Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Freshman Issue

Is up online at DartReview.com. There are still some formatting problems that will be corrected shortly.

The new issue will go up within a day or so.

Role Playing Dems.

A gem proferred by Janos Marton at last night's Democratic Interns Debate, on his candidate Kerry: �He�s got a great plan on health care that will cover 27 uninsured Americans. One of the reasons he�s going to do it is by offering businesses, helping out businesses that can�t pay for healthcare costs...The federal government is going to cover all healthcare catastrophes over $50,000.�
One can only hope that all 27 will be mobilized to vote your way.

Matt Slaine, representing Joe Lieberman, played his part to perfection but notably failed to differentiate his role from that of Lieberman's. For all outward signs and appearances, Lieberman was there in the flesh. This behavior may have caused audience concern in regards to Slaine's psychological health. Comments regarding "split-personality" disorder were rampant.

Today on The Smarter Dartmouth

Handicapped students to party:

"The new handicapped-access renovations could signal a change in an administration historically cool to the frat party scene. Said Woody Eckels: 'Open parties are supposed to be non-exclusive, and we wanted handicapped students to be able to go to them.'"

SHEBA practices exclusion

"Consider an organization that picks its members based on 'personal style' or 'good rhythm.' Consider an organization that will say you can�t dance."

Democratic Role Playing

"Apparently, Dartmouth students both watched and participated in a forum that, while not itself a debate, had the appearances of one."

Monday, September 29, 2003

Our Apologies

Due to internet difficulties in the office, we haven't been able to update the website as we'd like. Rest assured, this will be done in the near future, with Freshman Issue content coming tomorrow (probably) and the new issue the day after.

But for those who didn't see the D's article on the Review's ejection from the Media Fair, here's our version from the issue at press this evening.

To pull a gienko...

The ever ambitious Janos Marton, two-term Student Assembly President, self proclaimed man of the people, a drug loving, hard partying ladies' man, has announced his candidacy for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Local Republicans are most concerned about Marton's potential to bring out the student body, the vast majority of whom will not vote for Marton's Republican opponents. Since Robert Gienko '01 almost won an identical bid in 2000, as a Republican, the potential for Marton is tangible. A possible additional seat for the Hanover district, thanks to population growth, only adds to a possible victory, as the current Democratic incumbents will not have to contemplate retirement.

As enthusiastic as local Democrats, BuzzFlooders, and SA groupies may feel about this new moving train, it is essential to remember Marton's original campaign, which included such gems as "read my lips, no new committees," a promise to defend the Greek system, (keg ban anyone?), and my perennial favorite, a wage raise for all student workers. What has changed in one and half years? What the train of empty promises may accomplish down in Concord is left to the reader's imagination, and the picture which will emerge will be as colorful and contradictory as The Exit's personality itself.

Re: DOC Hazing

Here is an op-ed I wrote on the hazing policy. It is, of course, somewhat less eloquent than Wilson's, but the conclusion is apt:
Between the twin public terrors of matriculation to graduation, and their attending stresses and embarassments, Dartmouth is a procession of subtle hazing horrors, so many College-sanctioned! On behalf of all students, I entreat the good Sr. Ass. Dean of the College: please, make it stop!

Note also that Wilson's article was featured on Townhall.com soon after it was published and was, for a time, TDR's most-read article online.

Hopefully true...

Reliable intelligence that Richard "Lucifer" Lucier, Librarian of the College, will resign tomorrow. A more than dubious success, his emphasis on questionable bibliographical techniques, coupled with misguided budgetary policy has hopefully at length caught up with him.

UPDATE: Lucier's press release can be found here. Seems like he will stay on just a little longer, but he's going. Soon.

Conservative professors on campus?

Roger Kimball at ARMAVIRUMQUE with link to article by David Brooks

Re: DOC Hazing

I'd say "I told you so," because I largely did in an article two years ago when the current hazing policy was proposed(The Terrible New Hazing Policy):

"Imagine that you have just joined an organization. Almost immediately you are informed that there will be a new member trip into the woods around Hanover. Attendance is not required but it is strongly encouraged, and almost every other new member is going to go...After two nights in the woods, you return, having been forced to sleep on the ground in the rain, and hike mile after mile. On the way back you tripped and sprained your ankle.

Under Dartmouth's proposed statute, you may have just been hazed...Of course, you might also be a freshman returning from your DOC trip."

But I can't really claim any prescience, because as you can see, even a man as dubious of the College's good sense as myself assumed that a hazing prosecution of the DOC for freshman trips was a reductio ad absurdum, not a likely consequence of the policy.

If the College is going to prove my undergraduate predictions wrong, must it be by becoming even more a caricature of a miniature nanny state than I ever thought it would?

Re: the Daily Dartmouth's new online design

I saw it for the first time this morning and was startled, to say the least, by that garish green.

Is their designer colorblind?

More disturbingly, their designer seems to be stuck in about 1997. Nobody designs new sites with tables and non-validating HTML anymore because they are slow to load, inaccessable, and buggy on too many browsers. If we can do XHTML+CSS, it can't be that hard.

If the Daily Dartmouth's designer is reading this post, I ask him or her to take a look here. Please.

Also, this is a really strange lead: "Elizabeth Edwards, wife of North Carolina Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards, shared her husband's visions with a group of supporters in an intimate setting in Rockefeller Center on Friday afternoon."

He's a political candidate, not a religious guru. And I suppose "intimate" means poorly attended, right?

Re: Smarter Dartmouth

It is great to be back. As many of you know, when I took my long-awaited off-term last spring, my health was ravaged and my spirit nearly broken. If you contacted me and I did not contact you in return, do not take it as a personal affront. My hands were probably shaking too badly to type.

I plan to update The Smarter Dartmouth weekdaily and on weekends when necessary. Posts should be up by two or three in the afternoon due to my morning classes that take attendance, and I'll keep Dartlog updated with any changes I make in the next few weeks.

DOC Prank Under Fire

I personally think this is an incredibly brilliant Freshman trip prank, but Dartmouth, in its continuing crusade against fun, is considering prosecuting the students for hazing. See, they may have caused "mental or physical discomfort, harm or stress."

Re: The Smarter Dartmouth


We haven't heard from Mr. Scholer in a while.

Best of luck with your new venture, Larry, though we do hope you'll post your best comments (or at least links to them) here.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Re: Clark's Post

Smarter Dartmouth

The Dartmouth on the web is seriously lacking, so read the above.

Stop the Flood

Jon Eisenman of FreeDartmouth posted this on their weblog, but in an effort to spread it around to as many people as possible, I'm re-posting it here:

Stop the Flood!

I am attempting to construct an online levee in the face of this BuzzFlood stupidity. Because this is not a "public interest" issue, and is only a petition against the "non-violent expression of opinion" of another group, I can't host it on that online petition site. However, I would like to see this as widely circulated as possible, so Dartloggers, if you'd like to help with the effort, it's much appreciated.

We, the undersigned students and alumni of Dartmouth College, believe that BuzzFlood, an organization whose purpose is "to simply point out what's so special about Dartmouth College," is making a mockery of the College, its goals, and ideals.

If you're interested in amending or "signing" this statement, please blitz "stoptheflood@alum.dartmouth.org" with your name, class year, and any "amendment" you wish to propose. After I've amassed some number of blitz, I will post here once more, as well as blitz back to the respondents, with a final "amended" version of this statement. I will wait for those individuals to give their final assent, as well as accept new "signatories." I will then submit the names and the petition to The Dartmouth.

Jonathan Eisenman

Re: BuzzFlood

"did you know the first female Native American in the Marine Corps was a Dartmouth Grad (Class of 2003)?"

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I'm really proud of my degree now.

On another topic, does anyone else think that the new D layout is truly horrible?

Thursday, September 25, 2003


>Date: 25 Sep 2003 19:27:29 EDT
>From: David A. Gardner
>Subject: BuzzFlood
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

I'm writing to you about a fascinating new student group that was formed this past sophomore summer. The "BuzzFlood" is dedicated to celebrating Dartmouth's excellence. Our goal is to tell Dartmouth's story and celebrate excellence at Dartmouth. Our College is, we believe, New England's and one of the nation's best kept secrets. By celebrating the Dartmouth tradition, we can enhance the Dartmouth experience for generations to come.

Over the summer, the "BuzzFlood" quickly grew to what is now one of the largest student groups at well over 200 members. For too long Dartmouth has been underappreciated and silent about its accomplishments. Our goal is to simply point out what's so special about Dartmouth College. "BuzzFlood" is sending out a periodic "BuzzLine" blitz that celebrates Dartmouth individuals in the news. For example, did you know the first female Native American in the Marine Corps was a Dartmouth Grad (Class of 2003)? Or did you know that Professor David Kang recently wrote an op-ed about the North Korean crisis in the New York Times? If you would like to join the 200+ members already receiving the "BuzzLine" blitz, simply reply to this message indicating your class and you will become a member!

For the many of you who are already members, please keep sending your stories of Dartmouth's excellence. You will also be receiving information about the launch of our new website (www.buzzflood.com) that will further our goal.

On behalf of BuzzFlood,

David Gardner '05


"SA Cash" is now called "Bb One"
Don't ask me why...

More "rewarding mediocrity" fodder

Carl McCall '58 resigns from NYSE board

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The Review's Ejection

The Daily Dartmouth reports...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Preseason hockey polls...

...And the top of the pack in both is pretty much as expected.

On the men's side the coaches and media agree on the top four spots in the ECAC, with Harvard on top, followed by Cornell, Dartmouth, and Brown.

On the women's side, Dartmouth's the preseason pick to win the conference with 5 first place votes, followed by Harvard with 2 first place votes, and St. Lawrence comes in third with 2 first place votes.

Also, Hugh Jessiman and Cherie Piper were named to the pre-season All-ECAC teams.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Review Ejected from Freshman Media Fair

I figured our invitation to this evening's freshman media fair had been lost in the mail. After all, it was for campus media, the sign had no qualifiers, and I thought that it'd be good to expose the new kids to the full breadth of Dartmouth students' opinions and organizations. Since it was held in Collis--the STUDENT center--well...I thought they would like for us to show up. Not the case.

After about ten minutes of talking to freshmen and giving out Indian T-shirts, Linda Kennedy, head of COSO, approached and told me that I had to leave because the event was not for non-student groups. But oh, we are a student group. She countered: not for non-recognized student groups. After a civil ten minute back-and-forth, she issued her ultimatum: leave in five minutes, or Safety and Security will be called. Sure enough, ten minutes later, S&S showed up and explained that I had to leave the premises--or she would have "to take the next step." They refused to answer whether or not my promotion of the Review as an individual was protected by Dartmouth's committment to Freedom of Expression and Dissent. All were civil throughout, which makes the situation even more appalling.

And another year at the Review begins...

Only to get worse

All athletic programs to suffer further?

A feature in the Valley News

Or not


The question coming into yesterday's opener against Colgate: Is the Dartmouth football team better on offense or better on defense? The trick answer coming out of a 31-9 loss: neither.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Rangers upset Jessiman not in camp

NY Times Article Here

Jessiman's coach at Dartmouth College, Bob Gaudet, did not want Jessiman to participate in the five-day training camp. So Jessiman, a 6-foot-5 left wing, was a spectator, which did not make the Rangers' front office happy.

"I think it's crazy he's not in this camp," Glen Sather, the Rangers' president, general manager and head coach, said Sunday.

Jessiman, 19, will be a sophomore at Dartmouth. Sather said that on one hand, it was commendable that Jessiman acceded to the wishes of his college coach, but, "on the other hand, I think he's making a mistake not being here."

Kudos to Jessiman. The Rangers are notoriously bad at managing their draft picks and prospects, and Sather is the primary culprit. They spend money like the Yankees but have results like the Cubs.

If Jessiman puts up the same type of numbers he had last year (especially if he gets picked for the US team and does well in the World Junior Championships this December), he'll get a good pro contract regardless.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Oh my lord


A former Darmouth basketball player suspected of drowning his toddler daughter and attempting to drown his 4-year-old son killed himself Monday by swerving into the path of a tractor trailer, authorities said. His two other children were injured in the crash.

Police believe the drowning and crash that killed Bryan Christopher Randall are the result of a dispute with his estranged wife. In a suicide letter found in the wreckage, Randall wrote he wanted to kill himself and his children because he didn't approve of how his ex-wife was caring for them, authorities said.

"I would say this is a domestic situation gone very bad," Maitland Deputy Police Chief Gary Calhoun said.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Holyoke Give Up Segregated Orientation

Boston Globe:
But this year, officials at Mount Holyoke are questioning whether bringing minority students to campus early is a good idea. Spurred in part by the national debate on affirmative action and other minority preferences, they are considering opening the 16-year-old program to white students. Other schools are undergoing similar soul-searching.

"There's some thought that pre-orientation programs might actually be a force toward rigidifying racial boundaries rather than opening them up," said Lee Bowie, dean of Mount Holyoke.

Yes, it's a fairly obvious conclusion. But how often does anyone involved in higher education grasp the obvious?

Jeffrey Hart and Harvey Mansfield and one or two others excluded, of course.

I doubt, however, that this small (and not yet implemented) chance at Holyoke will have much of an effect. What sort of students are going to elect to come to campus early to participate in a minority-focused pre-orientation? I'd bet that they're not the kind who would provide any intellectual diversity. But still, Bowie's admission is heartening. Two years ago it would have been a flat-out denial that institutionally encouraging racial segregation can lead to, surprise, more racial segregation.

And, yes, TDR is proud to be heavily biased against Holyoke.

The Collegiate Network picks us up

The Collegiate Network, part of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, picks up our "curricular decay" story.


Sunday, September 14, 2003

Re: Be on the lookout...


Something I always look for in classes on Religious Martyrdom.

Dean at DHMC


Saturday, September 13, 2003

Beating up on Plato et. al

Women's and Gender Studies

20. Roots of Feminisms: Texts and Contexts
04W, 05W: 11

This course will examine pre-twentieth century texts and historical events that set important precedents for the development of contemporary feminist theories and practices. We will survey some of the writings that consolidate legitimated patriarchal/misogynist ideologies in Western worlds (e.g. Plato, Aristotle, the fathers of the Church, the philosophers of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, Rousseau). We will analyze different ways in which women historically have articulated strategies of contestation and/or resistance to systems of power based on gender differentiation. Readings may include works by French medieval thinker Christine de Pizan; sixteenth-century Spanish cross-dresser Catalina de Erauso; seventeenth-century Mexican intellectual and nun Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz; Mary Wollstonecraft; Maria Stewart, the first African-American political woman writer; the nineteenth-century American suffragists; and anarchist leader Emma Goldman.

Open to all students. Dist: SOC. Williamson.

Be on the lookout...

for these classes

In the ORC under African and African American Studies:

85. Race Matters in the University.
04W: 2A

The course will cover the ways whiteness and privilege shape scholarship, curriculum, and selection of faculty within higher education. The course will use the videotapes of speeches, given by panelists at the Second Dartmouth Conference on Race Matters at the University of the 2lst century October 4 and 5, 2002, as the primary background materials. Students will be assigned other readings from this group of authors: Cornel West, Hortense Spillers, Eric Lott, Carol Boyce Davies, Evelyn Hu Duhart, Paul Lauter, Donelda Cook, Joseph Francisco, and Dana Nelson. Dist: SOC; WCult: NA. Langford.

An Anthro experimental:

In 04F, Political and Religious Martyrdom.We are witness today to a new conflation of religion and politics. This may take the form of political religion, the so-called fundamentalist movements which make their appearance in all major religions, or it may take the form of religious politics, which bases its claims on mythological land claims. Theoretically, the martyr is the very allegory of the intersection of religion and politics. The question of and fascination with martyrdom confronts us with the common ground of religion and politics. (CULT) Schiffauer.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Carl McCall '58

The subject of the seminal "Rewarding Mediocrity" article in the Review is a major player in the NYSE-Grasso compensation fiasco.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Educational sanctions

Two gems from the new ORL booklet. First, Cutter Shabazz's official title is "The Shabazz Center for Intellectual Inquiry," which may be common knowledge.

Second, and a bit disturbing, one of the possible sanctions for breaking ORL's rules:

"Educational sanctions may be imposed for students who would benefit from further learning about their behavior or from a project that allows them to contribute positively to their community. Examples of such sanctions include: community service, organizing a program, doing a survey, attending a presentation, and similar projects."


Tuesday, September 02, 2003

UMich back to race

I wonder how much of a difference this question makes in admissions...

Monday, September 01, 2003

Don't expect on-campus recruiting for these gigs

The San Diego Chicken mascot makes $300,000/year??

That and other neato jobs here

Now this would be a gut

In Britain, a ridiculous Shakespeare exam for 14-year-olds: