT, WCult: EU.
Professor Kate Thomas. 2A

NOTE: Students may take more than one WGST 48 course--as long as the course titles/descriptions are different.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Re: Textbook bias

Going beyond bias, that's an awfully-slimmed down explanation of the early-1990s recession.

I would go so far as to argue that it's just wrong, implying a far-stronger connection than any evidence indicates. Monetary policy was a far bigger bigger culprit, and some argue that technology shocks were to blame.

But oil? Look at inflation: it wasn't that kind of recession.

Re: One of Dartmouth's Best

Note also Irwin's Cato connection, mentioned on the list.

Re: One of Dartmouth's best

You'd think they'd at least get his department right, if not his title.

Prof. Irwin is the Chair of the Economics Dept. I have no clue why they made him an associate professor in the gov't dept.

Saturday, November 01, 2003

One of Dartmouth's best

Date: 01 Nov 2003 22:54:22 EST
From: Elisabeth F. Sherman
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Tucker Social Justice Lecture


Douglas Irwin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Government
Dartmouth College

Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
Dartmouth 105

Prof. Irwin will be speaking about his latest book, "Free Trade Under Fire". He is a recent recipient of a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. He is also a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and has worked in the federal government (the President's Council of Economic Advisors and the Federal Reserve Board).

Preceded by...

Presentation of Granger Award to
Micael Stern '59, T'60

Textbook bias

In Environment, 4th edition by Raven & Berg, the textbook for Andy Friedland's Environmental Studies 2:

During the 1990s the United States continued to depend on foreign energy supplies and was even willing to go to war to ensure that supply remained dependable -- witness the 1990 war in the Persian Gulf, which has been at least partly attributed to our dependence on foreign oil. During the conflict, President George H.W. Bush released oil reserves from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to minimize cost increases due to a demporary disruption in supply. Despite this effort, the increase in energy costss precipitated by the crisis contributed to an economic recession, the only one in the 1990s. (p. 209)

Hockey struggles to 2-1 win

Edit 11/4/03: The linked box score is now correct and up-to-date with everything

Dartmouth capped off a big sports weekend with a victory in the season opener for the men's hockey team, 2-1 over the Crusaders of Holy Cross in front of 3494 fans at Thompson Arena. The victory comes on the heels of the women's hockey win last night (7-2 over #5 Providence), the women's soccer win in 2ot over Harvard to clinch the Ivy Title, and of course the football game earlier today (see the post below).

The team looked like it was running on fumes for most of the 2 periods I was able to attend. Lee Stempniak '05 scored the game winner roughly halfway through the 2nd as he just took the puck down the boards and beat his defender to the corner, cut to the net and got it under the goaltender. Eric Przepiorka '06 had a breakaway chance to ice it late in the game, but was stoned by the Crusader netminder. Sean Offers '06 got sent off after receiving a spearing major and a DQ, but the team was able to kill it off.

Dan Yacey '05 stopped 25 of 26 shots to earn the victory. Jarrett Sampson '06 got Dartmouth's other goal. The box score is incorrect, as Dartmouth's 2nd goal came on the power play, making Dartmouth 1-8 on the PP, not 0-8. That also means Dartmouth hasn't scored a shorthander since the 00-01 season.

Hugh Jessiman '06 looked slow and sluggish most of the game, but I heard he took a big hit in the 1st period and sat most of the time until the intermission, so he may have been playing hurt the rest of the game.

Next weekend will be the last home games until after Christmas. Dartmouth will take on Brown and Harvard in a pair of ECAC and Ivy League contests. Brown earned a 2-0 upset win over Harvard tonight in Cambridge, MA. Faceoff both Friday and Saturday is at 7 at Thompson Arena. Expect the Harvard game to sellout, so I wouldn't plan on showing up too late or you may be stuck without a seat.

Box Score

Dartmouth rolls over the Crimson

For the first time since their unbeaten 10-0 season in 1996, Dartmouth beat Harvard in Cambridge by a final of 30-16. Dartmouth held a lead of 16-9 going into halftime and never surrendered it as they cruised to victory.

The win came as Harvard is celebrating the 100th year of Harvard Stadium. Dartmouth won the very first game played there in 1903, and also won in 1953 when Harvard was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stadium.

The win improves Dartmouth's record to 3-4 (2-2 Ivy), and all of the remaining games on the schedule are winnable. Harvard falls to 6-1, and 3-1 in conference play.

More MEChA Madness

The Stanford Review, Stanford's conservative newspaper, recently ran an article that ticked off many campus Hispanics:
In an editorial titled �MEChA: Social Justice Group or KKK?� The Review called MEChA �a racist organization that advocates revolution and segregation,� dubbing it �the modern-day Ku Klux Klan of Chicanos.�


�We are open to criticism from the community,� said junior Laura Godinez-Avina, co-chair of MEChA. �But they were misinformed and, based on that misinformation, made judgments on our group that were libel.�
Sheesh. Libel. People can be so incredibly stupid.

But wait! The liberals at Stanford proceeded to get even stupider. Now, some dorms are actually restricting delivery of student publications:
In recent weeks, staff members at Casta�o House and Roble Hall decided to prohibit student groups such as The Review, The Stanford Chaparral and The Stanford Progressive from slipping publications under residents� doors. Those groups must now leave publications at dorms� main entrances.
I wonder where they got that idea from... Way to promote the free exchange of ideas, fellas. Fortunately, some campus progressives aren't going to take it sitting down:
�I would encourage my Progressive successors and [The Stanford Review] and such to violate it flagrantly,� said Josh Benson, former president of The Progressive.

Senior Michael Zakaras, chief editor of The Progressive, also expressed disagreement with the policy.

�I don�t think there is any question that this policy will negatively affect the readership of The Progressive,� he said. �Distributing door to door is the only way to guarantee that all the students at Stanford have a chance to read our paper.�

Zakaras believes that the possibility of offending students is no reason to stop door-to-door distribution.

�The few people who have been offended by a campus publication shouldn�t dictate dorm or campus policy,� he said. �Many more students will suffer from not getting publications delivered to them than the few students who will have to throw the papers away. In the end, unless the University can come up with a way to ensure the kind of wide readership that door-to-door distribution allows while at the same time protect the sensitive students from being offended, then we�ll continue to distribute.�
Perhaps Stanford will have a Left-Right free speech coalition out of this. Well, it's a start.

(This, and other great stuff, from the redoubtable Tongue-Tied.)